Chapter 515 - Get an Inch, Want a Mile

Chapter 515 – Get an Inch, Want a Mile

Hearing the scar-faced Giant Demon’s words, Lin Ming’s heart overflowed with murderous intent; he immediately wanted to lash out.

However, he took stock of his situation again. His strength right now was only equal to a Houtian realm martial artist and he couldn’t use his two weapons. In this case, it was hard to tell whether or not he could fight this scar-faced Giant Demon, much less someone like Mo Da.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and calmed the murderous emotions that swelled in his heart. He said, “I’ve just entered Silent Green Tribe and am unfamiliar with the customs here. I hope that milord is able to…”

“Shut up!” Lin Ming hadn’t even finished speaking before the scar-faced Giant Demon rudely interrupted him, “You think you can balance out your crimes just because you don’t know the rules?”

The scar-faced Giant Demon sneered, but his eyes actually fell onto Lin Ming’s spatial ring. The corners of his mouth curved up in a greedy smile. “Take out a low-grade Blood Demon Crystal and I’ll forget that this matter happened. Otherwise, slap yourself 50 times and no less! If you don’t want to slap yourself, then follow the rules and cut off your own tongue!”

The scar-faced Giant...

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