Chapter 523 - 12 Winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo

Chapter 523 – 12 Winged Heavenly Demon Tattoo

“Oh?” Lin Ming didn’t think that Huo Yuan would know anything about the origins of this token. After all, Huo Yuan’s cultivation was only at the Houtian realm and he came from a common background, so his experience was naturally limited. “Tell me, what sort of token is this?”

Huo Yuan pondered for a moment. He organized his thoughts and said, “Lord Lin, this token, if I’m not wrong, is the city entrance token for the Blood Slaughter Steppes’ Heavenly Demon Polaris City.”

“Mm? City entrance token?” Lin Ming was surprised, “Are you sure?”

Looking at the token, it must have had some long history behind it. Not just that, but it gave off a very thick infernal aura. Obviously it wasn’t some common everyday object. How could it just be a city entrance token? What level was this Heavenly Demon City?

“I’m not too sure. I only read this in some ancient texts. However, Heavenly Demon Polaris City is not an ordinary city, but one of the 12 main cities of the Blood Slaughter Steppes.”

“Oh? What sort of power is this Blood Slaughter Steppes?” A moment ago, this ‘city entrance command’ had the words ‘Blood Slaughter Steppes’ appear on it. Huo Yuan also mentioned this Blood Slaughter Steppes again. It seemed as if there was some history behind this power.

Huo Yuan...

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