Chapter 477 - Lei Jingtian Approaches

Chapter 477 Lei Jingtian Approaches.


Chapter 477 – Lei Jingtian Approaches

Xuan Wuji said, “This array formation is called a universal array. The entire array formation is a self-contained system, and the only way in which it would consume energy is if it were attacked. Normally, it can sustain itself, and it consumes a very minimal amount of energy.“

No one spoke, waiting for Xuan Wuji to continue his explanation. Obviously, he knew just what this universal array was. If he didn’t have the assurance that he would be able to break through, then he wouldn’t have paid such a high price to open the path to this ancient battlefield.

However, Xuan Wuji spoke to that point and then stopped. He casually glanced over everyone present and slowly said, “Everyone, concerning the treasures of the Demon God Imperial Palace, shall we discuss how we will be dividing them? This old man personally found the Demon Emperor’s letter within an ancient ruin, and also spent a great price to open the way to this ancient battlefield. Since I have arrived here today at this step, I do not wish to give away the fruits of my labor to others!”

Xuan Wuji’s final words came out with a sharp and intimidating burst. Suddenly, the dominating aura that belonged to a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse surged out.

The reason that he had waited...

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