Chapter 503 - Refining the Dragon Root

Chapter 503 – Refining the Dragon Root

“Hey, hey, hey you! Boy, it’s best if you don’t try to show off. Although this Nirvana Dragon Root isn’t considered too potent or violent a medicine, the energy will be too strong for you; it isn’t something that a martial artist at your level will be able to withstand.” The pug gulped as he saw Lin Ming take out the Nirvana Dragon Root, his expression growing a bit more serious.

“I’m confident in myself.” Lin Ming cautiously held the Nirvana Dragon Root in his hand and said, “Demonshine, is there a special method for absorbing the Nirvana Dragon Root?”

The memories that Lin Ming had inherited were incomplete. He couldn’t remember if there was a special method or medicine needed to absorb the Nirvana Dragon Root.

“The Nirvana Dragon Root is naturally best if refined into a pill. But, since this is currently impossible, the way to achieve the maximum possible effect will be to boil clear spring water and seep into the Nirvana Dragon Root, allowing the medicinal efficacy to enter the water. You can enter the water and completely absorb all of the essence into your body. If you do this, it will be much better than directly eating the Nirvana Dragon Root. Not only is the medicinal efficacy more temperate, but it will be absorbed...

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