Chapter 481 - The Desperation of Mu Qingyi

Chapter 481 The Desperation of Mu Qingyi.


Chapter 481 – The Desperation of Mu Qingyi

Hong Hong Hong!

Fire and thunder constantly smashed into the protective barrier. However, the glowing curtain of light was entirely unmoved. Not to mention that it wasn’t close to breaking, but the light it gave off didn’t even dim a bit.

In this broken world where the power of true essence was suppressed by the governing laws, Mu Chihuo’s power of fire and Lei Jingtian’s power of thunder were extremely limited. As they attacked the defensive light barrier, there was simply no effect.

After a quarter of an hour passed, they still hadn’t made any progress. Mu Qingshu had lost his breath, panting.

“You! Come and help attack!” Mu Qingshu pointed at Mu Qingyi and ordered.

After Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu had left, Mu Qingyi and the rest was simply not Lei Jingtian’s match. Quickly, they were all paralyzed by Lei Jingtian’s cultivation and locked into a cage of lightning.

At this time, Mu Qingyi’s dantian was sealed by a thunder mark; she was unable to revolve any of her true essence.

As Mu Qingyi heard such a stupid command from Mu Qingshu, she looked at him like he was an idiot. She sneered and said, “Are you stupid? You think that I would help you break through the defensive barrier? Those are the words of an idiot! Dream on! If you want to kill me then kill me!”

“Kill?” Mu Qingshu laughed, “I know that you aren’t afraid to die, but I’m also not planning on killing you. Your old life might still be useful in the future. But, if you don’t help attack, then… hehe…”

As Mu Qingshu spoke, his eyes turned to Mu Bingyun and he lasciviously licked his lips. “What a young beautiful woman, you look entirely like your big sister. Even if I can’t have her, taking you might make up for a bit of my regret…”

Mu Bingyun’s complexion instantly changed, and a chilling murderous intent passed through her eyes.

Beside Mu Bingyun, the other lower disciples were filled with outrage as they heard Mu Qingshu say this.

“You! You beast!” Mu Qingyi was angry to the point of spitting blood. Mu Qingshu actually dared to face so many disciples and say such an outrageous thing as violating a Saintess!

“Qingshu, don’t mess around right now. First kill Lin Ming and then speak! Not just that, but if we return to Divine Phoenix Island in the future, you have to watch yourself and don’t overstep your boundaries!” Mu Yanzhuo frowned and sent a true essence sound transmission to Mu Qingshu. If it was Mu Qianyu then it was different. In the past, he had tried to hurry Mu Qingshu’s engagement to Mu Qianyu because her Vermillion Bird bloodline was useful to his grandson. But now, his desire towards Mu Bingyun was purely for his own lust. The bloodline of the Blue Luan was useless to Mu Qingshu.

However, Mu Qingshu ignored Mu Yanzhuo and greedily stared at Mu Bingyun. His eyes were barbaric and filled with a violent aggression. As he looked at Mu Bingyun, his heart stirred. Mu Bingyun was frosty like an icy cloud, but she was still an otherworldly beauty. As he thought about it more and more, even if he didn’t have Mu Qianyu, it would still be an extremely pleasurable thing to be able to ravage Mu Bingyun, who looked exactly like Mu Qianyu, under him.

Mu Bingyun’s expression turned cold. Her right hand turned, revealing a shining dagger.

“You want to commit suicide? You can try, but with your true essence sealed away, we’ll have to see if you or I are faster.” Mu Qingshu smiled as he stepped forwards. It was true that in a situation where her true essence was sealed away, Mu Qingshu was absolutely faster than Mu Bingyun if she tried to kill herself. Not just that, but a knife wound wouldn’t immediately kill her. He could also heal her with medicines.

“Mu Qingshu, you are even worse than an animal!”

Mu Qingyi insulted Mu Qingshu and then aimed her palm at his face. However, Mu Qingshu easily dodged the palm and kicked out, striking against Mu Qingyi’s stomach. Mu Qingyi gave a pitiful cough and fell backwards.

“Humph, you’re just looking to die.”

Mu Qingshu coldly snorted, looking at her with disdain as he stepped forwards again. The lower level disciples were all forced back by Mu Qingshu.

As he saw the panic in the eyes of these lower level disciples, as well as Mu Bingyun’s reaction, he felt the pleasant sensation of revenge, as if he were venting all the indignation he had suffered for the past year.

Mu Bingyun held her dagger, the killing intent becoming increasingly rich as she glared at Mu Qingshu. But, Mu Qingshu appeared completely indifferent. He kept stepping towards Mu Bingyun and said, “A rose really does have thorns. I truly love your eyes. Even though your true essence has been completely sealed, your eyes still scream out that they want to kill me. How scary! Hehehe!”

“If you have to blame someone, then blame Lin Ming. He was the one who forced us to this point, making us resort to this plan. If he didn’t send off Mu Qianyu, then my thoughts wouldn’t be interrupted and I wouldn’t start thinking of you. Ah, Lin Ming is really cruel to leave you here, Otherwise, he would have helped you escape… hehe…”

As Mu Qingshu spoke, he already closed in to just a few dozen steps away from Mu Bingyun. But at this time, Mu Qingyi’s eyes flashed with an agonizing pain. She miserably said, “Stop! I promise I will help you!”


“I will help you attack the array formation together, so stop.” Mu Qingyi bit her lips. To her, Mu Bingyun was no different than her granddaughter. She could not idly watch as Mu Bingyun was ruined.

“Qingshu, come back and stop messing around, we have to consider the greater plan and kill Lin Ming. Otherwise, there is no way we will live.” Mu Chihuo naturally took the matter of killing Lin Ming as his top priority. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to break free of the bloodstain contract and their bloodline and cultivation would all melt away within half a year.

If he had Mu Qingyi’s help, breaking through this barrier would be much faster.

‘Damn old fool, he’s really ruining my fun times.’ Mu Qingshu cursed in his heart. He dared not to disobey Mu Chihuo’s orders.

Lei Jingtian stepped forwards and wrapped a rope of thunder around Mu Bingyun, completely sealing her movements; he didn’t want to her to kill herself somehow.

Then, he undid the cultivation seal he placed on Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi grit her teeth and joined them in breaking through the defensive barrier. As for what Mu Qingshu would do to Mu Bingyun after the barrier was broken and Lin Ming was killed, she dared not imagine the possibilities.

She had no choice, she simply could not watch as Mu Bingyun was ruined like this. The only hope they had of being rescued was if she managed to drag this on…

“Old bag, I advise you not to try any tricks. It will be clear to this old man just how much of your strength you are using!” Lei Jingtian coldly snorted.

Mu Qingyi felt like a knife twisted into her heart. At this time, she had no choice but to go forth with all her effort and pray that the array formation barrier was strong enough that an extra early Revolving Core martial artist wouldn’t be enough to shatter it.

“Lin Ming, please forgive me. This time I have to be selfish…”


As Mu Chihuo, Lei Jingtian, and the rest of them madly attacked the illusionary killing array, Lin Ming was actually calmly standing within the array, his heart like a lake of placid water.

In front of Lin Ming, a massive shadow appeared, trembling like a splash of water. It slowly turned solid until it formed into a 10 foot tall Giant Demon. It held a great axe in its hand, and its body was twined in thick chains. Its cultivation was at the early Revolving Core realm.

In the past, this illusionary killing array was where the disciples of the Demon God Imperial Palace would practice. It was similar to the Seven Profound Valleys’ Ten Thousand Killing Array where everything that appeared within were phantoms. Although it was similar to a real fight, one would not die.

Once one experienced the illusion of being ‘killed’, one would be expelled from the illusionary killing array.

In his present state, Lin Ming could easily defeat this early Revolving Core Giant Demon. But, after this Giant Demon was slain, a stronger enemy would appear. Lin Ming could defeat four or five enemies in a row at most before he was sent out of the protection of array formation. When that happened, the consequences could be imagined!

Lin Ming closed his eyes in concentration, removing all distractions and illusions. He carefully followed the memories of how to break through the array formation, and gradually, step by step, moved forwards.

His goal here was not to practice by killing enemies. Rather, his goal was to break through the illusionary killing array to reach the nearby transmission array. This transmission array was able to reach the center of this broken world. But, from the transmission array at the center, one could go to every nook and cranny of this broken world; one could even go directly to the Demon God Imperial Palace.

Just a quarter of an hour ago, Lin Ming had stood here and thought of using the transmission array to head to the Demon God Imperial Palace. He had hesitated, and finally decided to give up. After all, it was just too difficult to think of competing for the Nirvana Dragon Root against a bunch of old Life Destruction masters.

But he didn’t think that in this short period of time, he would actually be forced into this position. It seemed that the Demon God Imperial Palace had become Lin Ming’s only path out of this madness.


The Giant Demon illusion howled, lifted its great axe and rushed at Lin Ming. But Lin Ming only backed up one step and took three steps to the left. Suddenly, the surrounding scenery changed, and the Giant Demon illusion suddenly disappeared.

Step by step, Lin Ming closed in on the transmission array. The fading image of Mu Qianyu echoed in his mind along with Mu Qingshu’s dark and dastardly smile. Lin Ming’s mood was actually calm throughout all of this; this was only the quietness of blood. It was a repressed, silent killing intent in his heart that was waiting to erupt.

The transmission array was here!

The disciple court illusionary killing array was an important building to the Demon God Imperial Palace. Naturally it would be connected via transmission array to the center hub in order to better facilitate communication between the Demon God Imperial Palace disciples. Otherwise, within the Demon God Imperial Palace’s world that spanned thousands of miles and also had laws that limited flying, it would be extremely inconvenient to communicate.

Lin Ming placed two medium-grade true essence stones on the transmission array and started it according to the principles behind it in his memory.

A faint white light covered Lin Ming. He felt space warping around him, his surroundings blurring…


In the central zone of this broken world, a 100 foot wide altar was floating, suspended in the air. This stone altar had all sorts of symbols and runes engraved into it. These were all ancient array patterns.

Around this large stone altar, ten more smaller stone altars floated. All of these stone altars were wrapped in a layer of pale white light, it exuded a serene and mysterious feeling.

In the next moment, a dim light shined atop the stone altar. The figure of a bloodied youth appeared on the stone altar – this youth was Lin Ming.

This single transmission had crossed hundreds of miles.

Lin Ming used the Great Desolate Blood Halberd as support to stand up, and then nearly fell over again as a dizzy spell passed over him. He was currently in a very poor state.

He swiped his spatial ring and took out the second Yang Reversion Pill that Mu Fengxian had given him, swallowed it, and then sat down in meditation.

He didn’t worry that Mu Chihuo would find him through this transmission array. For this sort of transmission array, it was impossible to activate it unless one understood the principles behind it.

As Lin Ming escaped from the illusionary killing array, a crazy plan had already formed in his mind.


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