Chapter 511 - Departing

Chapter 511 – Departing

The exit of the ancient battlefield hung tens of thousands of feet in the air. This connecting path to the ancient battlefield was formed when 30 Life Destruction powerhouses joined forces to create it.

This exit way was a smooth spatial barrier a few dozen feet wide. If one couldn’t fly because of the suppressive laws that governed this broken world, then one wouldn’t even be able to leave.

At this time, tens of thousands of feet into the air, a young man was holding onto a red-clothed woman, slowly flying towards the spatial exit. The young man was naturally Lin Ming. As for the red clothed woman, that was Mu Qianyu.

After Lin Ming reached the Xiantian realm and achieved 100% Tempering Marrow, he had already surpassed Lei Jingtian with the suppressive laws of this world supporting him. Like so, he was able to fly high into the air. But as for Mu Qianyu, she didn’t have this ability; she could only fly with Lin Ming’s support.

The cool breeze slowly passed by. Neither one of them spoke to each other. Mu Qianyu only silently embraced Lin Ming’s back, as if she wanted to remember this feeling forever.

As they silently passed through the spatial exit, Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu arrived at the fragmented world that they had originally started ...

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