Chapter 518 - Rebel

Chapter 518 – Rebel

Outside of the tent, two Giant Demons carried a long chain as they impatiently waited. When they saw Lin Ming’s slow and deliberate appearance, one of them immediately grew angry. “Hurry the f*ck up!”

There were several human martial artists behind these two Giant Demons. Their cultivation ranged from the Pulse Condensation period to the Houtian realm. But, without exception, every single one of them was almost empty of true essence. Their meridians were in chaos, and their foundations were extremely unstable.

They were all shackled with the chain. Because of the tracing mark, the Giant Demon race wouldn’t normally put shackles on their slaves as it limited the slave’s ability to work. But, when they rounded up martial artists to go and mine the ancient Blood Demon Crystal ore, there would often be hundreds or even thousands of martial artist slaves. At this time, if the slaves banded together and rebelled, it would be extremely thorny. Thus they would use an essence sealing chain to lock up the martial artists.

When Lin Ming came out, none of these martial artists even glanced at him. The light was faded in their listless eyes; it was as if they had lived in nothing but despair their...

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