Chapter 504 - Tempering Marrow Large Success

Chapter 504 – Tempering Marrow Large Success

Because it had been doused in scorching flames, the golden liquid was already at an extremely high temperature. After Lin Ming entered, he felt as if he had jumped into a stove and all of his skin was being roasted. However, because he had refined flames within his body for a long time, and also because of his previous experiences with searing flames, such an experience was nothing at all to him.

The fragrance of the golden liquid flooded his senses like a finely aged wine. The liquid was exquisitely sweet; a single gulp was like a stream of heat that flowed down his mouth and throat, warming his stomach, spreading to his limbs and filling him with a brilliantly radiant energy. All of the muscles of his body stretched out and he emitted loud popping sounds.

All of Lin Ming’s pores dilated, and pure energy flooded through them. As the heat flowed in, he felt a pin-like pain through his pores. However, this aching pain through his body actually made Lin Ming excited instead.

This medicinal juice brewed with a Nirvana Dragon Root that was tens of thousands of years old held an incomparably pure energy. The energy filtered through Lin Ming’s bones, entering into his marrow where it constantly accumulated.

Chi chi chi!


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