Chapter 506 - Your Thunder Soul Isn’t Too Bad

Chapter 506 – Your Thunder Soul Isn’t Too Bad

Of course, if he wanted to force Lin Ming to come out, the only way that it would happens was if Lin Ming was idiotic enough to do so. Mu Chihuo wasn’t absolutely sure that it would work, but at this time he refused to give up, and he also didn’t have any other way.

“Mu Qingyi, hurry up and tell me what Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu’s sound transmission mark is!” Mu Chihuo waved his sword across Mu Qingyi’s neck, cutting a thin red line of blood.

Mu Qingyi sneered, ignoring him.

“If you don’t want to care for face… Mu Qingyi, it seems that you have a short memory. You’re right, if we can’t find Lin Ming then we’ll die. But, before we do so, there are still many matters that we can finish. For instance…”

As Mu Chihuo spoke, his eyes turned towards Mu Bingyun and flashed with cruelty, “Qingshu, haven’t you been frustrated lately? If you want, then… hehe…”

“Mu Chihuo!” Mu Qingyi’s heart raged with anger and she grinded her teeth together. “You are less than an animal! If anyone dares to touch a single hair on Bingyun then I will burn my complete blood essence and sanity and die with them!”

Mu Qingyi’s eyes were bloodshot. As an early Revolving Core martial artist, if she used her...

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