Chapter 507 - Irresistible Power

Chapter 507 – Irresistible Power


Lei Jingtian was forced a few steps back. A deep wound ran down his shoulder, the bone peaking through. If it wasn’t for Lei Jingtian’s outstanding cultivation and his thick protective true essence, then that strike might have sliced off his arm!

How could it possibly be like this?

Lei Jingtian was unable to accept this reality. Before now, Lin Ming had combusted his blood essence, but still hadn’t been his match. He had used everything and even exploded his Blood Drinking Seals in order to barely escape.

But now, with just the passing of several days, Lin Ming had become formidable to this degree.

As the Divine Phoenix Island disciples looked at the temple stage, they were stunned into silence. A strike had injured Lei Jingtian! Just what could have possibly have happened in the last few days?

“This… this is…” Mu Qingshu’s lips trembled as he looked at Lin Ming. He was usually proud and arrogant, but in front of Lin Ming, all of that came crashing down. Even though he knew he was inferior to Lin Ming, he never thought that even Lei Jingtian would be injured by him.

Thinking of the miserable fate he would suffer if he couldn’t kill Lin Ming, Mu Qingshu’s face paled until there wasn’t even a hint of blood. Once he lost his bloodline and cultivation, he would be no different from a mortal with a few dozen years of life. He would even have to spend this life in punishment… thinking of this, he didn’t even have the courage to dwell on these thoughts.

“Lin Ming, you have angered me! For this, I will have you pay the price!” Thick blue veins bulged on Lei Jingtian’s forehead, making him look extremely ugly. With one hand on his Thunder Light Sword, his other hand drew a deep purple rune in the air, “Come out, thunder beast!”

Lei Jingtian flung the rune into the sky and it flashed like lightning before exploding. Then, a five foot long beast appeared in the air. This beast looked like a monkey, but it had a bird’s beak and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Its entire body sparkled with purple lightning.

“Contract beast?”

Lin Ming was shocked. A martial artist could form a contract with a beast in order to summon them into battle. For instance, Mu Qianyu’s Vermillion Bird or the Demon Emperor’s holy three-headed divine hound were both kinds of contract beast.

A martial artist’s contract could increase their strength by a greal deal, but there weren’t many martial artists that actually had one. The reason for this was that the conditions for having a contract beast were simply too high.

In order to raise a contract beast, one had to put in a massive amount of energy and resources. For instance, the reason that Mu Qianyu had invaded Thundercrash Mountain and fought there was all in order to help her life’s Vermillion Bird evolve. Not just that, but the more talented a martial artist was, the higher grade of a contract beast they needed. Otherwise, their contract beast would not be able to follow them forwards, and it would only weaken them.

Lin Ming had never imagined that Lei Jingtian would actually have a contract beast. It seems that this was his hidden ace.

“Thunder beast, fuse!” Lei Jingtian shouted. And then, an inconceivable scene occurred. That thunder beast’s body suddenly became intangible and fused together with Lei Jingtian’s Thunder Light Sword, disappearing without a trace.

“Energy life form?”

Lin Ming was stunned. An energy life form was extremely rare. He hadn’t thought that Lei Jingtian would make a contract beast out of an energy life form. The master of a sect really couldn’t be underestimated.

Zi zi zi!

The fused thunder beast and Thunder Light Sword shined with a much greater light. As arcs of lightning twisted around it, it emanated a dangerous energy, constantly piercing the air. Just looking at this light was painful to the eye.

Lei Jingtian no longer underestimated Lin Ming, he had used every last card in his hand.

As Lei Jingtian’s complete strength was revealed, Mu Qingyi and everyone else went cold for Lin Ming.

Although Lei Jingtian was suppressed by the laws of this world, he was still a late Revolving Core Supreme Elder. As for Lin Ming, his cultivation was still shallow. In a true life or death battle, it was hard to say just who would win!

Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo also felt their foreheads covered with sweat at this time. Both of them were shaking with unease. Lei Jingtian was their final hope. If Lei Jingtian was unable to kill Lin Ming, they were finished!

After they had come to this stage, they naturally had no intention of fighting with Mu Qingyi. If Lei Jingtian was defeated, there was no point in gaining any advantage in battle.

Lei Jingtian’s entire body was wreathed in a storm of thunder. His long hair recklessly danced, “Lin Ming, I do not know how you broke through to the Xiantian realm, but this sort of chaotic method of breakthrough will only ruin you. You can give up on your dantian’s true essence ever being stable again!”

“Words are useless. Come, let’s fight.”

With the word ‘fight’, the flame mark between Lin Ming’s eyebrows combusted in a dazzling radiance. He opened the Heretical God Force, and once more burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix.

“Humph, what self-confidence you have.” Lei Jingtian’s eyes sank. The difference between the late Houtian realm and Xiantian realm was great, but it was nothing compared to the gap between an early Revolving Core and late Revolving Core master. With Lin Ming’s talent, he had strength several times that of a Xiantian realm martial artist. But, he shouldn’t be strong to the degree of defeating him.

Lei Jingtian didn’t believe that with displaying all of his ultimate abilities, he still couldn’t suppress Lin Ming.

“You are strong, but you will still die by my hands. Heavenly Thunder Suppression!”

Lei Jingtian’s sword pierced forth, and a billowing wave of lightning rushed forwards, followed by ear shattering thunderclaps. It was like the howl of a tiger and the roar of a dragon, directly impacting through the heavens. A swirling thunderstorm condensed around the Thunder Light Sword, driving all of the thunder origin energy in the world.

This sword strike contained the power of thunder as well as the Disenchanting Dream Light’s soul attack; it was one of Lei Jingtian’s strongest moves.

In this life or death battle, he fought with everything he had, no longer holding anything back.

In the face of this dazzling thunderstorm, Lin Ming remained impassive. Between his eyebrows, the blood of the Ancient Phoenix burned, filling his body with power and vigor. Lin Ming poured his will and strength into the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. As the halberd pierced out, the Blood Drinking Seals whistled.


With merging of his whole will and being into this Blood Drinking Seal, damaging the enemy would damage himself. But now, Lin Ming had reached Large Success of Tempering Marrow. Using this move wasn’t dangerous at all. Instead, it gave him a light and easy feeling.

A crimson light shined. Lin Ming’s halberd thrust forth, tearing apart the space.

Everyone present held their breath, their foreheads wet with nervous sweat. Mu Qianyu tightened her hands, her knuckles white. She felt her heart catch in her throat. As for those disciples with a lower cultivation, they subconsciously stepped back in order to not be caught up and destroyed in the aftermath.

In the sight of everyone, the crimson vortex smashed into the purple thunderstorm!

However, in that instant, there wasn’t the massive explosion that everyone expected. They only saw that bloody red light shoot into the sky. As for that purple thunderstorm, it was torn into pieces by that crimson vortex. In the howling gale, one could hear the faint miserable cry of the thunder beast.

Lin Ming’s red halberd light was like the all-destroying sword of a war god; Lei Jingtian’s thunderstorm immediately disintegrated under this terrifying destructive force!

“What!?” Lei Jingtian’s complexion changed, “This is impossible!”


The thunderstorm completely broke apart. Lei Jingtian was sent flying backwards. His clothes split apart, and he spat out a giant mouthful of blood!

As Mu Chihuo saw Lei Jingtian spit blood, he felt like he had fallen into a sea of ice!

Lei Jingtian… lost!?

Mu Qianyu and Mu Qingyi’s eyes were round like twin moons. They wouldn’t have been surprised if Lin Ming defeated Lei Jingtian after a bitter struggle, but in just this first exchange of moves, he had completely defeated Lei Jingtian’s strongest strike.

From just the late Houtian realm to the early Xiantian realm, how could Lin Ming’s strength have risen so much?

Lin Ming didn’t give anyone a second to be surprised. As soon as he sent Lei Jingtian soaring away, he immediately stepped forwards. The ground underneath his feet exploded from the powerful momentum, and Lin Ming shot forwards with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in hand.


A halberd struck out; the 14 Blood Drinking Seals cut towards Lei Jingtian like flying swords.

“Boy! Don’t push me too far!” Lei Jingtian pressed down his tumbling blood and gripped the Thunder Light Sword tightly, slashing down. But at this time, the writhing thunder on the Thunder Light Sword began to emit whining howls. Obviously, the thunder beast had been severely wounded, and it wouldn’t be able to withstand another intense collision like before.

“Damn.” Lei Jingtian’s heart sank. He wasn’t willing to give up the thunder beast. If he struck out now, then the thunder beast would most assuredly perish. He had raised this thunder beast for the last several hundred years, and had paid a great price to develop it.


Lei Jingtian received the thunder beast. The shining light of the Thunder Light Blade immediately dimmed.

“Disenchanting Dream Light!”

Lei Jingtian struck out his palm. A sizzling beam of light shot out, smashing into the Blood Drinking Seals.

Chi chi chi!

The Disenchanting Dream Light constantly melted. As for the Blood Drinking Seals, they were like sharp razors that shaved it away!

As Lei Jingtian saw this, he no longer had the willpower to fight. He spat out several bolts of the Disenchanting Dream Light and then turned around to escape!

“Boy, do well to remember me!”

“You want to run away?” Lin Ming’s lips curved in a sneer. His specialty was to kill everything in sight. During the war in the South Sea battlefield, a great part of the reason that Lin Ming was titled the Blood Demon was because whenever he slaughtered people, there was never a living witness. Whatever squad that had the bad luck to bump into Lin Ming would suffer annihilation. The reason for this was that none of them could escape!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd rose up and then pierced forth, “Primeval Halberd Strike!”

The Blood Drinking Seals on the halberd blade rapidly rotated, forming a massive red vortex dozens of feet wide. The surrounding space seemed to twist apart under this power. Lei Jingtian felt as if an invisible force was pushing down on his body, greatly reducing his speed.

What was going on!?

Lei Jingtian was stunned. He felt the space around him thicken and become sticky. An enormous force enveloped him. It was impossible for him to fly away; it was like he fallen into a swamp!

If this were the outside world, Lin Ming would naturally be unable to do this. But in this broken world and under the suppression of its governing laws, Lei Jingtian’s speed was already sharply lowered. It was already at his limits to fly, but now that he was being sucked in by the Primeval Halberd Strike, his speed had fallen by over another half. It had to be known that Lin Ming’s Blood Drinking Seals were not restricted by this world’s laws.

“Lin Ming, do not force me into a corner!” Feeling the thick murderous intent behind him, Lei Jingtian suddenly swiveled around and saw Lin Ming’s halberd thrust towards him.

“Blood Seal Twisting Murder!”

14 Blood Drinking Seals cut down. Lei Jingtian hastily lifted his sword to meet the strike, but he was unable to block all of them.

Cha cha cha!

Three Blood Drinking Seals cut through Lei Jingtian’s protective true essence, stabbing into his body. A great mist of blood shot out!

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