Chapter 471 - Renowned Name

Chapter 471 Renowned Name.


Chapter 471 – Renowned Name


The Elder fell hard onto the ground, a wave of dust swirling in the air.

In the fierce melee, this scene was especially dazzling. All of the other sects’ martial artists were stunned; what had just happened was like a dream. A South Sea Demon Region Elder had been struck and sent flying away by a little Houtian kid?

Since ancient times there had been countless examples of Houtian defeating Xiantian or Xiantian defeating Revolving Core. But, none of them had ever heard of a Houtian martial artist being able to defeat a Revolving Core martial artist. That was something as unbelievable as a little dog trying to bite a massive tiger to death!

Mu Qingshu’s eyes widened, his expression petrified. He had been anticipating and fantasizing about Lin Ming’s miserable appearance and suffering, but he never imagined that this would be the result!

How was this possible!?

He knew that although Lin Ming was only at the late Houtian realm, he had the combat strength of an extreme Xiantian master. But the extreme Xiantian realm was still only the extreme Xiantian realm; it was far from being able to match someone at the Revolving Core realm.

For a late Houtian boy to fight someone at the extreme Xiantian realm was abnormal, but it was still within the bounds of logic. This was also a feat that the legendary Emperor Shakya...

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