Chapter 507 - Irresistible Power

Chapter 507 – Irresistible Power


Lei Jingtian was forced a few steps back. A deep wound ran down his shoulder, the bone peaking through. If it wasn’t for Lei Jingtian’s outstanding cultivation and his thick protective true essence, then that strike might have sliced off his arm!

How could it possibly be like this?

Lei Jingtian was unable to accept this reality. Before now, Lin Ming had combusted his blood essence, but still hadn’t been his match. He had used everything and even exploded his Blood Drinking Seals in order to barely escape.

But now, with just the passing of several days, Lin Ming had become formidable to this degree.

As the Divine Phoenix Island disciples looked at the temple stage, they were stunned into silence. A strike had injured Lei Jingtian! Just what could have possibly have happened in the last few days?

“This… this is…” Mu Qingshu’s lips trembled as he looked at Lin Ming. He was usually proud and arrogant, but in front of Lin Ming, all of that came crashing down. Even though he knew he was inferior to Lin Ming, he never thought that even Lei Jingtian would be injured by him.

Thinking of the miserable fate he would suffer if he couldn’t kill Lin Ming, Mu Qingshu’s face...

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