Chapter 522 - Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes

Chapter 522 – Polaris, Blood Slaughter Steppes

“You are begging to die!”

Because of Lin Ming’s arrogant answer, the Silent Green Tribe Elders’ complexions had turned somber and bleak. “You refuse our offer only to end up suffering yourself! Let’s attack him together! Kill him!”

Facing Lin Ming, none of these six Great Elders dared to underestimate him. After all, Lin Ming was able to instantly kill Mo Da, and Mo Da was a master who was only inferior to these six Great Elders. This proved that Lin Ming might be stronger than any one of them.

“This boy’s background is too deep. Do not keep any witnesses, kill every human present!”

The six of them attacked together. Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light and he extracted the Purple Comet Spear from his spatial ring. This was the first time in this melee that he had used a weapon.

These six individuals were the final trump card of the Silent Green Tribe. Lin Ming didn’t plan on holding back, he directly opened the Heretical God Force.

Compressed true essence erupted. Lin Ming’s formidable aura instantly rose to the pinnacle. He flicked his finger, and the Divine Demon Thunder Soul which was fused from three Thunder Souls shot out. On the three inch long needle, there was a Purple Flood Dragon and a...

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