Chapter 483 - White Light

Chapter 483 – White Light

The Divine Demon Thunder Soul scattered into pieces. But a blackened scorch mark was left behind on the hell dog’s claws; this was the result of the power of thunder.

After all, countless years had passed since the Demon Emperor’s soul was torn apart. The power of the Demon Emperor’s remnant consciousness was extremely weak.

The hell dog glanced at its claws and growled, baring its fangs; this was the same anger as being bitten by an ant.


The hell dog howled and rushed straight towards Lin Ming! It vowed to tear apart this little bug that had caused it pain!

At this time, Lin Ming’s vision was blurred as he had an agonizing headache as countless chaotic images entered into mind. He bit down on his own tongue to force himself awake from this aching pain. As he saw the blood-colored eyes of the hell dog closing in on him, Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with a savage color.

He grit his teeth and thrust out his hand. The Purple Flood Dragon Divine Thunder and Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder that had scattered into the air suddenly converged onto his hand, forming a purple and red spear of thunder. The torn pieces of the Samsara martial intent turned into countless tatters that swirled around the spear.


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