Chapter 490 - Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array

Chapter 490 – Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array

Obviously, Xuan Wuji, Nanyun Wang, and Abbot Whitebrow had come to an agreement before. During this opening of the Demon God Imperial Palace, Xuan Wuji had the greatest role. Without him, none of them would be able to break open the array. It was also understandable that Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang had to pay some price that was within their limits.

During this time, the search for the riverside medicinal herbs had mostly concluded. Those first stage Life Destruction powerhouses also circled the array to watch the scene.

Although their hope of obtaining the Nirvana Dragon Root was slim, and most of them had the thought that it was impossible, they still had to support those on their side. Even if they couldn’t eat the meat, they might be able to drink some soup.

Xuan Wuji stood before the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden’s defensive spell, pondering for a moment. He repeatedly compared the defensive spell here in the medicine garden with the description in the Demon Emperor’s letter, and then took out a series of array flags from his spatial ring.

Every time he walked four or five steps, he would place down an array flag. Soon, there was a line of 36 array flags around the array formation.

As Lin Ming saw these array flags, he sighed in praise. These 36 Polar Sky Flags were used especially for breaking through enemy defensive array formations. Not just that, but they were extremely valuable.

But Polar Sky Flags were only used to destroy array formations, not to open them.

If one said that array formations were a lock, then breaking through an array formation was simply smashing open the lock. As for opening it, it would just be taking a key and turning it. Naturally, the effort required to open an array formation was much, much less than destroying one.

The array formation that the Demon Emperor had left behind in his medicine garden only had a protective function. Naturally, there would be a method to open it. If one followed this method, the array would easily open. However, wanting to forcefully break through it would be difficult.

This sort of ancient array formation was highly complex and unique, there was a lot of footwork put into creating it. Not to mention the clueless Xuan Wuji, but even if Ancestor Chi Yan came, who also had a bit of understanding into ancient array formations, he would only be able to stand idly by and stare without knowing a single way to open the array formation.

How could an important array formation of a sixth-grade sect be so easily destroyed? Compared to this array formation in the medicine garden, the protective one that defended the entire palace covered a length of several hundred miles, so it was much more fragile. This medicinal garden array formation only covered a radius of a few dozen feet. Naturally, it was much tougher and stronger.

If it wasn’t for Xuan Wuji having the letter from the Demon Emperor, it would have been absolutely impossible for him to think of breaking through.

Lin Ming watched as Xuan Wuji placed down the flags and compared the formation to the memories of the Demon Emperor. He combined it with his understanding of ancient array formations, and began to think about just how to open this ancient array.

In truth, this ancient defensive array was split into a north and south layer, and each one covered a Nirvana Dragon Root.

The methods to open the north and south array formations were different. But to Lin Ming, this was not a problem. He was confident that given enough time, he would be able to decipher the method to open the array.

Of course, Lin Ming wasn’t stupid enough to open the array formation. If that happened, then not only would he not be able to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root, but he would instead be interrogated about how he understood the opening method of the Demon Emperor’s ancient array formation. Perhaps these old fellows might even capture him and force him into a tool that they could use.

As Xuan Wuji placed down the 36 Polar Sky Flags, he continuously poured true essence into them. As true essence flooded into the ground, golden symbols began to light up all around the medicinal garden.

These golden symbols were the ancient array formation’s array symbols.

Above the Polar Sky Flags, another golden light flashed, colliding with the ancient array formation’s array symbols!

Xuan Wuji also knew that this ancient array was divided into a north and south layer. But, these two array formations were interlinked as one and supported each other. If he wanted to destroy them, he would have to destroy them together.

But destroying them together also meant that the difficulty would multiply.

As the energy of the array symbols and array flags were smashing into each other, a skinny old man walked out from the South Sea Demon Region side. He calmly took out an array disc from his spatial ring and tapped it with his fingers. Between his fingers, shadows began to form.

The skinny old man began to send out a dazzling series of symbols. Lin Ming could see that this skinny old man was an array master, and he was also accomplished in the Dao of array formations.

However, no matter how advanced he was down the path of array formations, in front of an ancient array formation, any master of the current era paled in comparison.

As the golden runes shot out, the golden light atop the Polar Sky Flags began to become brighter and more vivid. The array symbols around the ancient array formation began to violently tremble, and everyone squinted as they saw this scene. As for Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow, they revolved all of their true essence, waiting to take action right after the array formation was broken.

At this time, Xuan Wuji’s forehead was already dripping with beads of sweat. His voice was grim as he said, “Whitebrow, Nanyun, go and help by pouring in your true essence. Don’t think of playing any tricks this time, otherwise none of us will be able to obtain the Nirvana Dragon Root!”

As Xuan Wuji spoke, Nanyun Wang frowned, “That wily old fox is too cautious!”

To destroy the array formation required a massive amount of true essence; it was enough to affect one’s combat strength. If a battle occurred right after, whoever lost so much true essence would be at a disadvantage. Thus, Xuan Wuji had said for all three of them to join together in breaking this array formation.

Although they didn’t want to help, at this time, they had no way to refuse.

The three of them continuously poured their true essence into the Polar Sky Flags. As the three streams of true essence flowed in, the confrontation between the Polar Sky Flags and the ancient array symbols became increasingly intense. In the distance, one could see golden light shoot out in all directions like a fireworks display; it was quite beautiful and ephemeral.

This scene continuous for three quarters of an hour. These three third stage Life Destruction old fellows had to take out several high-grade true essence stones from their spatial rings, and also absorb the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy as they poured their true essence into the Polar Sky Flags.

The symbols began to vibrate more and more. After an hour passed, the ancient array formation’s defensive barrier began to vibrate.

As everyone saw this, all of their hearts went cold. Now that it seemed the array formation could break at any time, they all revolved their true essence together and went on guard. Once this barrier was broken, the several forces would come into conflict with each other. They would also be pulled into the battle because of whatever side they were supporting. As for that previous oath they made on their heart of martial arts to distribute the treasures, all of that became nothing at all.

How could a bit of damage to one’s heart of martial arts possible compare to the Nirvana Dragon Root?

As the defensive barrier shook, Lin Ming was surprised. It seemed that there were some quite valuable records about ancient array formations contained within the Demon Emperor’s letter. Otherwise, Xuan Wuji with his mere third stage Life Destruction cultivation that was only suppressed to 20%, would have never been able to reach this stage, no matter how many patchwork things he tried or how many incomplete texts on ancient arrays he read.

“Lin Ming, step back.” Mu Yuhuang whispered.

As the array formation began to increasingly tremble, Mu Yuhuang pulled Lin Ming farther away, lest he be caught up in the ensuing battle and die from the true essence shockwaves.

Lin Ming nodded. Just as he was walking back, he heard a resounding cracking sound. He looked over to see that around the ancient array formation, it seemed as if the 36 Polar Sky Flags could not withstand the pressure of the impact, and a crack appeared in a flag!

Xuan Wuji’s complexion immediately changed but he didn’t panic, “Yuqie!”

“I know!” Xuan Yuqie, who had been standing guard from the side, immediately took out another array flag that looked exactly the same as the Polar Sky Flag. She walked over and shot it in like an arrow, inserting it right near the array flag that was cracking.

With this, the array-destroying energy stabilized.

‘They came quite prepared; they even have extra array flags. These Polar Sky Flags probably cost over 1000 medium-grade true essence stones to make for every one. 36 array flags is 36,000 medium-grade true essence stones. What a waste of money. They could have opened this array formation with barely any effort, but now they have had to use such outrageously expensive array flags.’

Lin Ming sighed. If he had a way to safely exchange the method to open this array for something like a Nirvana Dragon Root’s root hair along with 36,000 medium-grade true essence stones, then he would have gladly taken this exchange.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the strength, thus he didn’t have the qualifications to made a trade with these old Life Destruction fellows. Otherwise, he would just be eaten up with nothing left. Not just that, but after this array formation opened, there would inevitably be a brutal battle. When that time came, it would be everyone for themselves. Who would still care about something as laughable as an agreement they made with a junior?

As Lin Ming was imagining the possibilities, he heard another cracking sound; a second array flag had broken.


Xuan Wuji deeply frowned, his expression becoming increasingly solemn. Although Xuan Yuqie quickly replaced the second flag, this meant that things were clearly headed in a bad direction.

After a mere half incense stick of time, a third array flag shattered!

At this time, Xuan Wuji’s complexion was already deathly pale. Xuan Yuqie was just about to replace it with a new array flag, but here was another clear ‘kacha’ sound as another array flag shattered!

In the formation of the 36 array flags, it was simultaneously disrupted on both sides. The entire true essence system immediately lost balance!

After this happened, the skinny old man that was using an array disc shook and vomited out a mouthful of blood. In an instant, seven more array flags broke; the entire array formation system completely collapsed!


As the array formation exploded, a massive amount of energy reversed and shot out, golden lights flying all over. The remaining 21 Polar Sky Flags flew out!

In the turbulent explosion of energy, Xuan Wuji, Nanyun Wang and Abbot Whitebrow simultaneously drew back. Their faces were pale and their hearts were heavy.

They failed!

Xuan Wuji’s mood sunk to the bottom. In this treasure hunt, no one paid a greater price than him! After obtaining the Demon Emperor’s letter, he had prepared for this moment for a full 10 years!

He had dreamt of using the Nirvana Dragon Root to break through into the Divine Sea realm. One day, he would become an Emperor level powerhouse and lead the South Sea Demon Region to rule over the entire South Horizon Region. However that hope was now crumbling before him!

He felt as if the world had slowed to a pause. His breath became thick in his chest, and he clenched his fists tightly. There were still 30 some Polar Sky Flags in his spatial ring, but this number was simply insufficient. If he tried to break through the array formation again, then the only outcome was failure.

Before, he never imagined that an array flag would shatter on two different sides.

When he had obtained the Demon Emperor’s letter, he had also prepared for defeat. Xuan Wuji was well aware that the path of an Emperor level powerhouse was covered with difficulties and tribulations. Otherwise, how could there be so few Emperor level powerhouses throughout the entire history of the Sky Spill Continent?

There were many Life Destruction old masters that had tried to reach the Divine Sea realm and had made all sorts of sacrifices and efforts. But in the end, all they encountered was failure. Many of them had even paid with their life. Xuan Wuji had also come here with that conviction. However, seeing this scene occur in front of his eyes, he still found it hard to accept.

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