Chapter 519 - Blooming Blood

Chapter 519 – Blooming Blood

Lin Ming’s tent was located in a very obscure corner of the Silent Green Tribe. After the two Giant Demons were killed, it wasn’t immediately discovered. Lin Ming was extremely fast. In just a few breaths of time, he was able to rush to the slave registration office.

It was exactly here that the scar-faced Giant Demon who had taken Lin Ming’s spatial ring worked. With his character, how could he possibly swallow such a humiliating insult? Not to mention that the spatial ring had been a gift to him from Mu Qianyu.

Within the slave registration office, the scar-faced Giant Demon was leaning back in his chair, still unaware of anything that had happened. He was looking at the body of a female martial artist slave with lidded eyes.

This female martial artist slave looked around 24 or 25 years old and was exquisitely beautiful. Facing this fearful looking scar-faced Giant Demon, her face was wan. She was only at the late Pulse Condensation period. Compared to the scar-faced Giant Demon, her strength was lacking by far.

“You… don’t go too far!” The woman said.

“Humph! You had better be careful about what...

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