Chapter 500 - Receiving the Furnace

Chapter 500 – Receiving the Furnace

The dog, or rather a pug, assumed an air of self-importance as it chanted, its two front doggy paws waving in the air with a lewd smile plastered over its angry face. This really challenged the limit of Lin Ming’s visual comprehension.

No matter how he looked at it, this fellow was more like an old tricky scoundrel.

But although this old dog seemed as if it wasn’t too dependable, it seemed to know what it was talking about. The Cosmic Melting Furnace began to release a vibrant red light, and the furnace body also slightly vibrated, emitting a great deal of energy that surged outwards.

However, as the red light shined, the pug wasn’t able to maintain its obscene expression. Its soul form seemed to twist around, as if its soul force was weakened. As the pug had said before, opening the Cosmic Melting Furnace with just this small part of his consciousness released was pushing the envelope.

The furnace began to emit a bright white light, and it also began to increasingly vibrate. It seemed as if it were ready to fly away from the platform at any moment.

Lin Ming’s eyes shined. This pug wasn’t just opening the Cosmic Melting Furnace, but rather...

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