Chapter 490 - Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array

Chapter 490 – Xuan Wuji Destroys the Array

Obviously, Xuan Wuji, Nanyun Wang, and Abbot Whitebrow had come to an agreement before. During this opening of the Demon God Imperial Palace, Xuan Wuji had the greatest role. Without him, none of them would be able to break open the array. It was also understandable that Abbot Whitebrow and Nanyun Wang had to pay some price that was within their limits.

During this time, the search for the riverside medicinal herbs had mostly concluded. Those first stage Life Destruction powerhouses also circled the array to watch the scene.

Although their hope of obtaining the Nirvana Dragon Root was slim, and most of them had the thought that it was impossible, they still had to support those on their side. Even if they couldn’t eat the meat, they might be able to drink some soup.

Xuan Wuji stood before the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden’s defensive spell, pondering for a moment. He repeatedly compared the defensive spell here in the medicine garden with the description in the Demon Emperor’s letter, and then took out a series of array flags from his spatial ring.

Every time he walked four or five steps, he would place down an array flag. Soon, there was a line of 36 array flags around the array formation.

As Lin Ming saw these array flags, he sighed in praise....

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