Chapter 478 - Escape Symbol

Chapter 478 Escape Symbol.


Chapter 478 – Escape Symbol

Floating above them, this old man had sword-like eyebrows that slanted outward, and he wore a purple robe embroidered with seven stars! Around his body, countless arcs of electricity flashed, sending out faint ‘chi chi chi’ sounds. This was the intense shaking of thunder origin energy.

This person was the Sovereign of the Thundercrest Sect, Lei Jingtian!

“He’s flying in the air!”

Mu Qingyi’s complexion changed. After they had entered this broken world, they hadn’t gone far before they had lost the ability to fly and were forced to descend to the ground. But this Lei Jingtian in front of them had actually maintained the ability to fly.

This was just how formidable a late Revolving Core realm master was.

Beginning from Revolving Core, the gap between every small jump in boundaries was enormous. Passing ranks to fight someone at a higher cultivation was extremely difficult. Even Saint level talents like Mu Bingyun and Mu Qianyu would only be able to jump two small boundaries to fight after they reached the Revolving Core realm.

To them, a late Revolving Core martial artist was an invincible existence.

“When did you come in!?” Mu Qingyi clearly remembered that Lei Jingtian hadn’t been among those present when they...

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