Chapter 524 - Muk Gu

Chapter 524 – Muk Gu


Huo Yuan’s human tribe was called the Skyrise Tribe. Currently, they were being led by an extreme Xiantian senior.

This person was already over 100 years old. For a Xiantian martial artist, a hundred years was only the middle years of their life. But if it took them 100 years to reach the extreme Xiantian realm, then without a stroke of luck, they would never step into the Revolving Core realm.

Prior to this, Huo Yuan had relayed the situation to the leading general. As the general saw Lin Ming and how young he was, he was filled with disbelief. But as he looked at the corpses that were strewn behind Lin Ming, as well as the thick murderous intent that flowed from him, he couldn’t help but believe.

“This is the genius from a great sect who came out to adventure?” The old man whispered to himself. In a sense, the martial artists of Bewitching Cloud Prairie weren’t much stronger than common martial artists. Their legacies were lacking and many of their martial artists at the Houtian realm had very shaky foundations. Only a few of them were able to stumble their way into the Xiantian realm, and this was completely because of the massive amounts of battle and fighting that occurred year-round. A cultivation that came from...

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