Chapter 509 - Disenchanting Dream Light

Chapter 509 – Disenchanting Dream Light

Lin Ming took off Lei Jingtian’s spatial ring and then flicked a fireball at the corpse, turning it into ashes. Like this, a fierce and ambitious Sect Master of his generation, a late Revolving Core powerhouse, perished in a breeze of floating ashes.

Lei Jingtian… had died!

All of the Divine Phoenix disciples fell into utter silence. A harrowing fight had concluded in an equally harrowing manner. Lin Ming’s entire body was soaked in blood, and Lei Jingtian didn’t even have a single bone remaining. In just two breaths of time, a late Revolving Core Supreme Elder was forced into a dead end by Lin Ming, and was finally abruptly and brutally killed!

Mu Qingyi let out cold breath, and even Mu Bingyun’s expression was complex. Killing and defeating someone were two entirely different concepts. Even if Lin Ming had borrowed the power of this world’s laws in order to do so, it was still an incredible feat.

In time, if Lin Ming were given space to grow, it was unimaginable just what realm he would be able to reach.

In the time that Lei Jingtian turned into ashes, Mu Yanzhuo felt a tilting dizziness, and his vision almost went black, almost falling to the ground. As...

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