Chapter 509 - Disenchanting Dream Light

Chapter 509 – Disenchanting Dream Light

Lin Ming took off Lei Jingtian’s spatial ring and then flicked a fireball at the corpse, turning it into ashes. Like this, a fierce and ambitious Sect Master of his generation, a late Revolving Core powerhouse, perished in a breeze of floating ashes.

Lei Jingtian… had died!

All of the Divine Phoenix disciples fell into utter silence. A harrowing fight had concluded in an equally harrowing manner. Lin Ming’s entire body was soaked in blood, and Lei Jingtian didn’t even have a single bone remaining. In just two breaths of time, a late Revolving Core Supreme Elder was forced into a dead end by Lin Ming, and was finally abruptly and brutally killed!

Mu Qingyi let out cold breath, and even Mu Bingyun’s expression was complex. Killing and defeating someone were two entirely different concepts. Even if Lin Ming had borrowed the power of this world’s laws in order to do so, it was still an incredible feat.

In time, if Lin Ming were given space to grow, it was unimaginable just what realm he would be able to reach.

In the time that Lei Jingtian turned into ashes, Mu Yanzhuo felt a tilting dizziness, and his vision almost went black, almost falling to the ground. As for Mu Qingshu, he felt as if the sky had collapsed atop of him. He looked at Lin Ming in the distance and his lips paled, a chill crawling up his entire body.

From the beginning of their betrayal, they no longer had any way to return to how things once were. As for the bloodstain contract in their bodies, it was a guillotine that constantly hung over their heads.

“Let’s go!”

Mu Chihuo’s voice suddenly resounded in Mu Yanzhuo and Mu Qingshu’s ears.

Go? Go where?

Mu Yanzhuo stared off in the distance, as if he hadn’t heard a single word.

“Useless!” Mu Chihuo was also seeped in a cold sweat at this moment. He had originally planned for the three of them to escape in different directions. If it were like this, then he might have a chance to escape. But looking at Mu Yanzhuo’s current listless expression, if he tried to run away by himself, then Lin Ming would most likely use that strange space locking martial skill on him. Thinking about this, Mu Chihuo felt a cold chill sneak up his spine.

The bloodstain contract only gave him half a year. Could he find a backer in this short period of time and kill Lin Ming?

“You two idiots!” Mu Chihuo’s expression was fierce, “This is our last chance to escape. If you want to wait to be capture and for all your skills to be crippled and be sentenced to death and die, then this old man will not follow you along!”

Mu Chihuo’s words were like a bolt of thunder that sounded in Mu Qingshu’s ears. Mu Qingshu grabbed onto that final straw of hope, “Senior Master Mu, please save me. What can we do? I don’t want to die!”

“If you don’t want to die then burn your blood essence and run away with me. This is our only chance!”

A cold wind blew, scattering Lei Jingtian’s ashes in the air.

Zi zi zi!

A faint lightning light flashed in the ashes. A purple ball of light suddenly flew out from the ashes, flying straight up into the sky!

As soon as Lin Ming saw this, he coldly snorted and thrust out his hand. A purple net of thunder fell down from the sky, covering the purple ball of light.

The purple ball of light violently thrashed about, but no matter what it did it could not break through the shackles of the electric net; it could only obediently stay trapped.

“This is the Disenchanting Dream Light!”

Lin Ming waved his hand and grasped the ball of light. This thunder ball was only the size of a fist. On the surface, there was a fierce face, as if it were the visage of some ancient beast.

The legends said that the Disenchanting Dream Light was a special Thunder Soul bred from ancient thunder-attribute sea beasts. 10,000 years after the thunder-attribute sea beast died, the Thunder Soul would form if there was a series of coincidences that came together. This Thunder Soul had the inborn ability to extinguish and devour souls. It could cause a human to instantly lose consciousness or turn them into idiots. With some special techniques, it could even be used to erase or search memories.

“Maybe the face on this ball of light is the so-called ancient thunder-attribute sea beast. But, I have no idea just what sort of vicious beast it could be. This Lei Jingtian must have had some great lucky chances if he was able to obtain a Thunder Soul like this.

Lin Ming was just about to draw up some symbols in order to seal away the Thunder Soul, but at this time he suddenly felt a thick murderous intent break out from Mu Chihuo’s body.

Lin Ming sneered, “You are seeking death!”

“Do it!”

Mu Chihuo cried out and grabbed his longsword. Together with Mu Yanzhuo, he dashed towards Mu Qianyu. At the same time, Mu Qingshu shot towards Zhang Zhen.

The three of them burnt their blood essence in unison!

Within the Divine Phoenix Island forces, Mu Qianyu and Zhang Zhen were the two closest to Lin Ming. Especially Mu Qianyu she was extremely important to Lin Ming. If they could capture her, they would have a last hope of living.

“Dream on!”

Mu Qingyi stepped up, wanting to help defend Mu Qianyu, but she was forced back by Mu Yanzhuo’s sword light.

Mu Chihuo was extremely quick. He arrived in front of Mu Qianyu in an instant, his sword slashing down!

After all, Mu Chihuo was still a middle Revolving Core master who also burnt his blood essence. He was naturally much stronger than Mu Qianyu.

Seeing Mu Chihuo’s strike, Mu Qianyu didn’t miss a single beat as she stepped back and twirled the Vermillion Bird Sword in her hand, revolving the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ to its limits. Her sword pierced forth, brilliant flames shooting out.

Meanwhile, at her side, Mu Bingyun quietly appeared. The Blue Luan Sword appeared, bone-chilling ice spreading out in all directions.

Ice and fire combined, the Luan and Phoenix battled!


True essence shockwaves ruthlessly swept out. Mu Chihuo’s strike which was backed by his combusted blood essence was actually blocked by Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun’s combined move. The two of them were only sent flying backwards. Although the two of them had consumed a great deal of energy, neither of them were injured.

Mu Chihuo’s heart raced with nervousness. He wanted to follow up on them, but at this moment, an icy voice sounded in his ear, “Go die!”’

Primeval Halberd Strike!

With the swirling of the Blood Drinking Seals, a powerful suction forced acted on Mu Chihuo’s body, causing his speed to immediately drop a great deal.

Mu Chihuo issued a deep roar. However, no matter how he struggled, he couldn’t break through the bindings of the Blood Drinking Seals.

Mu Chihuo’s complexion changed, “Lin Ming, wait, I have words I want to say…”

“Go speak to them in hell!” Lin Ming’s expression was cold and decisive. His halberd pierced forth. The Great Desolate Halberd seemed to pass through space, instantly appearing in front of Mu Chihuo.

“Ahhhh!” Mu Chihuo’s eyes flashed with a crazed and desperate light. With all of his strength, he cut his sword down at the Great Desolate Blood Halberd!


The sword energy collapsed, and the swirling waves of fire true essence were swept away by the powerful vortex. Lin Ming’s halberd thrust towards Mu Chihuo’s dantian.

At this critical moment, Mu Chihuo bit down on his tongue. True essence wrapped round his palm, and he slapped down onto the shaft of the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

Blood flew out. In Mu Chihuo’s desperate strike, he had managed to change the trajectory of Lin Ming’s strike. It barely missed his dantian, but it still stabbed into his stomach all the same, passing straight through!

Mu Chihuo’s mouth filled with blood. Despair appeared in his eyes, “You…”


Lin Ming’s expression didn’t change. He twisted the Great Desolate Blood Halberd within Mu Chihuo, breaking apart all of his organs. A massive amount of blood and bits of flesh poured out.

“Body Tearing Bone Shattering Fist!”

True essence gathered onto Lin Ming’s right hand, and 10,000 vibrating true essence threads burst forth. Lin Ming punched Mu Chihuo’s chest, directly causing it to cave in and shattering all of his ribs!

With Lin Ming’s punch, Mu Chihuo was sent flying back like a broken kite. He crashed into the floor, on the verge of death.

“Brother Chihuo!” As Mu Yanzhuo saw this, he was startled. His eyes glazed over, and he lost the last remnants of his courage to fight.

On the other side, Mu Qingshu also had a grim and dark expression. His heart was filled with despair. When he battled with the other juniors, in a single exchange of moves, four or five sword lights had pierced him. His clothes had been ripped apart, and he fell to the ground, covered in blood.

“Ku ku ku!” Mu Qingshu coughed out mouthfuls of blood as he propped himself up. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were full of resentment and unwillingness.

“Lin Ming!” Mu Qingshu bit his lips until they bled. After reaching this point, he had lost all hope. Because of Lin Ming, he had lost everything.  He had lost Mu Qianyu, he had lost the title and status of being the number one male disciple of the Vermillion Bird Faction juniors. And even now, he would lose his cultivation and cultivation methods.

Lin Ming bent down to glance at Mu Qingshu. There was no hate in his eyes, only a sad pity. A person like Mu Qingshu didn’t have the qualifications for Lin Ming to hate him.

“You hate that I took everything from you?” Lin Ming sneered. He had already seen through all of Mu Qingshu’s thoughts. “You are weaker than others, and yet your jealousy forced you into a dead end. Truly, it is pitiful.”

Mu Qingshu didn’t speak, only glaring at Lin Ming with naked hate in his eyes as he revolved his true essence to the limit. The deep enmity in Mu Qingshu’s vision was to the point where he wished he could flay Lin Ming alive.

“You want to kill me? You won’t have the chance!” Lin Ming suddenly drew out his palm and slammed down on Mu Qingshu’s chest. A savage true essence sunk into Mu Qingshu’s body, ripping apart all of his meridians!  

Pulse Cutting Palm!


Mu Qingshu spat out an arrow of blood. All of the true essence he had gathered was cleanly scattered. He lay on the ground like a dead dog, his lips trembling and his eyes popped wide in anger.

Lin Ming didn’t give his opponent a single chance to make a comeback. Being ruthless was the safest method to rid himself of troubles in the future.

This was the profound lesson that Ouyang Boyan had taught Lin Ming.

If it wasn’t for Lin Ming’s prompt rescue, then Qin Xingxuan would have already long since perished.


As Mu Yanzhuo saw Mu Qingshu crippled by Lin Ming’s palm, he felt a deep pain. At the very start of this gamble, he had expected that he might experience this miserable fate. But, he didn’t think that it would be sad to this degree.

“The winner is the king, and the losers are villains. I, Mu Yanzhuo, am sorry to my ancestors.” Mu Yanzhuo said with despair. Then, all of the true essence in his body exploded. There was a series of ‘peng peng peng’ sounds as clouds of blood burst out from all over his body. He had destroyed all of his own meridians and killed himself!

Mu Yanzhuo plopped face down onto the floor, rivers of blood streaming from his body.

“He’s dead.”

Mu Qingyi sighed. The traitors had all died. But, she wasn’t the least bit happy. They won this fight, but Divine Phoenix Island had suffered a great blow. A middle Revolving Core Elder and an early Revolving Core Elder had died. Not just that, but the future Revolving Core Mu Qingshu had also perished. And all of this was because of human nature. They fought because of power, and bled because of greed.

Lin Ming glanced at Mu Yanzhuo and then took out the Disenchanting Dream Light that Lei Jingtian had left behind. He drew up dozens of symbols and wrapped the Thunder Soul in layers of seals. Them, he took out a jade box and placed it inside.

As for Mu Yanzhuo’s left over possessions, Lin Ming didn’t bother with them. These were originally Divine Phoenix Island’s things. He shouldn’t take them, nor did he lack these things.

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