Chapter 496 - Under the Heavens, Who Can Stop Me?

Chapter 496 – Under the Heavens, Who Can Stop Me?

Thinking of this, Xuan Wuji viciously grinned. When he had opened the Demon God Imperial Palace’s defensive barrier array, he had intended to use it to stop them. Without his secret technique, opening the array that covered the Demon God Imperial Palace would be difficult.

Xuan Wuji had experienced failure when he first tried to open the portal to the ancient battlefield, and that had drawn the attention of all these sharks that were trying to take advantage of his efforts. After he had outwitted them, he planned to take the Nirvana Dragon Root and leave via the transmission array, trapping all these arrogantly self-righteous people in the Demon God Imperial Palace. Even if he couldn’t keep them trapped forever, he could still stall them for eight to 10 years. During that time, he could calmly summon the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast that the Demon Emperor had left behind in the world.

After he took out the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast that stabilized this broken world, this world would become even more fragile and dangerous; who knew whether or not these people would be able to make it out with their lives!

If these righteous path figures disappeared, and Xuan Wuji also obtained the Giant Leviathan, then he would be able to easily dominate the South Horizon Region and develop the South Sea Demon Region.

He could even use the Nirvana Dragon Root to quickly cross another stage of Life Destruction and have his strength ascend to new heights. At that time, the South Sea Demon Region would truly rise to the level of a medium fifth-grade sect!

This was Xuan Wuji’s immaculate plan!

However, he hadn’t thought that the Demon Emperor medicine garden’s ancient array would be formidable to such a degree. Xuan Wuji’s plan to break through it had been defeated, and his dreams had vanished into ash.

But through the twists and turns of life, dawn came after the night. He didn’t know who broke through the barrier or how, but one of those so-called array formation Grand Masters must have lucked themselves into doing so. In short, the ancient array formation had unexpectedly been opened, and Xuan Wuji had relied on his own brute strength to steal the Nirvana Dragon Root!

Although he felt that something was strange, and there was something suspicious about all of this, the truth was the Xuan Wuji had firmly obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root. At this time, he didn’t have to to think about just what had happened.

Xuan Wuji wasn’t greedy. He hadn’t thought that he could have obtained the Cosmic Melting Furnace from the start. If he could obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root and completely wash his marrow, and also obtain the Giant Leviathan Saint Beast afterwards, then his objectives would be completed.

With the Nirvana Dragon Root, he had complete confidence that he would be able to break through to the Divine Sea realm! After he reached the Divine Sea realm, he would be considered a Peerless Emperor! This was Xuan Wuji’s greatest wish and singular obsession. As long as he could accomplish this, nothing else mattered.

At this time, the transmission array was only 1000 feet away. Xuan Wuji smiled like a madman!


‘If this old man has another hundred years, then I will reach the Divine Sea realm and unify the entire South Horizon Region!’


Nanyun Wang’s attack smashed into the barrier that was created by the Enchantment Bead. However, the barrier only shook, it didn’t break!

“Break for me!”

Abbot Whitebrow attacked simultaneously. He thrust his palm out at the barrier, and countless golden Buddhist lights flashed as a golden palm crashed into the barrier with an explosive sound. The barrier suddenly sunk, seeming very fragile. There was a massive handprint in it, but it still didn’t break!

At this time, Xuan Wuji had already stepped foot onto the transmission array.

As he saw Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow attack the barrier, Xuan Wuji laughed. “This Enchantment Bead won’t be so easily broken. Nanyun, Whitebrow, did you really think that I, Xuan Wuji, would just take all these insults sitting down? I was the one who found the Demon Emperor’s letter in the ancient ruins. I was the one who spent 10 years of painstaking time and effort, and didn’t even hesitate to start a war in the South Sea, all in order to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root! You did nothing at all and yet you plan to share in the spoils of my effort? How can I possibly let you do so!? I’ll give you some advice for free. Without my secret techniques, breaking through the array formation that protects the Imperial Palace will be extremely difficult. In fact, it will be no easier than breaking through the array formation in the medicine garden! Hahaha! Nanyun, Whitebrow, I hope that I can see you break through the barrier 10 years from now!”

As Xuan Wuji spoke, Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow’s complexions became extremely ugly. They had helped in breaking through the Imperial Palace’s array formation, so they were well aware of how difficult it was. Without Xuan Wuji, it would not be easy at all.

Abbot Whitebrow sizzled with anger. He extended his palm; the Bright Buddha Palm Seal smashed down!


The barrier violently shook. Even though it took a strike from the complete strength of the Bright Buddha Palm Seal, it didn’t break, only becoming dimmer, as if it consumed a great deal of energy to block this attack from Abbot Whitebrow.

“Hehe, I urge you to save your strength. Even if you break through the barrier, it is too late for you now!” As Xuan Wuji spoke, Xuan Yuqie also floated onto the transmission array and stood by his side.

“Nanyun Wang, Great Zen Temple, wait for me. Once this old man reaches the Divine Sea realm and becomes a Peerless Emperor, I will definitely visit your homes one by one. At that time, under the heavens of the South Horizon Region, Five Element Region, Great Zen Region, or even the entire South Sea, who can stop me!? They can only bow their heads and pledge their loyalty to Xuan Wuji!”

Xuan Wuji spoke excitedly and in high spirits. This had been his dream for the past 1000 years! Now, it was close at hand and about to be realized. At this time, reveling in his glory in front of his enemies, he was fervent, overjoyed, and his thoughts were incomparably smooth!

It could only be said that the psychological pressure created by the Life Destruction stages was too great. Even with someone as solemn and scheming as Xuan Wuji, as they saw the shackles of Life Destruction suddenly destroyed in front of them, his eyes rose high in ecstasy and joy!

It had to be known that he had reached the extreme Revolving Core realm before he was 100 years old. But afterwards, the great mountain known as Life Destruction had suppressed him for nearly 1000 years. Throughout these difficult times, he was unable to release the anxiety that he had created in his heart. Once someone who stood so proudly was finally released from their troubles, the craziness from their catharsis would be even crazier than an average person.

“Xuan Wuji, you are far too arrogant! The Nirvana Dragon Root only increases your chances of successfully crossing Life Destruction! Do you really think you can become a Peerless Emperor? Perhaps during your next attempt to cross Life Destruction, you’ll be burnt to ash and die!” Nanyun Wang angrily shouted, breathless. He continuously attacked the barrier like a madman while he yelled at Xuan Wuji.

“Hahaha! This old man naturally has backup plans, it’s just that you are clueless! Do you think that this ancient treasure is so simple? I, Xuan Wuji, have been preparing to enter the Divine Sea realm for nearly a thousand years. How could I not have understood all of this!?

“The value of this Nirvana Dragon Root far surpasses your imagination! Not only can it increase the chances of crossing Life Destruction, but it can also wash one’s marrow, causing a martial artist’s cultivation to reach a higher level! However, you do not need to worry about any of this. It’s best that you figure out how to leave the Demon God Imperial Palace before this broken world collapses on top of you!”

As Xuan Wuji spoke, Nanyun Wang’s hate was so deep that he almost crushed his own teeth. When they had first entered the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had already guessed what tricks Xuan Wuji had up his sleeve, and had always been prepared. However, since he didn’t have the Demon Emperor’s letter nor did Xuan Wuji allow him to look at it, he was naturally placed in a passive position!

However, with such opportunities in front of him, Nanyun Wang had entered even though he knew all of the risks involved. And yet, he didn’t think that he would end up like this!

“Break for this old monk!” Abbot Whitebrow smashed his Bright Buddha Palm onto the barrier once again, wanting to tear apart this enchantment. At this time, there was a loud groaning sound as if the enchantment was overwhelmed and about to shatter apart.

Xuan Wuji smiled and said, “The Bright Buddha Palm Seal is truly of worthy of being called the Great Zen Temple’s highest cultivation technique. But what a pity, it is too late! I urge the Great Zen Temple to keep the ‘Great Zen Mantra’ in good condition. Perhaps in ten years, this old man might come over to take a look! It is said that the Buddhist cultivation methods can complement those from the demon path, I wonder whether or not this is true!”

“You are far too insolent! Xuan Wuji, this old monk swears to the great Buddha that in my life I will destroy all the evils demons of the South Sea!” Abbot Whitebrow had completely lost every bit of his former cool. At this time, his beard and hair were flying upwards, his expression grim, like an evil elephant.

“Haha? Buddha? What is Buddha? Does it exist? With endless power, I will become Buddha! I will be god!”

“My destiny will be controlled by me and me alone! The South Sea Demon Region’s future will also be written by me, Xuan Wuji!  I will restore the glories of the Silent Demon Emperor City of the past with my own hands! After I reach the Divine Sea realm, under the heavens, who can stop me!?”

“Transmission array, start!” As Xuan Wuji spoke, he suddenly stamped his feet. The ancient transmission array underneath him emitted a flash of light. However, this light shined for several breaths of time before dimming. A moment later, it went completely quiet.

The South Sea Demon Region Elders that stood behind Xuan Wuji stood on the transmission array, not moving at all.

“Mm?” Xuan Wuji was stunned for a moment.

The South Sea Demon Region Elders were unclear as to what was happening. But, the beautiful face of the always demure and enchanting Xuan Yuqie paled. “What’s wrong?”

Xuan Wuji panicked for a moment, but immediately calmed down. Before this, he had already investigated this transmission array and found that it could be used. He recalled the method to start the array formation from the Demon Emperor’s jade slip… it shouldn’t be wrong…

Xuan Wuji stamped his feet again, “Transmission, start!”

As if hope was dying, there wasn’t the slightest change in the surrounding scenery. But, on the other end, Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Want continued their all-out attack on the enchantment barrier. That barrier was on the verge of breaking!

In that instant, Xuan Wuji felt his body stiffen. He felt as if countless crows were flying overhead.

“Motherf*cker, just what is the problem!?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother, what’s wrong?” Xuan Yuqie asked, also nervous. Did the ancient array formation fail?

How could they be so lucky!? All this way, none of the ancient array formations of the Demon God Imperial Palace had failed, so how could this one alone have failed!?

The other South Sea Demon Region Elders felt their scalps tingling, and their knees weakening.

Their strength was limited. If this transmission array failed, then Xuan Wuji would be able to escape. As for them, this most likely meant death!

“Transmission, go!”

With one last attempt, Xuan Wuji determined that the problem wasn’t with his method to activate the transmission array, but rather that there were problems with the transmission array itself. Now, the normally calm Xuan Wuji felt sweat dripping down his forehead!

From his high-spirited mood a moment ago, Xuan Wuji had been able to see the scene of reaching the Divine Sea realm and leading the South Sea Demon Region to conquer the South Horizon Region. But now, he was helpless. With just a mere four people, how could he resist the myriad others from all the other major powers? Xuan Wuji felt as if he had fallen from heaven to hell…

“F*ck! I was tricked!”

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