Chapter 476 - Opening The Array

Chapter 476 Opening The Array.


Chapter 476 – Opening The Array

Wasn’t the scene that Mu Chihuo described just what Mu Yanzhuo had yearned for? Whether the sect prospered or not, it was key that it was tied to their own fates. The poor people of a powerful nation were often much more pitiful than the wealthy of a poor nation.

“No true man lacks venom in their hearts. If you cannot endure the pressure now and question your own decisions because of your so-called morality and ideas of honor or righteousness towards your sect, then you will never accomplish anything great. Instead, you will only be killed and become a stone for others to step on.” Mu Chihuo turned to look at Mu Qingshu and said, “What do you think? Qingshu?”

Mu Qingshu clenched his teeth, and his eyes flashed with resentment. “Great Elder, as long as Lin Ming still lives within...

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