Chapter 505 - In the Rain

Chapter 505 – In the Rain

This cold and salty rain was from the waters of the South Sea. It was sucked into this broken world by the space storms and then turned into countless sprays of mist. After it condensed in the skies, it formed dark and thick clouds. These clouds had already gathered for over 10 days, and they were waiting to spill over. Now, they blotted out the sky as they formed curtains of overwhelming rain, hard enough that it was even difficult to open one’s eyes.

In just several breaths of time, the water was already deep enough to reach the ankles. As the rain scattered throughout the bloody wilderness, it fell onto the stone tablets, washing over them and causing the crimson symbols to glow even brighter.

Mu Qianyu’s entire body was soaked. In this cold and unforgiving shower of rain, her bright and clean dress was now stained with dirt.

She didn’t know how long she had stayed in this position. For the last six days, she hadn’t slept, eaten a grain of rice, or drank a drop of water.

In that moment when she had been enveloped in the white light of the Escape Symbol, his facial features lingered in her mind, haunting her.

She had never missed someone with such...

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