Chapter 497 - The Second Nirvana Dragon Root

Chapter 497 – The Second Nirvana Dragon Root

In these past 10 years, Xuan Wuji had collected a great deal of information on ancient array formations. Not just that, but the Demon Emperor’s letter had a very clear and simple explanation on how to activate the transmission array. Xuan Wuji did not think that he made a mistake.

However, the truth was that the array formation didn’t start. The Demon Emperor’s letter shouldn’t have been wrong on this!

Could it be…

As a number of little clues gathered together, Xuan Wuji felt a growing sense of unease in his heart. He was filled with a strong sense that he had been tricked by someone!

However, he didn’t have time to reflect on just what had happened. With a thunderous explosion, the enchantment barrier he had laid down was suddenly torn to pieces by Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow!

“Shit!” Xuan Wuji was shocked, “Don’t attack, I have words I need to say!”

“You can go f*cking speak in hell!” Nanyun Wang was already filled with a burning anger. As soon as he rushed forwards, he revolved his true essence to the limit, and a thick murderous intent surged out from his body. His saber slashed down. The saber light cut through space, directly slicing towards Xuan Wuji!



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