Chapter 484 - Into the Imperial Palace

Chapter 484 – Into the Imperial Palace

In the central transmission array of the broken world, Lin Ming forced a smile after he read the leftover memories of the memory fragment.

The memories of the Imperial Palace didn’t have any knowledge about secret paths that could be taken, or perhaps there were never any at all. If there wasn’t a secret path then it would be very difficult for Lin Ming to go in and out of the Demon God Imperial Palace without encountering those Life Destruction powerhouses.

In this broken world, his perception was suppressed to only 200 feet. But, these Life Destruction powerhouses’ perception might even radiate farther out than 1000 feet or even 10,000 feet; it would just be too easy for them to discover him. Even if he found any treasure, he wouldn’t have his own share.

Lin Ming now knew a great deal about the Demon God Imperial Palace’s inner layout, but what he knew made him feel hopeless: the Imperial Palace was filled with endless puppets.

The Imperial Palace occupied a swathe of land over hundreds of miles long. During the glory times of the Demon God Imperial Palace, there were tens and hundreds of thousands of people milling around; these people were all martial artist.

For this number of people, there were countless...

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