Chapter 501 - The Great Escape

Chapter 501 – The Great Escape

“No! This father just lost everything! I only have a soul body and I can’t even use anything in the Cosmic Melting Furnace besides the blood of the Giant Demon!” The pug muttered to himself with an extremely unhappy expression.

At this time, Lin Ming couldn’t even be bothered about this. From the time that those old Life Destruction fellows rushed away until now, it had almost been an entire incense stick of time. He had to leave as soon as possible.

However, just running away like this wasn’t good. If others suspected that Lin Ming was the culprit, then even if he managed to successfully run away, he would still bring a great calamity upon Divine Phoenix Island…

Lin Ming quickly reactivated the eight coiling dragon columns of the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array.

After several breaths of time, the eight horned dragons began to emit a sparkling dawn light again, and the Eight Dragon Jade Dawn Array was once again active.

Then, Lin Ming took out a corpse from his spatial ring. This corpse was that of the South Sea Demon Region Revolving Core Elder that he had killed. Afterwards, when Lin Ming had opened the Magic Cube again, it was with the blood essence of this Revolving Core Elder.

Lin Ming took off one of his own spatial rings and slipped it onto the Revolving Core Elder’s finger. Then, he stepped back four or five steps and casually tossed the corpse towards the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array.


The burning dawn light flashed once, and the corpse was directly struck, instantly turning to ashes!

Thus, besides the two piles of ashes from those old Life Destruction masters, there was a third pile of ash. As for Lin Ming’s charred-black spatial ring, that was also mixed within the ashes.

The pug glanced over at Lin Ming with some surprise, “Boy, you’re quite the clever one. If you do this then you really might have the good luck to muddle your way away.”

As the pug thought of all those old Life Destruction fellows and what a great price they must have paid to come here, and yet the true greatest treasure here was pocketed by this boy while they didn’t even know just what had happened and who had done it…

Thinking of this, the pug subconsciously traced its own stubby nose. If he really stayed with this body then one day he might be the one to fall in the ditch…

As the pug was lost in his thoughts, he found that Lin Ming had already moved towards the cave entrance.

“Hey, wait up! Wait for this Saint!” The pug barked out before hurrying along.

According to the memories of the Demon Emperor, on the other side of the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden, there was another transmission array not too far away. If he went through this transmission array, he would be able to directly leave the Demon God Imperial Palace.

If Lin Ming was outside, he would be able to cross the distance to the transmission array in just several breaths of time.

But, he had to be much more cautious within the Demon God Imperial Palace.

“Hey, are there any traps or spells here?” Lin Ming asked the pug, abruptly swallowing the word ‘pug’ before it came out.

“This Saint is not called ‘hey’! This Saint’s true body is that of a holy three-headed demon dog! My title was Saint Lord Demonshine! I reached the Saint Lord realm 100,000 years ago and roamed the endless void, crossing everywhere! At that time, your grandfather hadn’t even been born yet!”

As the pug said this, he proudly raised his head, as if he had found a point of pride.

Although this story didn’t seem too reliable, Lin Ming was aware that this pug truly was skilled as he boasted, otherwise he wouldn’t have had the qualifications to be embroiled in the fight for the Magic Cube.

“Saint Lord? What’s that?”

“Just like your Sky Spill Continent has so-called Emperor powerhouses, a Saint Lord is also the title given to powerhouses of a certain boundary. In the past, this father was also a Saint Lord!”

“Didn’t you just say you were a holy three-headed demon dog? How come you only have one head now?” After leaving the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden, Lin Ming was much more relaxed. He had obtained the Cosmic Melting Furnace and Nirvana Dragon Root; he was in an excellent mood.

As he mentioned this, the pug deflated like a sad rubber ball, all of his previous bravado erased. “If it wasn’t for that horrifying woman destroying this Saint’s Large Success diamond form divine body, sucking my divine soul into the Divine Crystal Magic Cube and sealing it away for countless years, then how could I end up like this? This Saint’s mind was once a trinity, but now this Saint’s mind is singular and incomplete; how could I possibly maintain my original state?”

As the pug spoke, he entire face was flushed red with anger.

“So that’s what happened. By the way… were you the Demon Emperor’s soul pet?” Lin Ming nonchalantly asked.

“What do you mean ‘soul pet’, that is such a rude term! This Saint was the Demon Emperor’s contract soul beast. Humph, if it wasn’t for the Demon Emperor tricking me in the past, then how would this Saint sign a contract with him? If he didn’t have this Saint, the Demon Emperor would have already died countless times within the Realm of the Gods!” The pug grunted. But, it had inadvertently revealed that it didn’t have an equal relationship with the Demon Emperor in the past. It seemed that they once had a master and servant contract.

“Demonshine, does this path have any danger?”

“Humph, the Demon God Imperial Palace is so big, and this Saint only stopped by here for a very short time, so how would I be so aware of any of this!”

Hearing the pug’s capricious words, Lin Ming was speechless. All he could do at this moment was open his perception and sense as far away as possible.

However, unexpectedly the two to three mile distance was very calm. As they made their way, nothing happened. Lin Ming followed the directions in his memory, and finally arrived at a low hanging stone platform. This platform didn’t have any dangerous spells on it. After he walked up the platform, it became clear it an ancient transmission array. The transmission array was fully intact and could be started at any time.

As Lin Ming saw this, he was immediately filled with happiness.

Lin Ming only needed several breaths of time to decipher the symbol order to start the ancient transmission array. After he reconfigured the symbols, a hazy white light flashed out. Lin Ming stepped into the heart of the array, and his form quickly faded away…


After a quarter hour – Demon Emperor’s medicine garden…

Within the empty Demon Emperor’s medicine garden, several old men stood by where the Nirvana Dragon Root had once been, their expressions grim.

The ugliest one was Xuan Wuji! In the fight against Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang a moment ago, he had shown his low-grade heaven-step treasure and had even used countless accumulated aces from the 3000 year long history of the Silent Demon Emperor City. Yet, he had been constantly forced to retreat by Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang.

It had to be known that the legacy of the Great Zen Temple was only slightly less compared to that of the perished Silent Demon Emperor City. As for Nanyun Wang, although he was a loner, he still had a talent that surpassed the will of the heavens. In terms of individual strength, he was the strongest of the three.

Originally, even if Xuan Wuji lost in the outside world, he would still be able to calmly escape.

But since he was sealed within the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had nowhere he could run. Not just that, but the Demon God Imperial Palace was filled with countless dangers. If he randomly fled in any direction then that would be no different from committing suicide!

Finally, if it wasn’t for Xuan Wuji taking out the God Extinguishing Thunder Pearl that the Netherworld Great Emperor had left behind from long ago and also used the combustion of his blood essence as a threat, he really would have been killed by Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang!

The truth was that even if Xuan Wuji was pushed to the brink of desperation and used every last card in his hand, he would most likely die here. But, it was only that Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang would also pay a steep price. This caused them to feel a faint fear and also to hold back their hand.

In the end, Xuan Wuji was forced to hand over the main stem of the Nirvana Dragon Root, and all he was left with was two thick root hairs.

And thus, they had come to a truce.

Xuan Wuji felt like his heart was bleeding.

He had always felt as if something was just a bit off. That is, he had spent so much effort to open up the ancient array formation and yet it remained close, so why would it suddenly open on its own?

If someone had told him that one of those array masters had accidently opened it by chance, then that was too far-fetched a story!

Once the transmission array that he had inspected before had suddenly malfunctioned in a key moment, Xuan Wuji had a strong premonition that he had been tricked by someone!

However, Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang had attacked him without giving him a chance to explain, wanting to take advantage of him during this time period and finish him off; he simply didn’t have time to think about this.

But now that he came back to the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden, the truth was finally revealed. Xuan Wuji felt like his lungs were about to burst from rage!

Luring the tiger from the cave… with such a simple strategy, he had been forced to give up another Nirvana Dragon Root!

If Xuan Wuji felt that his lungs were about to explode after seeing that the second Nirvana Dragon Root was missing, then after he arrived at the cave and saw that that the Cosmic Melting Furnace had vanished from the platform even as the Eight Dragon Jade Light Array was still active, he only felt an immense dizziness, almost falling to the ground!

Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang also paled. They had originally been counting on obtaining the treasures within the Cosmic Melting Furnace, but now they had lost everything. Even the furnace itself had been taken away!

“Who!? Who was the one that did this!?” Xuan Wuji’s eyes were bloodshot as a dark light shined as an ominous light shined in his eyes. “Who was still left over in the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden? Who!?”

Xuan Wuji‘s glare was ruthless as his eyes swept over everyone. Mu Fengxian shrank back, but she didn’t reveal any difference in expression.

However, as Xuan Wuji saw Mu Fengxian, he was also reminded of Lin Ming. He took a hard step forwards and the full aura of a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse swept out, immediately suppressing Mu Fengxian. “Lin Ming! Where did that boy go off to! He didn’t leave the medicine garden!”

“I do not know!”

Mu Fengxian stoically replied. But, her thoughts were actually extremely confused; just where did Lin Ming go? What had happened to him?

Was it possible that others had ransacked the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden and Lin Ming had encountered an accident?

It wasn’t just Mu Fengxian that thought so, Mu Yuhuang’s heart was also filled with an extremely disturbing premonition that made her feel restless and incomparably panicked.

“Xuan Wuji! A thief like you shouldn’t be crying ‘stop thief’!” Nanyun Wang coldly snorted. His eyes shined as he glared at Xuan Wuji, “I do not believe that a little late Houtian baby boy would be able to break the Cosmic Melting Furnace’s killing array and also steal it away. Don’t you think it’s rather ridiculous to push this all onto him!?”

“Nanyun, are you saying you suspect that this old man was the one who took the Cosmic Melting Furnace?”

“Hehe, didn’t you say it yourself? Since you are the only one that has seen the Demon Emperor’s letter, you also know how to up the ancient array formation and also the method to take the Cosmic Melting Furnace! A quarter hour ago, you completely drew all of us out from the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden. If you weren’t the one responsible for stealing away the second Nirvana Dragon Root and the Cosmic Melting Furnace, then just who is!?” Nanyun Wang stepped forwards, his eyes shining.

“Nanyun! You…” Xuan Wuji was angry to the point that he wanted to vomit blood. The second Nirvana Dragon Root had been stolen and even the Cosmic Melting Furnace was missing. He had labored for ten hard years, paying an immeasurably steep price and effort, and finally all he ended up with was two root hairs.

Not just that, but he had been tricked by someone and had taken the blame for everything! If such an unlucky mattered happened, it would cause anyone to seethe with rage!

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