Chapter 503 - Refining the Dragon Root

Chapter 503 – Refining the Dragon Root

“Hey, hey, hey you! Boy, it’s best if you don’t try to show off. Although this Nirvana Dragon Root isn’t considered too potent or violent a medicine, the energy will be too strong for you; it isn’t something that a martial artist at your level will be able to withstand.” The pug gulped as he saw Lin Ming take out the Nirvana Dragon Root, his expression growing a bit more serious.

“I’m confident in myself.” Lin Ming cautiously held the Nirvana Dragon Root in his hand and said, “Demonshine, is there a special method for absorbing the Nirvana Dragon Root?”

The memories that Lin Ming had inherited were incomplete. He couldn’t remember if there was a special method or medicine needed to absorb the Nirvana Dragon Root.

“The Nirvana Dragon Root is naturally best if refined into a pill. But, since this is currently impossible, the way to achieve the maximum possible effect will be to boil clear spring water and seep into the Nirvana Dragon Root, allowing the medicinal efficacy to enter the water. You can enter the water and completely absorb all of the essence into your body. If you do this, it will be much better than directly eating the Nirvana Dragon Root. Not only is the medicinal efficacy more temperate, but it will be absorbed much more easily. Remember not to damage the Nirvana Dragon Root so that the least amount of origin energy leaks out.

There were many rare heavenly materials that contained their own essence energy. Once that object was damaged, the essence energy would escape. For instance, a millennium ginseng would be much more valuable complete than if it were cut into pieces. This was also a reason that when someone dug for medicines, then would spend an entire day and use a small brush to gently wipe the roots of the ginseng a bit at a time, completely preserving each and every root hair.

The Nirvana Dragon Root was countless times more valuable than a millennium ginseng, but in truth they were similar in this regard. At the time that Lin Ming had obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root, it was in a complete state. Naturally, the medicinal efficacy was several times greater than the one that Xuan Wuji had grabbed.

“Clear spring water?” Lin Ming’s mind suddenly stirred and he took out a big barrel of water from his spatial ring. This barrel contained spring water that boiled at a temperature several times higher than normal.

When Lin Ming had accepted the general level smelting trial test within the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he had lived in a cave. Within this cave, there were strange crabs that lived there, and also a very peculiar underground river. This underground river flowed with water several times hotter than boiling water. Not just that, but the river water was very heavy like liquid mercury.

The crabmeat and spring water had contained a very rich heaven and earth origin energy, and were very useful in helping build up one’s inner true essence. And rarest of all was that it contained a very pure and delicate origin energy. Without any impurities or toxins, it was similar to spiritual foods, but the effect was a hundred times better than any spiritual food found within the Sky Spill Continent.

Lin Ming naturally couldn’t let such a great treasure waste away. When he left the Divine Phoenix Mystic Realm, he also carried off a great deal of this precious water.

This water barrel was one that he had brought out from there.

“Can I boil it with this water?” Lin Ming glanced over at Demonshine.

As Demonshine saw this barrel of water, he didn’t care at first. But as he felt the rich origin energy emanating from it, he was a bit startled. He peaked over the barrel with both paws on top, staring straight into it, his long dog tongue lolling about.

After several breaths of time, both of Demonshine’s eyes lit up. “This… is probably spring water from the Solar Origin! Boy, you really are a lucky bastard!”

As Demonshine spoke, he wanted to pull up some water with his paws. But since he was only a soul form, his paws passed straight through the water without even the slightest ripple.

Demonshine’s excited face immediately became depressed.

As Lin Ming saw this, he suddenly felt that this fellow was quite pitiful. All he had left over was his soul form.

“What is the Solar Origin?”

“The Solar Origin is a vast and endless lake. It was said that a true Ancient Phoenix was once born from this lake. Water from the Solar Origin is heavy and flaming. It looks a bit like the water in this barrel, but it is heavier and also much hotter.” As Demonshine looked at the water barrel, his expression was a bit strange. “It seems that this isn’t water from the Solar Origin…”

Lin Ming was silent. But even if this wasn’t water from the Solar Origin, it was most likely connected to it. Since it was said that an Ancient Phoenix was born within the Solar Origin, it was probably related to some sort of holy spring from the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

“What sort of effect will there be if I boil the Nirvana Dragon Root in this water?”

Demonshine said, “Naturally, the effect will be much better than if you boiled it in normal water. But, using firewood to heat it up would be a bit poor. Using the fire from a martial artist’s dantian would be the best…”

“Dantian fire… how’s this?” Lin Ming waved his hand, and the Heretical God Flame Essence appeared, fused with the Earthcore Crimson Flame and the Fallen Star Flame.

As Demonshine saw this Heretical God Flame Essence, his beady eyes immediately went perfectly round. “You actually have a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence?”

In Demonshine’s experience, a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence wasn’t considered much at all. But, Lin Ming was only at the late Houtian realm. It was extraordinary that Lin Ming would be able to possess a medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence, especially considering that Lin Ming was a martial artist from the mortal realm.

“A medium-grade earth-step Flame Essence might be enough to steam the Nirvana Dragon Root.” Demonshine thoughtfully said as he lightly scratched his doggy chin.

Now that there was water and a Flame Essence to steam the Nirvana Dragon Root, all that was missing was the container.

Using a container from the mortal world was naturally not good, since most anything would be instantly destroyed once it came into contact with the Flame Essence. Lin Ming had a sudden insight, and quickly took out the Cosmic Melting Furnace from his dantian.

The half-foot Cosmic Melting Furnace turned into a golden stream of light as it flew out of Lin Ming’s dantian. With a gust of wind, the furnace quickly grew to 10 to 20 feet in just a few breaths of time.

“With this?”

“Hehe, boy, you are actually quite smart! This Cosmic Melting Furnace is naturally the best tool to steam the Nirvana Dragon Root. If you use this, not only can you condense the total heating time to less than four hours, but you will also be able to maintain the highest degree of the Nirvana Dragon Root’s medicinal efficacy.”

“What is the method to open the furnace?” As Lin Ming looked at the Cosmic Melting Furnace, he was a bit helpless and frustrated. There were many treasures sealed within the Cosmic Melting Furnance, but he still wasn’t able to open it.

As Demonshine heard Lin Ming say this, his excited faced brightened with a victorious smile, “The method to open the furnace… naturally, this Saint knows of it. I can also tell you, but… hehe, there is a condition, and that is that you must first completely unseal this Saint’s consciousness from your spiritual sea.”

Hearing Demonshine’s condition, Lin Ming frowned. He thought about this for a moment, and then nodded and said, “I can!”

“Eh?” Demonshine froze for a moment. He didn’t think that Lin Ming would agree so easily. The reason that he had put forth this condition was because he had intended to bargain with Lin Ming.

“But, I have a condition too. That is that I will only completely unseal your consciousness after I successfully complete Tempering Marrow. If there is any mistake in the process that causes me to fall short, then I will not be able to fulfill my end of the agreement.” Lin Ming wouldn’t relax his guard against the pug just because their relationship had warmed a bit. He wouldn’t even know if there were problems with this method that Demonshine taught him to absorb the Nirvana Dragon Root.

Also, after reaching Large Success of Tempering Marrow, Lin Ming would no longer need to fear the incomplete Demonshine. Even if he allowed the pug to restore his consciousness, it wouldn’t be too big a deal.

“You little boy, your suspicious nature is too great! Good! This Saint promises you!” Demonshine rolled his eyes and then agreed to Lin Ming’s conditions; there was no need for Lin Ming to lie to him.

And then, Demonshine taught Lin Ming the method to open the Cosmic Melting Furnace from start to finish.

Lin Ming silently recorded all of this in his heart. He suddenly thought of something and asked, “If I steam the Nirvana Dragon Root within the Cosmic Melting Furnace, will the treasures sealed within the furnace be affected by the heat of the flames?”

Demonshine smiled at Lin Ming’s question, “Boy, are you stupid? You think that with just your meager ability that you will be able to destroy the treasures within the Cosmic Melting Furnace? The reason that this Cosmic Melting Furnace has the word ‘Cosmic’ in its name is that there are several individual sealed spaces within. At your current level, the most you’ll be able to do with the method I taught you is just barely open the lid. And that is only the very first layer of sealed space within. If you wish to open up further spaces sealed deeper down, then it is simply impossible!”

The Cosmic Melting Furnace was once known as the Sky Spill Continent’s number one Divine Furnace. With Lin Ming’s current strength, he naturally wouldn’t be able to control it.

“I understand.”

As Lin Ming spoke, he slowly weaved his hands together, creating seals. The Cosmic Melting Furnace flew upwards. Revolving his true essence, Lin Ming pointed forwards and the lid suddenly shook.

A moment later, the Cosmic Melting Furnace completely opened. The water from the Solar Origin as well as the Nirvana Dragon Root was completely sucked into the Cosmic Melting Furnace.

As Lin Ming saw this, he smiled. He flicked his finger and the deep red Fallen Star Flame dropped in.

At this time, a surprising scene took place. As the Fallen Star Flame fell into the Cosmic Melting Furnace, it completely disappeared within, vanishing without a trace. It wasn’t as Lin Ming had imagined - that the Fallen Star Flame would surround the Cosmic Melting Furnace and heat it up in an inferno of flames.

Lin Ming gave a little ‘eh’ of surprise.

Demonshine said, “Don’t be too surprised. The flame was only absorbed into the furnace’s dimensions. It will heat up the space that corresponds to the materials. You only need to continuously supply flames to it. “

“So that’s how it is. “ Lin Ming was greatly impressed. This pill furnace actually had multiple dimensions within it. It was hard to imagine what sort of existence was able to craft this treasure, and just what their cultivation would be.

Demonshine was extremely satisfied with Lin Ming’s surprised expression. He proudly said, “This Cosmic Melting Furnace can be considered a good treasure even within the Realm of the Gods.”

The Fallen Star Flame burned with a brilliant light. Within the first layer dimensional world, the Solar Origin water formed a giant sphere with the Nirvana Dragon Root wrapped in the center. Flames filled the skies.

As the fires burned, the Solar Origin water slowly began to turn an amber hue. The amber color became increasingly rich, until the sphere of water became a deep golden red, just like molten gold.

Four hours later, the flame suddenly vanished and the lid flew up. A golden ball of water came soaring out, shining with a dazzlingly bright light underneath the sunlight.

A strong fragrance wafted out from the golden water, attracting anyone near it and warming the heart. As one took a deep breath of this scent, it was extremely refreshing, and all of one’s pores seemed to open in complete relaxation. It was impossible to not let out a whimper of joy.

‘This golden spring water that has boiled the Nirvana Dragon Root contains a countless amount of essence energy. Just the scent itself contains true essence rich enough to condense into form. If one were to practice in this environment, meditating and breathing this in, then their cultivation speed would be monstrously fast. This Nirvana Dragon Root that has grown for tens of thousands of years is truly amazing.’

As Lin Ming thought this, he no longer hesitated. He took off all his clothes and directly soared into the golden sphere of liquid floating in air.

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