Chapter 513 - Giant Demon World

Chapter 513 – Giant Demon World

Was this the world that the Giant Demon race lived on or was this the Sky Spill Continent?

Lin Ming was astounded. He wanted to summon Demonshine, but because the Demonshine had overdrawn his soul force he had been forced into a deep slumber. No matter how Lin Ming tried to summon him there was no response.

Lin Ming finally gave up trying to contact him. Thinking about it, the Demon Emperor himself was from the ancient Giant Demon race. If so, then it wouldn’t be strange if the Demon God Imperial Palace’s ultra long-range transmission array connected to the Giant Demon race’s world!

Did the Netherworld Great Emperor that appeared three thousand years ago also come from the Giant Demon World?

As Lin Min was thinking, his complexion suddenly changed and a grim light shined in his eyes. He saw the Giant Demon on the large camel’s back pull out a thick chain from a pocket and throw it at him!


Looking at the other’s joking eyes, Lin Ming fumed with anger. His entire body was seriously injured, and he wasn’t able to use his true essence or the power of Tempering Marrow at the moment. Even after several days of recovery, he was only able to use a bit of his bodily strength. With Lin Ming’s current condition, he would only be able to match up to a normal Houtian realm martial artist.

Lin Ming moved sideways, dodging the chain and taking advantage of the time to stand up. The Giant Demon atop the camel’s back glared at him, and Lin Ming subconsciously wanted to take out his weapon. However, regardless of whether it was the Great Desolate Blood Halberd or the Purple Comet Spear, both of them were within the Cosmic Melting Furnace that he couldn’t take out. Even if he could, Lin Ming wouldn’t have dared to. With his current weakness, taking out those sorts of treasures was only asking for someone to come and murder him for his possessions.

“Mo Da, what’s going on?” Another voice came from behind the camel-riding Giant Demon.

Lin Ming was astonished. This was actually the language of the Giant Demon race. Lin Ming had inherited the memories of the Demon Emperor, thus he was able to understand around 80 to 90% of the opposite party’s words.

“Hehe, today is a lucky day, we managed to grab another slave. A Houtian realm martial artist is worth a bit of money. But, what a pity… his foundation is lacking.”

The Giant Demon called Mo Da said as he jumped off the camel.

In Lin Ming’s current situation, his meridians were blocked in many places, and the true essence in his dantian was messy and deficient. No matter how one looked at it, it was as if he were a Houtian realm martial artist. A Xiantian realm martial artist had their true essence condensed into a cyclone in their dantian; it definitely didn’t look like this. Also, there were many blockages right now in Lin Ming’s meridians which was a major sign of an unstable foundation. This was why the Giant Demon named Mo Da had assumed this.

“A human, well, you can only depend on their cultivation. It’s already not bad that this one has reached the Houtian realm!” Another Giant Demon jeered, “This fellow might be worth a low level Blood Demon Crystal!”

As the two Giant Demons bantered, they had completely taken Lin Ming to be some sort of farm animal. This caused Lin Ming to burn with anger. But, his current situation was extremely poor; it would have been a very dumb decision on his part to start any conflict here.

‘They think I am a slave! No wonder they threw the chain at me from the beginning, they want to lock me up just like a slave.’

Lin Ming knew that in some far away, barren lands, such as the Southern Wilderness, if one caught a savage then that savage would be their slave. And now that he was in the Giant Demon World, as a human, it wasn’t strange that he would be turned into a slave if he was caught out in the wild.

Lin Ming looked at their cultivation and was surprised to see that their dantian was completely empty. It could even be said that they didn’t have one.

Mm? Were they not even Houtian realm martial artists?

It looked as if these two Giant Demons also hadn’t even connected their meridians. If they were humans, they would have connected their meridians as long as they hit the Pulse Condensation Period.

They weren’t Pulse Condensation Period martial artists either…

Lin Ming’s heart went cold, and then he suddenly realized what was happening. It could be that they simply did not follow down the Xiantian realm, Revolving Core realm path of the Essence Gathering System. It was highly likely that what they refined was their own bodies, and followed the Tempering Marrow path!

‘So that’s what it is!’ Lin Ming was finally clear why there was such strange laws within the broken world of the Demon God Imperial Palace that suppressed true essence based systems.

Most of the disciples of the Demon God Imperial Palace had practiced refining their bodies. This way, if the Demon God Imperial Palace were to ever be invaded by martial artists of the Essence Gathering System, then those martial artists would be suppressed by the laws there. Naturally, the Demon God Imperial Palace would hold a great advantage in this situation.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming ruefully smiled. It seemed that the great lucky chance he had found at the Demon God Imperial Palace that he had taken advantage of was because of this reason…

“Boy, I advise you to smarten up and not resist, otherwise you will experience pain of the flesh!” Mo Da sneered as he looked at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a cold light. However, he eventually didn’t do anything. If he fought now, then it was likely that he would die.

He turned to look at the caravan behind Mo Da, only to find a massive caravan with dozens of people. But, including Mo Da, there were only three of them that were of the Giant Demon Race; the rest were humans.

Of the dozens of humans, some were male and some were female. Most of them were young adults, but there were also a few elderly mixed within.

Most of these were mortals, and only some were martial artists. Of those martial artists, their cultivation was very low. None of them surpassed the Altering Muscle stage.

These humans followed the caravan or carried baggage with them. They all wore worn out gray clothes and thin cloth shoes, and some of them also had large patches on their clothes.

As Lin Ming saw this, it dawned on him that all of these people were slaves!

In the world of Giant Demons, it seemed as if Giant Demons were the higher race. Then, it wasn’t strange if different races were to be taken as slaves…

Behind the Giant Demon, an old man that was following the caravan looked at Lin Ming and sighed. Lin Ming was obviously young and talented. He had reached the Houtian realm, but was still caught to become a slave.

“I’ll give you three breaths of time to think about it. Do you want to obey? Or die?” Mo Da said somewhat impatiently.

Lin Ming tamped down the burgeoning anger in his heart. In the next moment he had calmed down. Although he didn’t know what the cultivation of these three Giant Demons was, he could still approximate that their strength was above that of a normal Xiantian martial artist.

With Lin Ming in such a poor state, he absolutely would not be their match. He could only endure this until he had fully recovered his strength.

Seeing Lin Ming give up his resistance, Mo Da was very satisfied, “Looks like you’re quite smart. Now go to the back of the group. You will be given mining work arrangements later. If you work hard enough, you might even be able to get rid of your slave status!”

Lin Ming didn’t say a single world, he silently walked over to the group.

Mo Da was in a very good mood. He shouted out at the caravan and continued down the road.

After Lin Ming quietly arrived at the back of the caravan, he eventually came over to an old man who was driving a cart. This old man’s cultivation was at the Altering Muscle stage and he was driving a 30 foot wide carriage by himself. In front of the carriage, there were six horses that were at least three times larger than the horses that Lin Ming usually saw. Every horse was extremely strong and vigorous, with thick, sturdy legs. Not just that, but every one of these horses had a horn sticking out of its head.

“Young man, you’re from the outside, right?” The old man was very skilled at driving the carriage. As he drove, he also smoked.

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up, “Hm? From Uncle’s meaning, are there often outsiders?”

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