Chapter 508 - End of the Road

Chapter 508 – End of the Road

“Lin Ming!” Lei Jingtian’s eyes were bloodshot. Just a moment ago, three Blood Drinking Seals had pierced through his left shoulder, causing a shower of blood to rain down. Every time that a Blood Drinking Seal successfully attacked, it was able to absorb an enemy’s blood essence.

“Do you really want fight me in a life or death battle!?” Lei Jingtian’s eyes flashed with a ferocious light, “Although you can suppress me, you will still have to pay a great price if you want to kill me!”

Lin Ming didn’t respond with a single word, only slashing out with his halberd. 14 Blood Drinking Seals weaved in the air!

As Lei Jingtian saw these Blood Drinking Seals, he felt his scalp tingle with fear. “Do not force me to burn my blood essence!”

“Try it!” Lin Ming’s eyes were decisively cold; he would kill Lei Jingtian. Otherwise, the secret that he...

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