Chapter 489 - Two Spiritual Roots

Chapter 489 – Two Spiritual Roots

If one was able to obtain medium-grade earth-step medicinal herbs by just walking down the path of the medicine garden, then the value of the herbs at the very core of the garden could be imagined.

Along the way, Lin Ming also picked two 2000 year old precious medicines. Although they weren’t top medicinal herbs, they were still more than enough to be traded in for 1000 to 2000 medium-grade true essence stones.

“Haha, this trip was finally not in vain!”

Within the group of people, a first stage Life Destruction old man sighed. He was the Highest Elder of the Five Element Region’s Golden Bell Mountain, but among all these forces, his medium fourth-grade sect was only considered a tiny sect.

“Mm, we finally have some harvest. I also thought that this trip might be fruitless.”

All of the current first stage Life Destruction masters present were aware the only reason they could obtain these herbs was because there was the much more important Nirvana Dragon Root in the center. But even so, they were still content.

“Foggy Ice Flower, high-grade earth-step medicinal herb!” As Lin Ming was picking a thousand year old medicine, he was sifting through the leaves when he found a high-grade earth-step medicinal herb. This sort of herb was quite rare even...

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