Chapter 475 - The Traitorous Trio

Chapter 475 The Traitorous Trio.


Chapter 475 – The Traitorous Trio

At this time, within the Divine Phoenix Island forces, the ones with the highest combat efficiency remaining were Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun. If the two of them joined their attacks, they would be able to defend against a middle Revolving Core master. For such a large troop to have such a small fighting force was really dangerous. First, they had to find a safe place to recover from their wounds.

Mu Qingyi had Zhang Zhen shoulder the Seventh Elder, and carried the Ninth Elder herself. Lin Ming was held by Mu Qianyu, and together, they all launched their movement techniques and quickly left.

The long-bearded monk from the Great Zen Temple saw this and lowered his head, reciting Buddhist mantras. It was unknown just what he was thinking.

“Senior-apprentice Brother, should we let them go like that?” A middle-aged man who wore a long white robe asked. “That young boy called Lin Ming, he seems to possess some sort of secret skill that can allow one to avoid the suppressive laws of this world. If we can obtain this secret skill, then we might be able to restore our Revolving Core realm strength…”

“Junior-apprentice Brother Yuan Kong, do not try to further any disputes. Greed is simply the demon of the heart, it will corrupt your soul. Not just that, but that boy is a hidden dragon in a pool. If we offend him, then there is no choice left but to absolutely exterminate him. Otherwise, our Great Zen Temple will never have another peaceful day again. Junior-apprentice Brother, do you want our Great Zen Temple to be just like the South Sea Demon Region in the future, and also go to all-out war with Divine Phoenix Island?”

Yuan Kong was stunned. He immediately said, “Senior-apprentice Brother’s teachings are the true path.”

“As for that sort of secret skill, even if it exists, it’s not something that we can practice in a day or even a week. It won’t help us in any way. In this broken world, we must tread carefully with peace in our hearts, otherwise we will come across calamity.”

“Yes, Senior-apprentice Brother.”


The wind whistled past Lin Ming. His body was just too weak at this moment. From the very start, nearly his entire weight was being held by Mu Qianyu. Finally, he simply lay flat on Mu Qianyu and she carried him on her back.

As the scenery passed by him, a fragrant, delicate smell wafted into the air and filled Lin Ming’s senses. As Lin Ming was laying on Mu Qianyu’s soft and heavenly shoulders, at this moment, he very incomparably peaceful.

He couldn’t help but greedily breathe this fragrance into his nose and mouth. As a blurry wave of love filled his heart, Lin Ming’s consciousness began to become gradually faint.

As a faint but pleasant voice entered Lin Ming’s ear, he wanted to respond, but at this moment, it seemed as if the world itself had faded away from him…

“Lin Ming… you…” As Mu Qianyu felt Lin Ming lying on her back, she felt his hot breath scorch her collar, and a curious but exciting itching feeling spread down her back. She called out to Lin Ming, but he seemed to have fainted, and her voice couldn’t wake him.

“There’s an open area in the front, we’ll rest there. Everyone stay on high alert.” Mu Qingyi said.


As the 20-some disciples gathered in the open glade, Mu Qianyu placed Lin Ming down. At this time, Lin Ming’s forehead was covered in sweat and his lips were a pale white. In his extremely weak condition, he looked like a chicken that had been slapped around.

As for all of the surrounding disciples, their eyes were full of admiration and awe as they looked at Lin Ming.

Whether or not Lin Ming had used the special laws of this world to his advantage, the indisputable truth was that he had killed the middle Revolving Core master Lian Chengji without much difficulty. For a late Houtian realm martial artist to kill one at the middle Revolving Core realm was simply unbelievable!

If it wasn’t for Lin Ming turning the tide of the battle in that moment and forcing away the South Sea Demon Region, the consequences of that battle would have been incalculable!

It was even possible that all of those younger disciples would have been put to death!

Mu Qingyi said, “Help Lin Ming recover. He ate a Scarlet Blood Pill; he’ll be weak for a very long time.”

“Mm.” Without hesitation, Mu Qianyu took out a Yang Reversion Pill from her spatial ring and fed it to Lin Ming. As a Saintess of Divine Phoenix Island, Mu Qianyu naturally had a Yang Reversion Pill with her.

After eating two Yang Reversion Pills in a row, the effect would be weakened a bit. But at this time, the best pill was still a Yang Reversion Pill.

As the Yang Reversion Pill entered Lin Ming’s mouth, it melted into a warm current of energy that flowed into Lin Ming’s body. Because Lin Ming was still unconscious, Mu Qianyu stayed near him, revolving her energy to help him heal.

After being out of battle, the effect of the Yang Reversion Pill was significantly better.

Lin Ming’s condition was truly miserable at the moment. The Scarlet Blood Pill was a pill that overdrew one’s bloodline potential. Even Lin Ming, whose life force was incomparably formidable, was now hot and dry. His lips trembled like he had a dangerous illness.

As Mu Qianyu saw Lin Ming like this, she felt very depressed.

Mu Bingyun quietly walked over and handed Mu Qianyu a small bottle, “Senior-apprentice Sister… Verdant Ice Shard.”

Mu Bingyun didn’t call Mu Qianyu her big sister, but rather Senior-apprentice Sister. After the two sisters were born, they were sent to the Blue Luan Faction and Vermillion Bird Faction where they grew up. In addition to that, they spent most of their time cultivating; the two of them had very few chances to meet. Also, because of Mu Bingyun’s cultivation method, she had an extremely indifferent character. There was very little of the usual intimacy between her and Mu Qianyu that sisters usually had.

“Thank you.” Mu Qianyu took the bottle of Verdant Ice Shards. This was a valuable medicine that was unique to the Blue Luan Faction. It was used to nourish one’s spiritual sea, and was also a top quality medicine in treating soul injuries.

Pills such as the Scarlet Blood Pill and others that stimulated one’s potential to the limit often had the effect of driving one into a rage or trance via self-hypnosis. This would cause a martial artist’s spirit to be extremely energized, but it also might damage the soul a little.

Of course, because the Scarlet Blood Pill itself was a top quality medicine, and Lin Ming’s spiritual sea was formidable to begin with, the truth was that this damage wasn’t considered much. However, Lin Ming was very important to Divine Phoenix Island. Thus, Mu Bingyun had readily taken out this bottle of Verdant Ice Shards to cure any possible wounds.

Mu Qingyi had already placed the grievously wounded Ninth Elder down and fed him some recovery pills. This time, a reason that the situation had turned out well was because the Ninth Elder and Seventh Elder had helped. And, what was peculiar was that the Seventh Elder wasn’t even part of the Mu bloodline.

This caused Mu Qingyi to sigh. Within Divine Phoenix Island, those Elders that didn’t share the surname Mu had influence and power much lower than those that did. However, when it truly mattered in a life or death moment, Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo had both betrayed Divine Phoenix Island together.

Under the tremendous pressure from the South Sea Demon Region, the one that had steeled their hearts and joined the fray was an Elder that didn’t have the surname Mu. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming erupting with a surprising battle strength and turning the tables, then in that battle, it was possible that the Elders would have died. They might have even been completely annihilated!

It could be said that the Seventh Elder risking his life to help was especially rare.

“Elder Zhang, I am truly ashamed. Those traitors Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo actually betrayed us. For Elder Zhang to help this time, I am truly overwhelmed by your graciousness. I will never forget this. If I still have a single breath when I make it out of this world, I will speak of Elder Zhang’s deeds in front of the High Ancestor!”

Elder Zhang shook his head and said, “Elder Mu is too polite. This old man is still someone from Divine Phoenix Island. Although this old man doesn’t have many relations with Lin Ming, my grandson is actually friends with him. All this way, I have been told of many good things that I hadn’t known…” As Elder Zhang spoke, he pointed to Zhang Zhen. Zhang Zhen scratched his head, a bit embarrassed.

As Elder Zhang pointed at Zhang Zhen, Mu Qianyu also glanced at Zhang Zhen. She hadn’t known that Zhang Zhen was Elder Zhang’s grandson. No wonder that Zhang Zhen had managed to enter this broken world with his early Houtian realm cultivation, and still live up until now.

This Zhang Zhen was probably one of the most outstanding juniors of the Zhang Family. This time, Elder Zhang had probably brought his grandson to experience this world. Within Divine Phoenix Island, Elders that weren’t of the Mu bloodline often didn’t have high ambitions. Rather, they only wished that their descendants would be able to peacefully live on.

As for those Elders of the Mu bloodline, they would often struggle because of power and authority, and battles would arise from all around. In summary, those Elders that weren’t of the Mu bloodline didn’t struggle for much because they knew that there wasn’t any meaning to it, as Divine Phoenix Island wasn’t truly part of their world. But those Elders of the Mu bloodline were different. Power and authority were truly the roots of all evils and wars.

“High Master Qingyi, since the Great Elder and Third Elder left, I’m worried about what they might…” Mu Qianyu hesitated as she spoke.

“Don’t worry. As long as they aren’t mad, they won’t dare to commit a rebellious crime against the sect. They still have a bloodstain contract on their bodies. The only way they would be able to break it is if they reach the extreme Revolving Core realm, and others cannot release it. Once they betray the sect, their bloodlines will melt, and their cultivation will all vanish within half a year. Mu Chihuo and Mu Yanzhuo have already lived for 200 to 300 years; it is impossible for them to cultivate from the start again. Once their cultivation vanishes, their vitality will also dry up, and their lives will come to an end.”

Mu Qingyi was completely unworried that Mu Chihuo would betray them. In fact, in these past 3000 years there hadn’t single Mu bloodline Elder that had betrayed the sect. To completely lose their cultivation they had spent several hundreds of years developing and even compensate with their life, there just wasn’t anyone that could withstand paying such a steep price.

There had been some Mu juniors that had betrayed the sect. But, their bloodline was not rich and they were young. There were even some that wanted to purposefully melt their bloodline to cultivate devil arts. But ultimately, they had come to a tragic end.

“Take this chance to heal your injuries. And remember, everyone stay alert!” Mu Qingyi said. With Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun in their forces, as long as didn’t have to face two middle Revolving Core masters together, they would still be able to cope with it.

As the Divine Phoenix Island forces were taking this time to recover from their injuries, Mu Yanzhuo, Mu Chihuo, and Mu Qingshu were still in the wilderness, quickly walking.

Mu Chihuo was walking at the front, his expression blank. But, Mu Yanzhuo’s expression was uncertain, as if he were still grappling with his choices.

“Brother Chihuo… how confident are you in this matter? If we fail, we will no longer have a place in this world.” This was the second time that Mu Yanzhuo had asked this question.

Mu Chihuo smiled, “Brother Yanzhuo, if you are always so scared and indecisive, how will you ever have great accomplishments? If you wish to seek power and riches, then there will also be danger. If you wish to maintain some sort of ‘place’ in this world, then you will forever be suppressed by others. You will reach the middle Revolving Core realm, be stuck there, nursing your hatred until your death. Hundreds of years later, even your clan will be wiped out. And you still have plans of soaring into the heavens, reaching Life Destruction and becoming the leader of Divine Phoenix Island?”

Mu Yanzhuo was silent. He understood the truth behind Mu Chihuo’s words. However, thinking about it and laying down his determination to do it were two completely different concepts. Without a doubt, this would be the greatest gamble of his life!

If he won, he would flourish! But if he lost, he would lose everything!

So how could he not hesitate?

As Mu Chihuo saw Mu Yanzhuo’s frightened and unsure appearance, he continued to speak, “Brother Yanzhuo, you must understand that if Lin Ming leads Divine Phoenix Island into becoming a fifth-grade sect or even a Holy Land in the future, that won’t have anything to do with you or me. Instead, our clans will be pushed to the side by others until there isn’t anywhere left for us. On the other hand, if someday Divine Phoenix Island is led by you and me, then we will not need to become a Holy Land. Even if we become the lowest sort of fifth-grade sect, just what sort of scene would that be? We will be worshipped and glorified by the future generations and become characters just like the Founder. Our descendants will become even more prosperous!”


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