Chapter 498 - Entering the Cave Once More

Chapter 498 – Entering the Cave Once More

“It’s finally mine!”

As Lin Ming put away the jade box, he had a feeling as if everything that was happening was a dream. It had to be known that before now, there were over 30 old Life Destruction fellows that were all trying to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root together. They had taken countless risks and ventured forth into the Demon God Imperial Palace, and over a dozen Life Destruction Supreme Elders had perished for it!

Xuan Wuji had carefully spent 10 years of the utmost care and calculation, and he hadn’t even hesitated to start a war in the South Sea for it!

But now, the Nirvana Dragon Root was lying in his own jade box, in a complete and unbroken state without a single root hair missing.

The process of obtaining it appeared extremely easy; he hadn’t even needed to fight.

However, the truth was that for Lin Ming, he had already paid a great price!

After he had entered this ancient battlefield, Lin Ming had engaged in a fierce battle with the South Sea Demon Region. He had swallowed a Scarlet Blood Pill and had exhausted his life like a lamp at the end of its wick, nearly dying in the process. Then, he had been ambushed and betrayed by others, and had to part with Mu Qianyu in life or death circumstances. He had burned his blood essence, detonated his Blood Drinking Seals, and pushed himself to the limit all in order to flee the jaws...

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