Chapter 491 - A Vow to Break the Array

Chapter 491 – A Vow to Break the Array

Xuan Wuji sighed deeply. At that moment, he appeared to be much older.

He was already a thousand years old. If this plan failed, it meant that his hopes of reaching the Divine Sea realm were slim to none.

“Motherf*cker!” Nanyun Wang looked at the array flags that were scattered around and loudly cursed. He had originally suspected that Xuan Wuji was trying to trick him, and only used this method of breaking the array formation as a smokescreen while hiding the true method to break it. But as he thought about it some more, he realized that Xuan Wuji wouldn’t be so naïve as to think such a naïve method could conceal the truth from him and Abbot Whitebrow.

In any case, Nanyun Wang had already decided that he would not leave if Xuan Wuji was still here.

Compared to Nanyun Wang losing his cool, Abbot Whitebrow was much calmer, a solemn light in his eyes. In truth, it was relatively easy for him to cross Life Destruction. The Great Zen Temple had a very deep and historied legacy, and the Buddhist cultivation techniques and mantras caused one’s heart and mind to be much more determined and firm than one who practiced those from the demonic path. At least, if he even tried to go into closed off seclusion to cross Life Destruction, he wouldn’t have to worry about his mind losing itself in delusions.

As for the other old Life Destruction fellows from the smaller sects, they faintly smiled as they saw this, taking joy in seeing others’ misfortunes. It was uncertain that they had any hope of obtaining the Nirvana Dragon Root; it was enough that they had obtained some rare medicines. At least this trip hadn’t been in vain.

If they couldn’t obtain something, then others also couldn’t. Even the third stage Life Destruction masters from glorified fifth-grade sects didn’t have a much greater harvest than they did. Thinking of this, their thoughts were much smoother and more pleasant. Naturally, no one dared to reveal that they were thinking this. On the surface, they all had dour expressions and shook their heads while sighing, lamenting with regret at the failure to destroy the array.

Mu Fengxian looked tranquil. She had an agreement with the Great Zen Temple, and it would be to her advantage if they could obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root. But, she didn’t place much faith in such any such agreement.

On the contrary, Mu Fengxian thought that it was much better if the Nirvana Dragon Root was never unleashed unto the world. At least there would be one less life or death battle. If a battle truly occurred here, she had no idea how many people would perish. If Lin Ming was caught up in the destruction, then that would be even worse.

Xuan Wuji, Nanyun Wang, and Abbot Whitebrow still gathered around the double north and south ancient array formation, unwilling to leave. As for some of the other Life Destruction powerhouses from smaller sects, they lost their patience and began to leave, looking for more spiritual grasses and herbs along the riverside.

Although they had already swept through the area before, that didn’t mean they couldn’t have missed one or two plants. If they were able to find just one, then that would be a great boost to their wealth. Their belongings were in no way greater than a fifth-grade sect’s.

“Old thief Xuan, since your method to break through the array formation has been defeated, you should give back the treasures you received to this old man!” Since the array formation couldn’t be broken, Nanyun Wang thought that he wouldn’t have suffered a great loss if he took back the treasures he gave to Xuan Wuji.

At this time, Xuan Wuji had already placed away his morose and saddened appearance. His eyes flashed with a cold decisiveness. “A loss is a loss. Nanyun, the path to the Divine Sea realm from the Revolving Core realm is filled with countless difficulties and pitfalls. Did you think that you could instantly succeed without paying any price or suffering any defeat? How ridiculous!”

As Xuan Wuji laughed, Nanyun Wang’s eyes went cold. He glared at Xuan Wuji and coldly said, “Then do you have any other way?”

“The array is dead, but people are living. The living cannot be suppressed by dead objects. This time, if I, Xuan Wuji, cannot obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root, then I vow to never leave the Demon God Imperial Palace!”

As Abbot Whitebrow heard Xuan Wuji say such brave and determined words, his eyebrows pricked up. “Oh? Does Sir Xuan have a method to destroy the array?”

“I do not! But no matter how exquisite an array formation it is, it must have a weakness and it must have an energy supply! Otherwise, it would not have lasted so long! If we combine our forces, we will be able to destroy it. I do not believe that I cannot break through this array formation. If one year is not enough, then I’ll spend 10 years! If 10 years is not enough, then I’ll spend 100 years! Before I came to Demon God Imperial Palace, I already made plans for the worst case scenario. I made an oath to break this array formation!

Xuan Wuji’s words were like a giant steel ball that smashed into everyone. Obviously, these were true words spoken from his heart. Nanyun Wang frowned. If it was true that this array formation could be broken with ten years of time, then he didn’t mind staying here for ten years.

However, this wasn’t necessarily true. Although he didn’t have much of an understanding into array formations, he still knew that an advanced array formation like this was able to absorb heaven and earth origin energy from the surroundings to supplement its energy cycle. If their attacks consumed energy than what the array formation absorbed, then they would never be able to break through this array formation.

As for staying here for a hundred years or more, Nanyun Wang thought he heard a joke. As opposed to wasting a hundred years on an uncertain result, he might as well go out into the world to look for other lucky chances. Also, who the hell knew whether or not this broken world would collapse within a hundred years? If this world collapsed, then let alone him, but even Emperor level powerhouses would not be able to survive the massive ensuing space storm that would occur.

“Amitabha.” Abbot Whitebrow clasped his hands together and slowly said, “This old monk did not imagine that Sir Xuan’s heart would be so firm. If you truly have this intention and hope to reach the Divine Sea realm, then this old monk will also follow Sir Xuan for another ten years. Ten years later, regardless of the result, this old monk will leave. If none of us can obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root, then that only proves that I am not fated for this treasure.

Hearing Abbot Whitebrow say such words, Nanyun Wang also hesitated. Now he no longer had any other path to take, and had to wait here. If he lost his patience and left in advance, only for Xuan Wuji to really have a way to break through the array, and then lost the Nirvana Dragon Root because of this, he would really be a fool.

Thinking of this, Nanyun Wang grit his teeth and said, “Good! Then I will also follow your madness this one time. I, Nanyun, will stick it to the end!”

As the three great masters reached an agreement, everyone else’s complexions turned ugly. This Demon God Imperial Palace was protected by a massive array formation. Not just that, but the way back was filled with traps and puppets. Without these three great masters leading the way, it was impossible for them to leave!

If these three masters wanted to stay here for ten years, that meant they would have to accompany them for ten years. If they could divide the spoils, then they wouldn’t mind too much. But it was most likely that they wouldn’t even be able to split a single root hair!

Abbot Whitebrow correctly guessed everyone’s thoughts. He said, “Everyone, if you can assist us, then after we break through the barrier, you will be repaid. The two Nirvana Dragon Roots should have around 18 root hairs. This old monk makes an oath to Buddha that these 18 root hairs will be divided to you, according to your strength. Second stage Life Destruction masters will receive two root hairs, and first stage Life Destruction masters will receive half a root hair. If you agree, then let’s work together! I wonder if Sir Xuan or Sir Nanyun have any objections to this plan?”

As Abbot Whitebrow spoke, his eyes slowly panned over Xuan Wuji and Nanyun Wang. The two of them nodded.

They had already made such agreements many times. But, this was the first time that the agreement was based not on what force they were behind but only on their own strength; it seemed much more credible and trustworthy. But, many people were muttering in their hearts, wondering whether or not they would be dumped to the side when the time really came. Those Life Destruction masters from smaller sects were the most worried about this point.

However, they didn’t have any other better plan. Since they had to stay, they might as well help. If they didn’t, then those three masters might begin to loathe them. And if a fight broke out, the first ones to suffer would be them.

This way, the 20 some Life Destruction old fellows all expressed their willingness to help.

Lin Ming stood by himself in a distant corner, looking at everything that was happening. He ruefully smiled in his heart. He obviously was glad that Xuan Wuji’s plan to break through the defensive barrier was defeated. But he wasn’t too happy for so long. At this moment he could only force a smile. At this time, it was impossible for him to secretly take the treasure.

As for staying in here for 10 years, that was completely a joke to Lin Ming. Even if he knew that he could obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root by staying here for ten years, he would absolutely not want it.

Fortunately, Lin Ming did not have to worry about leaving. Less than five miles away, there was a conveniently placed transmission array. This transmission array was in a secret location; Xuan Wuji most likely didn’t know about it. Otherwise, he would have certainly chosen that transmission array to make his future escape. It was closer and far more secure.

To Lin Ming, the problem was not leaving. The problem was, after he did, just how would he deal with Lei Jingtian? If he couldn’t improve his strength, then the result wouldn’t change. After arriving to this step, Lin Ming had a faint fantasy that he could obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root, no matter how little hope he had. But, no matter how much he logically thought it out, there was no chance for him. This crowd of old Life Destruction fellows had lived for a long time. They were intelligent, powerful, and much more perceptive. Wanting to struggle with them for treasures was far too difficult.

Xuan Wuji said, “Breaking through this array formation may take many years. Let’s not hurry too much. Since everyone has consumed a great deal of strength, let’s take a rest for a day and restore ourselves to top condition. 24 hours later, we’ll combine our strength and break this array!”

As Xuan Wuji finished speaking, he moved to the side and began to meditate. In trying to destroy the array formation a moment ago, he had consumed a great deal of strength.

Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow also moved somewhere to restore their condition. As for the other Life Destruction powerhouses, some of them began to meditate, some idled around, and some even tried to test their luck look for more medicinal herbs.

There were ever some that had a bit of understanding into array formations and began to study the ancient array formation that covered the Nirvana Dragon Root with great relish.

Everyone was curious; who would miss a chance to study an ancient array formation? Moreover, what if they were able to figure out some way to open it?

In their minds, they were simply locked outside of a door. They didn’t have the key, but they could still take a wire and fiddle around with the lock. Perhaps they might be able to chance their way into opening it.

Of course, in Lin Ming’s view this was simply impossible. The probability of this was negligible enough to ignore. He had already figured out the method to open the north and south array formation, and quietly stood not too far away, appearing as if he were idling around.

These Life Destruction old fellows quickly scattered out. Some of them were even almost out of the range of the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden.

Lin Ming casually glanced around. He planned to go to the place in the Demon Emperor’s memories where the hidden transmission array was. He didn’t want the situation to happen where the transmission array malfunctioned or was out of use.

He was about to move when he heard as sudden piercing ‘chi’ sound, followed by a scream, and was instantly shocked and surprised.

Mm!? What just happened?

The other Life Destruction old fellows also immediately stood. Xuan Wuji looked over to the direction of the sound, a complex light shining in his eyes. It was unknown just what he was thinking in his heart.

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