Chapter 485 - Exposed

Chapter 485 – Exposed

After sneaking past the barrier, Lin Ming glanced around to see the entry hole he went through slowly vanishing. At this rate, a human wouldn’t be able to pass through in another quarter of an hour. That meant there really was no path to escape; all he could do was tread forwards and leave through the transmission array within the Imperial Palace.

This was one of the few bits of valuable information from the memories of the Demon Emperor. The premise of this was that he could obtain some treasures and leave, otherwise the transmission array wouldn’t be that helpful.

Lin Ming sighed a long breath, and slowly walked into the Demon God Imperial Palace.

The main temple of the Demon God Imperial Palace occupied a swathe of land almost a hundred miles wide. Its peaks grazed the sky, and the inside was incomparably vast. This massive main temple was no different from its own mini country

The main temple door was over 200 feet high. On both sides of the large doors, there were great demon statues that were hundreds of feet tall. These statues were formed from blood-red rock, and they had long wings behind them. Their expressions were extremely ferocious and cruel.

As Lin Ming entered through the main entrance, he saw a...

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