Chapter 513 - Giant Demon World

Chapter 513 – Giant Demon World

Was this the world that the Giant Demon race lived on or was this the Sky Spill Continent?

Lin Ming was astounded. He wanted to summon Demonshine, but because the Demonshine had overdrawn his soul force he had been forced into a deep slumber. No matter how Lin Ming tried to summon him there was no response.

Lin Ming finally gave up trying to contact him. Thinking about it, the Demon Emperor himself was from the ancient Giant Demon race. If so, then it wouldn’t be strange if the Demon God Imperial Palace’s ultra long-range transmission array connected to the Giant Demon race’s world!

Did the Netherworld Great Emperor that appeared three thousand years ago also come from the Giant Demon World?

As Lin Min was thinking, his complexion suddenly changed and a grim light shined in his eyes. He saw the Giant Demon...

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