Chapter 472 - Tragic

Chapter 472 Tragic.


Chapter 472 – Tragic

“An Elder died!”

All of the surrounding martial artists’ hearts went cold. The two sides hadn’t even been fighting for ten breaths of time, but a Revolving Core Elder had already died here, and at the hands of Lin Ming!

Defeating someone and killing someone were two entirely different concepts!

No matter what sort of secret skill Lin Ming had used, the truth was that in this broken world, Lin Ming had strength equal to a middle Revolving Core master’s combat strength!

In this situation, all of the martial artists were in increasing awe and fear of Lin Ming. It wasn’t just Lin Ming, but also Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun; it was difficult to imagine just what sort of incredible combat strength they had. If the two sisters united in their attacks, and with Mu Qingyi’s support, then they were able to keep on par with the middle Revolving Core realm Elder Xuan Zhan!

The combat strength of Divine Phoenix Island had already surpassed the imagination of many disciples. Not just that, but two Elders of Divine Phoenix Island hadn’t even joined in!

Of course, the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region also hadn’t acted yet; it wasn’t just the Lian bloodline and Xuan bloodline that were present.


After the Revolving Core Elder died, his blood essence twisted and turned...

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