Chapter 488 - Opening the Demon Emperor’s Medicine Garden

Chapter 488 – Opening the Demon Emperor’s Medicine Garden

These Life Destruction powerhouses gradually crowded together around the stone platform. Some of them used their perception to investigate the stone platform, and there were even some that used their hands to examine it, hoping that they would be able to trigger some sort of switch to a secret room or some other lucky chance. There were even some who suspected that this array formation was related to the Demon Emperor’s medicine garden.

However, no matter what they did, the stone platform array formation gave no response.

Those who looked couldn’t help but turn to glance at Xuan Wuji. However, they saw that Xuan Wuji had already withdrawn his sense and had passed through the corridor as if he had no intention of staying here.

These people pondered over this stone platform for a bit longer and finally gave up.

Perhaps Xuan Wuji really was just a tad curious about this stone platform, and there wasn’t anything particularly special about it. Anyway, it was best that they stayed tightly together with Xuan Wuji for fear that they would miss the medicine garden.

Thinking like this, several second stage Life Destruction old fellows first left.

But at this time, Lin Ming touched the stone platform, his hand...

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