Chapter 478 - Escape Symbol

Chapter 478 Escape Symbol.


Chapter 478 – Escape Symbol

Floating above them, this old man had sword-like eyebrows that slanted outward, and he wore a purple robe embroidered with seven stars! Around his body, countless arcs of electricity flashed, sending out faint ‘chi chi chi’ sounds. This was the intense shaking of thunder origin energy.

This person was the Sovereign of the Thundercrest Sect, Lei Jingtian!

“He’s flying in the air!”

Mu Qingyi’s complexion changed. After they had entered this broken world, they hadn’t gone far before they had lost the ability to fly and were forced to descend to the ground. But this Lei Jingtian in front of them had actually maintained the ability to fly.

This was just how formidable a late Revolving Core realm master was.

Beginning from Revolving Core, the gap between every small jump in boundaries was enormous. Passing ranks to fight someone at a higher cultivation was extremely difficult. Even Saint level talents like Mu Bingyun and Mu Qianyu would only be able to jump two small boundaries to fight after they reached the Revolving Core realm.

To them, a late Revolving Core martial artist was an invincible existence.

“When did you come in!?” Mu Qingyi clearly remembered that Lei Jingtian hadn’t been among those present when they had entered into the broken world.

“Hehe, this old man’s status is now a bit sensitive. That old fool Xuan Wuji has already blamed Lei Mubai’s death on me. Naturally, I wasn’t able to openly appear. After every large sect entered into the ancient battlefield, there were still several hundred disciples left over and they were all over the place. It wasn’t too hard for me to hide among them!” Lei Jingtian proudly said with a smirk.

“What do you want?” Mu Qingyi asked as she went on alert. She wasn’t naïve enough to think that someone like Lei Jingtian just came over to greet them.

“Hehe, what do you think?” Lei Jingtian’s lips curved in a smile, and suddenly the power of thunder in his body erupted. A vast purple net of lightning fell over everyone!

The purple lightning grid was several hundred feet wide and was extremely fast; it was like a dream.

Mu Qingyi hadn’t thought that Lei Jingtian would suddenly attack.

“Break for me!” Mu Qingyi drew her longsword and slashed out at that purple electric net.

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank and he instantly took out the Purple Comet spear from his spatial ring, thrusting towards that flashing purple net. At that same time, the Mu sisters, the Seventh Elder, and newly recovered Ninth Elder also attacked.

Chi chi chi!

Six different true essences slashed open the purple net of electricity. However, after this electric net was cut apart, it didn’t fade away. Instead, it turned into countless small arcs of lightning that rained down on everyone.

Electric light flashed, falling onto the bodies of over 20 lower order disciples. After they were struck by this power of thunder, their eyes instantly glazed over with countless scenes. Some early Xiantian martial artists weren’t able to bear this sort of crazy imagery and softly plopped onto the ground.

This was followed by the middle Xiantian martial artists, late Xiantian martial artists…

In just several breaths of time, besides the six martial artists that had strength equal to a Revolving Core master, the remaining 20-some disciples had all fallen unconscious on the ground.

Mu Qingyi’s complexion was completely dark. What Lei Jingtian had just used was a soul attack. She had already heard that Lei Jingtian had a very unique sort of Thunder Soul, named the Disenchanting Dream Light.

In legends, The Disenchanting Dream Light was a Thunder Soul that was bred within the body of an ancient thunder-attribute sea beast. Its natural ability was to destroy the soul. With Lei Jingtian’s late Revolving Core cultivation, it was simple for him to cause 20 some Xiantian martial artists to lose consciousness.

Mu Qingyi tightly gripped her sword, her forehead becoming damp with sweat. If they really battled here, their situation would be extremely bad. Lin Ming had already eaten a Scarlet Blood Pill, and it was impossible for him to take another in such a short period of time.

If someone had to use a Scarlet Blood Pill, it would have to be herself, Mu Qianyu, or Mu Bingyun.

The younger one was, the stronger their life force was. If they ate a Scarlet Blood Pill, the side effects they would experience afterwards would be smaller. If someone several hundreds of years old like Mu Qingyi ate a Scarlet Blood Pill, her situation would be perilous afterwards. Her cultivation would drop, and there was the chance she might even lose her life!

Not just that, but the Scarlet Blood Pill’s effects weren’t heaven defying. Lin Ming was a singular exception. If Mu Qingyi ate the Scarlet Blood Pill, her strength would only barely touch the middle Revolving Core realm. It was difficult to say whether or not she could deal with Lei Jingtian at that point.

“Just what do you want?”

“Hehe, I was asked by others to eliminate their troubles.” As Lei Jingtian spoke, his eyes moved until they came to Lin Ming, shining with interest.

Seeing Lei Jingtian’s vision on him, Lin Ming sneered inwardly; this old man had really come for him?

Mu Qianyu’s heart went cold and she subconsciously kept Lin Ming behind her. In this critical moment, Lin Ming wasn’t in his top condition. If they really fought with Lei Jingtian, then their side would be at a great disadvantage.

As Mu Qingyi looked at Lei Jingtian, she seemed unsure.

Asked by others?

The first ones she thought of were Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo.

Were they insane? Their hate had reached the point that they no longer cared about their cultivation or bloodline? Not to mention that they weren’t sworn enemies or anything like that. Even if they killed Lin Ming, just what would they be able to do? If they openly betrayed the sect, they would suffer the fatal criminal punishments of Divine Phoenix Island. Was this worth it?

No matter how she thought about it, Mu Qingyi couldn’t figure how any way that they could evade the punishment of the bloodstain contract.

“So that’s how it is.” Lin Ming’s face held a touch of irony. His hands turned, swapping out the Purple Comet Spear for the Great Desolate Blood Halberd. “I really am your common enemy. The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Mu Chihuo had already plotted with you long ago. You made the weaker disciples faint but didn’t harm them, this was probably at the behest of Mu Chihuo. It seems like he does have some scruples after all; he doesn’t dare to openly slaughter so many others. Our current position was also given to you by Mu Chihuo, right, Thunder Sovereign?”

Mu Chihuo was originally the leader of the Divine Phoenix Island forces. It wasn’t strange for him to have some sort of location method.

Lin Ming didn’t have the mindset of Mu Qingyi that no one would be able to defy the bloodstain contract, and thus no Elder would be able to rebel. Lin Ming had never placed any faith in this bloodstain contract. Thus, he was able to simply and clearly see things for what they were.

At this moment, bawdy laughter came from afar. In the distant ruins, two old men and one young man strolled out; the one in front was Mu Chihuo.

At this time, Mu Chihuo had a victorious expression. Behind him, Mu Yanzhuo appeared a bit grim and restless. As for Mu Qingshu, he looked extremely pleased with himself, as if he were already imagining the way that Lin Ming would die.

“Haha, boy, well said. It is exactly this old man that wants to take your life! As long as I live, all the other disciples and future disciples will submit to me. Naturally I will not harm them!”

“Oh? So you seem to have some way to break the bloodstain contract?” As Lin Ming watched Mu Chihuo’s confident expression, he didn’t know just what his plan was in the end. Even if he could break the bloodstain contract and smoothly kill him without problems, what would he be able to do? Mu Fengxian would never forgive them for this.

The only method was if he killed everyone here, silencing every witness to this crime.

However, if Mu Chihuo would kill so many outstanding talents of Divine Phoenix Island just because of some hatred, then it could only be said that he had lost all rationale and had descended into madness.

“Mu Chihuo! Are you crazy!? You want to rebel against the sect!?” Mu Qingyi’s heart burned with anger. Her eyes blazed as she glared at Mu Chihuo, wishing she could cut him to bits and pieces.

“Rebel against the sect? No, of course not!” Mu Chihuo shook his head, “This old man’s bloodline lies within Divine Phoenix Island, so why would this old man rebel against the sect? No, I only wish to take back those things that belong to me!”

“What belongs to you?”

“Power! Status! Authority! Cultivation methods!” As Mu Chihuo spoke to here, his eyes flashed with thick hatred. He had been excluded from the eight layers of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’; how could he not hate!

“Mu Qingyi, I only wish for Lin Ming to die and do not want to harm you. If you step back, I will let you leave here.”

“Dream on!” Mu Qingyi flourished her longsword, her eyes decisive.

“Humph! It looks as if you no longer care about your life!” Mu Chihuo’s eyes turned to the others, “And you? Do you wish to die too?”

There was no need to mention the Mu sisters’ decision. As for the Seventh Elder and the Ninth Elder, they did not respond. They only took out longswords from their spatial rings and quietly stood in front of Lin Ming. Their intent was already obvious.

If this was the battle from before against the South Sea Demon Region, then perhaps they would waver in their decision. However, during that battle, Lin Ming had eaten a Scarlet Blood Pill and had fought a bloody battle with courage in order to turn the tide.

On the other hand, Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo had run away at a crucial moment. Then, a few days later, they had actually looked for Lei Jingtian to deal with them. If they surrendered to the enemy and betrayed their morals here, they might as well not be human.

“Hehe, well then, I have nothing else to say. I don’t want to hurt you, but swords are blind.” Mu Chihuo took out his longsword. If it were possible, he had hoped that Lei Jingtian would have been able to use his Disenchanting Dream Light to force them into unconsciousness, but unfortunately they were too strong. The only path left now was a battle.

Mu Qingshu savagely smiled, “Lin Ming, this time you will die. Lei Jingtian, Great Elder, and my grandfather are also here. With the three of them together, I wonder just how your ragtag group of useless trash will be able to stop them! Lin Ming, rest assured that I will not kill you. I will cripple your martial artists and have you suffer a life worse than death. I will take care of Senior-apprentice Sister Mu for you, and have you watch with wide eyes as I play with her.” Mu Qingshu spoke in a true essence sound transmission so only Lin Ming could hear.

Although Lin Ming had always thought of Mu Qingshu as an idiot, he was right about one thing. There was no way that his group would be able to stop the combined effort of Lei Jingtian and Mu Chihuo.

Not to mention that Lin Ming could not eat a Scarlet Blood Pill, but even if he did eat a Scarlet Blood Pill while simultaneously opening the Heretical God Force and burning the blood of the Ancient Phoenix, he would still be suppressed by Lei Jingtian. Not just that, but he would only be able to last around 30 breaths of time. No matter what he did, he would lose!

That was just Lei Jingtian. With Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo tacked on, there was absolutely no chance of victory.

Lin Ming’s expression was solemn. If this was so, there was only one way…

His hand moved, and a plain ancient jade talisman appeared in his palm. Lin Ming lightly moved his lips, sending a true essence sound transmission to Mu Qianyu, “Has Master Ancestor given you an Escape Symbol?”

“Escape Symbol? What’s that?” Mu Qianyu was stunned.

As Lin Ming heard Mu Qianyu’s surprised words, his heart suddenly sank.

When Lin Ming had first gone to the South Sea battlefield, Mu Fengxian had given Lin Ming three pills, and also a silk bag. The three pills were two Yang Reversion Pills and a single Scarlet Blood Pill. But in the silk bag was an Escape Symbol. After it was used, it would teleport the user several hundred miles away. This extremely precious talisman was discovered by Mu Fengxian in some ancient ruins. It was no exaggeration to say that this talisman was another life.

Lin Ming had thought that Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun might have their own. But he didn’t think that he would be the only one.

This was bad… Lin Ming’s palms oozed with sweat as he held the jade talisman in his hands. He did not dare to leave Mu Qianyu here while escaping on his own…


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