Chapter 499 - Old Dog

Chapter 499 – Old Dog

“Who is it!?” In that moment, Lin Ming felt as if his soul had frozen. He suddenly jumped up like an arrow, twisting around with the Great Desolate Blood Halberd in front!

This was just an instinctive reaction. He was well aware that if any one of those old Life Destruction fellows came back, they could easily kill him with a flip of the hand!

However, the cave was empty behind him, with not a soul in sight.

Lin Ming felt a cold sweat trickle down his back, his mind vigilant.

Even though he opened all of his perception, he couldn’t see a single person.

Were they hiding?

With the strength of those old masters, it simply wasn’t worth it to do this. If they did, then it was just a mindset of a cat wanting to play with a mouse.

“Boy, there is no need to look, you cannot find this Saint. However, this Saint is also very surprised. Although you’re just a little baby boy, you managed to put that group of 1000 year old men into such a miserable state. It really… is to this Saint’s liking!”

“You…” Lin Ming was shocked, his mind racing. This Saint!?

Even those old Life Destruction masters didn’t proclaim themselves as a Saint. Such an arrogant and proud name…he...

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