Chapter 494 - Opening the Ancient Array

Chapter 494 – Opening the Ancient Array

Even Abbot Whitebrow – a third stage Life Destruction Supreme Elder who cultivated the amazing holy Buddhist techniques – had nearly died a miserable death. If it were them instead, then there was no amount of luck that would have helped them escape.

If they didn’t have the fortune to enjoy the treasure, then it was worthless to them no matter how rare and precious it was.

The Life Destruction Elders began to move towards the cave entrance. This cave was simply too dangerous to them. If there was some accident and that red light flashed into them, it would really be the day of their death! They couldn’t afford such a gamble. Not to mention that many of them were considered the backbone of their sect. If they perished here, then their sect would be in a dangerous position.

Thus, more than a dozen Life Destruction Elders immediately left the cave. They had already made a resolution that even if this was a treasure that they could eat and use to ascend to the the Realm of the Gods, and even become immortal, they still wouldn’t try to touch it!

Xuan Wuji calmly retreated back to the cave entrance. What he cultivated were the devil arts. While he had great offensive power, his defensive power was lacking. If that red light from a moment...

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