Chapter 475 - The Traitorous Trio

Chapter 475 The Traitorous Trio.


Chapter 475 – The Traitorous Trio

At this time, within the Divine Phoenix Island forces, the ones with the highest combat efficiency remaining were Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun. If the two of them joined their attacks, they would be able to defend against a middle Revolving Core master. For such a large troop to have such a small fighting force was really dangerous. First, they had to find a safe place to recover from their wounds.

Mu Qingyi had Zhang Zhen shoulder the Seventh Elder, and carried the Ninth Elder herself. Lin Ming was held by Mu Qianyu, and together, they all launched their movement techniques and quickly left.

The long-bearded monk from the Great Zen Temple saw this and lowered his head, reciting Buddhist mantras. It was unknown just what he was thinking.

“Senior-apprentice Brother, should we let them go like that?” A middle-aged man who wore a long white robe asked. “That young boy called Lin Ming, he seems to possess some sort of secret skill that can allow one to avoid the suppressive laws of this world. If we can obtain this secret skill, then we might be able to restore our Revolving Core realm strength…”

“Junior-apprentice Brother Yuan Kong, do not try to further any disputes. Greed is simply the demon of the heart, it will corrupt your soul. Not just that, but that boy is a hidden...

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