Chapter 474 - Continuously Killing Three People

Chapter 474 Continuously Killing Three People.


Chapter 474 – Continuously Killing Three People

The entire crowd quieted down as a hushed silence swept across the battlefield. The battle that had been raging like a wildfire had slowed by several points. A middle Revolving Core master had actually died here!

As Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming, her breathing quickened. She had already been incomparably surprised that Lin Ming had been able to block the attacks of Lian Chengji, but now, he had actually been able to counterattack and kill Lian Chengji!

In this broken world, besides those old monsters at the late Revolving Core realm and above that had gone to the Demon God Imperial Palace, a middle Revolving Core martial artist was a top master. If two middle Revolving Core masters fought, then usually one party would be defeated. But, to kill them before they could run away was extremely difficult!

And now, Lin Ming had killed Lian Chengji!

This was absolutely incredible. Even if Lin Ming had eaten the Scarlet Blood Pill, he shouldn’t have been so terrifying!

Even the usually calm and expressionless Mu Bingyun’s eyes flashed with wonder as she looked at Lin Ming, her expression filled with shock.

As Xuan Zhan looked at Lin Ming, his gaze became grim. He wasn’t any stronger than Lian Chengji. If the one that Lin Ming had attacked was him and not Lian...

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