Chapter 516 - Qing He

Chapter 516 – Qing He

How come there was a little girl at his assigned residence?

Lin Ming looked at this 10 or 11 year old little girl. She was wearing trousers and her sleeves were pulled up. There were patches on her pants, and she carried a heavy wooden basin in her hands. The bangs that covered her forehead were still dripping with drops of crystal clear water, and her dainty face had a small nose that curled upwards. Her lips were round and her cheeks were flushed red; she was like an apple wet with the morning dew. A fresh, simple, and natural air rolled off of her.

As the little girl saw Lin Ming, she was also surprised. But, after several breaths of time, she seemed to understand what was happening. “Are you Lord 9566?”

“Lord?” Lin Ming shook his head, “I am no lord. Do you also live here?”

“Mm! My name is Qing He and I live here with my grandma. In the future, my grandma will also take care of Milord’s daily needs.”

As the little girl spoke, the tent curtain was pulled aside. A 60 year old plus old woman appeared at the tent entrance. She had a head full of white hair, and her face was engraved with years of labor. Her eyes were slightly rusty but revealed a hint of respect.

“Milord, dinner is almost ready. Milord,...

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