Chapter 487 - Toxic Gray Frog

Chapter 487 – Toxic Gray Frog

As the puppet appeared, Nanyun Wang growled and leapt upwards. The saber in his hand slashed out, and a bloody light flashed with a resounding ‘kacha’, and a huge cut was opened directly in the red metal of the Giant Demon puppet’s chest.

Nanyun Wang’s blows rained down, and cracks appeared on the Giant Demon puppet’s body. Its entire body was soon cut to pieces, and then it fell onto the floor, shattering into bits.

Then, Nanyun Wang waved his hand and took all of the remains into his spatial ring. The value of this late Revolving Core puppet to a sect could be imagined. If it wasn’t for Nanyun Wang, then even Mu Fengxian would have trouble dealing with it.

After this Giant Demon puppet, there were two more that arrived.

Xuan Wuji didn’t make a sound. A dark energy flowed around his body, and his palms shined with a ghostly light as he slammed his hand down on a puppet. At the same time, Abbot Whitebrow also flourished his staff to attack the other puppet.

These three Giant Demon puppets were cleanly destroyed by these three people.

And all of the puppet remains were also taken by them.

The massive underground place was nearly 100 miles long, and it was an extremely long path to...

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