Chapter 492 - Cosmic Melting Furnace

Chapter 492 – Cosmic Melting Furnace

“What’s going on!?”

All those old fellows reached out with their perception, but were unable to detect anything.

From the sound a moment ago, whatever had happened had only occurred only two or three miles away. Even though their senses were suppressed in this world, they were still able to clearly investigate this distance. But they actually didn’t sense anything. This was extremely unusual to these old Life Destruction fellows.

“Let’s go take a look!”

All of the old fellows instantly set out. Xuan Wuji also stood. Compared to everyone he else, he seemed much calmer and unaffected. He coolly patted the dirt from his clothes and also headed over.

The two to three mile distance was crossed in the blink of an eye. As they reached the site of cry, everyone was amazed to find that at the edge of the medicine garden was a giant cave.

The cave was located underneath a common looking hill. As everyone approached this cave, bursts of roiling heat waves billowed over them, forming a sharp contrast with the extreme cold that was coming from the Demon  Emperor’s medicine garden.

As the cold and heat mingled together, even though everyone present were masters, it still made them feel uncomfortable.


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