Chapter 512 - Laws of Space and Time

Chapter 512 – Laws of Space and Time

“This is a space channel?” Lin Ming looked at the channel around him that overflowed with vibrant color, surprised to the point where he couldn’t even speak. He felt as if he was living in a kaleidoscope, with countless colors flowing past him at a rapid rate. These colors blended and merged into one, causing Lin Ming to feel dizzy from the overwhelming visual sensation.

As Lin Ming saw the strips of multicolored energy, his mind stirred; were these lines the so-called space energy?

The ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ technique had many moves that included the Concept of Space and the Concept of Time. Similarly, ‘Golden Roc Shattering the Void’ also revolved around the Concept of Space. However, until now, Lin Ming hadn’t even begun to understand just how the Concept of Space worked. This was because he had no idea where to come into contact with this sort of elusive and mysterious space energy.

Normally, the space within a world was in a steady state and the space energy was hidden away. Only in a space channel would one be able to see the power of active space.

Lin Ming felt as if his mind had fused into one with this space energy. His spirit, his will, and even his body...

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