Chapter 482 - Crazy Plan

Chapter 482 Crazy Plan.


Chapter 482 – Crazy Plan

If Lin Ming hadn’t run across Mu Chihuo, then he would have just stayed outside of Demon God imperial Palace’s inner quarters, looking for some lucky chances on the sidelines and then safely leaving this broken world. But now, he was forced by Mu Chihuo onto this dangerous path, and a crazy thought of entering the Demon God Imperial Palace was born in his mind.

Planning on challenging a group of Life Destruction Supreme Elders that could exterminate him with a turn of their hand was undoubtedly an incomparably crazy plan. Running into the tiger’s mouth wasn’t even enough to describe the audacity of this idea.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming wasn’t naïve enough to expect that the Demon God Imperial Palace would suppress the cultivation of these Life Destruction Supreme Elders to less than 1% so that he could freely kill them.

If he had an advantage, then that would only be his understanding of ancient array formations from the Realm of the Gods.

But what was inside the Demon God Imperial Palace? What was the internal layout like? Were there secret passages somewhere? Where was the Nirvana Dragon Root?

Lin Ming was completely unsure of any of these...

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