Chapter 480 - I Will Walk My Life With You

Chapter 480 I Will Walk My Life With You.


Chapter 480 – I Will Walk My Life With You

As Lin Ming burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, he also ignited his own blood essence!

If the blood of the Ancient Phoenix was burnt, it would never fade away. However, once he combusted his own blood essence, it would disappear.

Blood essence was extremely difficult to recover. But, that didn’t mean there weren’t ways to replenish it. For instance, Divine Phoenix Island had a method of making up blood essence by transplanting the blood essence of the Vermillion Bird. Once blood essence was burnt, Lin Ming could find some way to restore it. However, if he lost his life, there was no going back!

After combusting his blood essence, the flame mark between Lin Ming’s eyes began to shine with an ever-brightening incandescence.

Even though Lin Ming burnt a bit of his blood essence in exchange of power, the effect of this was much weaker than when he had swallowed the Scarlet Blood Pill. Not to mention that it was weak, but even if he had attained power equal to that of taking a Scarlet Blood Pill, at most he would be able to defeat a middle Revolving Core master; it was simply impossible for him to defeat Lei Jingtian.

And now, Lin Ming’s Heretical God Force...

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