Chapter 470 - Fight

Chapter 470 Fight.


Chapter 470 – Fight

A white-haired blue-clothed old woman walked forwards, standing in front of Lin Ming. She was the Fifth Elder of the Blue Luan Faction, Mu Qingyi. She was the Elder sent here to protect Mu Bingyun, and her cultivation was at the early Revolving Core realm.

Although Mu Qingyi didn’t have any friendship or much relation at all with Lin Ming, she wouldn’t allow someone to bully a disciple of Divine Phoenix Island publicly, much less the fact that Lin Ming was a talent that Divine Phoenix Island was specifically training.

Originally, Mu Qingyi shouldn’t have needed to step forwards; the leader of the Divine Phoenix Island forces was Mu Chihuo. However, she never imagined that from the beginning to now, he would turn a blind eye to everything, not having any intention to intervene.

‘That old fool!’

The blue-clothed old woman had already heard that Mu Chihuo and Lin Ming had some problems between each other, but she didn’t think their hostility extended to this degree.

At this time, Mu Bingyun also silently stood and walked over to the blue-clothed old woman’s side. Although her cultivation was only at the extreme Xiantian realm, she still had the ability to defend against an early Revolving Core master; she was no worse than Mu Qianyu.

“Oh? Is that right? And you’re going to stop me?” Lian Chengji’s complexion became increasingly cold as he looked at the blue-clothed old woman, his entire body emitting a thick and strong killing intent.

The bloody killing intent crossed with Mu Qingyi’s blue aura, and a screeching sound emitted. It was clearly heard that the old woman’s aura was being pierced through.

Mu Qingyi impressively did not give way. She took a step forwards. Although her body was thin, facing against Lian Chengji’s oppressive momentum, she stood straight and proud. “He is my Divine Phoenix Island’s disciple, how can I just let you carry him off because you want to? Simply ridiculous!”

“Hehe, since this old man wants to carry him off, I naturally have my reasons. When my grandson died, I know that there was a Houtian realm martial artist present. Out of all the Houtian youths present, this boy is the most suspicious one. Not just that, but I feel there is something strange with the true essence fluctuations coming from his face. He is probably using an appearance changing technique! What a good appearance changing technique! Even this old man’s perception was nearly tricked. If he wasn’t feeling guilty, why would he use one!? So, me carrying off this boy to interrogate him is also a natural matter! Elder Chihuo, what do you think?” Lian Chengji glanced at Mu Chihuo.

Mu Chihuo frowned. He didn’t want to speak, but now there wasn’t anything he could do. He looked at Lin Ming and coldly said, “Since there is evidence, you may interrogate him. Although he is a disciple of my Divine Phoenix Island, if he really killed your grandson, then this old man will not cover for him.”

As soon as Mu Chihuo finished speaking, he flung his voluminous sleeves and gripped the parasol tree walking stick in his hand, standing off to the sidelines.

Mu Qingshu wanted to laugh as he heard Mu Chihuo speak, he was really enjoying this chance to gloat as Lian Chengji’s killing intent covered Lin Ming. He couldn’t wait for Lin Ming to turn into an idiot. He decided that after Lin Ming’s spiritual sea was shattered, he would feed Lin Ming some medicines to help nourish his soul so that he wouldn’t die straight afterwards. He wanted Lin Ming to pass the rest of his life as an idiot.

Just thinking about this made all of his thoughts flow smoothly; it would even be better than obtaining Mu Qianyu!

‘Humph, just the middle Revolving Core realm Lian Chengji is enough to handle them, not to mention there are also several other Lian bloodline Elders. Without Great Elder Mu Chihuo, Mu Qianyu, Mu Bingyun, as well as Mu Qingyi and whoever else will not be able to save him. Lin Ming will die here!

‘Boy, for you to have provoked such a calamity upon yourself could only be considered your bad luck. The heavens have eyes. Rest assured that when you die, I will help look after Mu Qianyu for you! Even if she hates me, she won’t be able to defy the orders from the sect. I will inevitably be the one to obtain the bloodline from her virgin body!’

Thinking this, Mu Qingshu’s lips curved up in a sinister smile.

After Lian Chengji heard that Mu Chihuo wouldn’t intervene, he drily smiled. It seemed that this boy was really unpopular.

He looked at Mu Qingyi and said, “Didn’t you hear Elder Chihuo’s words? I advise you to smarten up and not try to fight a hopeless battle, otherwise your old bones might not be able to resist being tossed around!”

As Lian Chengji spoke, his killing aura became increasingly thick. At this time, three Revolving Core Elders also stood up; they were Lian bloodline clansmen from the South Sea Demon Region.

As for the other bloodline families of the South Sea Demon Region, none of them stood up. Between the clans of the South Sea Demon Region, there was a great deal of friction as well as some benefits. Lian Jie was a talented junior of the Lian bloodline, so naturally this situation should be resolved by Lian Chengji. Only if things came down to a true life or death war would the Elders from the other families decide to act.

As the three early Revolving Core Elders stood up, in addition to Lian Chengji’s middle Revolving Core realm, there were four Elders there. As their auras all broke out, it was a weight that Divine Phoenix Island was almost unable to withstand.

As the other sects saw that the situation was becoming increasingly volatile and tense, none of them dared to make a sound. As for the Black Flood Dragon Clan and the Thundercrest Sect, they had the mentality to step back and enjoy the fun.

“Hehe, Divine Phoenix Island really has shit luck this time. From Lian Chengji’s words, it seemed that his grandson was killed by Divine Phoenix Island!”

“That boy is dead. But, he does have some skill. In the face of Lian Chengji’s all out oppressive momentum, he’s not even budging. But since it’s like this, that just means he will die faster.” A Thundercrest Sect Elder crowed. He had been one of the ones that had entered Revered Master Tianguang’s banquet competition. He had never forgotten the hatred in his heart after the entire Thundercrest Sect had been done in and humiliated by Divine Phoenix Island.

Of those from the Thundercrest Sect that had come to this broken world, many of them were disciples that had participated in Revered Elder Tianguang’s banquet. One of them tipped his eyebrows and muttered, “Lian Chengji thinks that this boy has changed his appearance? He is just at the late Houtian realm but his strength is already so formidable. If he changed his appearance, then could it be Lin Ming?

With these words, all of the surrounding people were stunned. Lin Ming!?

With no time to think, Lian Chengji coldly snorted and then stepped forwards. His right hand formed a claw, and his entire body emitted surging waves of blood. “You think you can stop me with just you? How preposterous!”


The earth shattered and bloody sand billowed in the air. Mu Qingyi only felt a strong force approach as a vortex of blood formed around her.

“Blooming Blue Lotus!”

Mu Qingyi cut down with her sword, and a road of icy blue crystals appeared in the air, slicing towards the maelstrom of blood, wanting to tear it apart.

However, the gap in their cultivation began to display itself. Liang Chengji grasped out with his right hand, and a red claw made of true essence formed in the air, smashing down on Mu Qingyi!

That bloody claw seemed as if it was about to suck in all the blood from everywhere. Such a powerful distortion force made Mu Qingyi go pale. At this time, a voice resounded near her ears.

“Blue Luan Sword, Fragmented Ice Cloud!”

Mu Bingyun was expressionless as she stepped forwards, the four foot long Blue Luan Sword in her hands slashing straight out. There was also the clear sound of shattering crystals as icy blue ripples filled the air above the blade, like ripples in a clear lake.

In the meantime, Mu Qianyu also moved. With a resonant phoenix cry, a brilliant wave of fire came soaring down, filling the air with raging fire-attribute true essence.

As the two masters’ true essence weaved together, there was a rumbling sound. As all the weaker martial artists saw this, they began to retreat far, far away!

“They’re really going to fight.

“Divine Phoenix Island’s strength doesn’t match up, and they also have internal conflicts. I think that boy is already finished.”

“It’s a pity. He’s a genius, but his cultivation is only at the Houtian realm.”

As the disciples from the sects began to discuss the situation, there was a sense of pity. As for those that had participated in Revered Master Tianguang’s banquet, they were all silent. A single question haunted their minds: was this boy Lin Ming?

“Let’s attack together!”

“Humph! Since they really want to fight a useless battle, waste the boy and then search his soul afterwards!”

The four Elders of the Lian bloodline attacked together!

“Are you not going to do anything!?” Mu Qingyi angrily shouted behind herself as she chopped out blades of sword energy. Of the Divine Phoenix Island Elders that had come to this broken world, besides Mu Yanzhuo, Mu Chihuo, and Mu Qingyi, there were also two other early Revolving Core Elders present.

They also didn’t have a friendship with Lin Ming. They were waiting to see how the situation developed and hoping not to fight, but now that things had come this far, they could only brace themselves and join the fray.

Bloody sand billowed and true essence shockwaves surged forth. With the two large sects fighting each other, almost 10 Revolving Core strength masters were engaged in a brutal melee; the scene was horrific!

Lian Chengji was facing the combined force of Mu Qianyu, Mu Bingyun, and Mu Qingyi by himself.

“Boy, I’ll see who helps protect you now in the midst of battle!” In this melee, a South Sea Demon Region Elder approached Lin Ming. Both of his hands were formed into claws, and waves of blood boiled around him.

“Be careful!” Mu Qingyi cried out in alarm. However, she wasn’t able to get away from her current battle.

As for Mu Qingshu, he was wild with a savage joy. This was the moment he had been waiting for! His heart cried out. Kill him! Let him die! Ruin him!

In that instant, all of the bloody sand around Lin Ming was stirred up by true essence, forming a red storm around him. Lin Ming felt his body go light, as a huge attracting force acted on him, wanting to tear his body apart.

In this storm, Lin Ming’s expression was calm. His gaze was like the stars shining in the deep depths of the nine layered abyss, his stare breathtaking.

“Primeval Halberd Strike!”

His body was light, and his hands gripped the halberd, thrusting out! At this time, the Great Desolate Blood Halberd seemed to have turned into an archaic and brutal blood python as it shot forwards! Fourteen Blood Drinking Seals roared atop the halberd blade, forming a violet vortex of chaotic energy!

Among these 14 Blood Drinking Seals, one of these shined like flames, sending out a savage and beautiful red light. This Blood Drinking Seal was the one that had been formed from the blood essence of the black-clothed old man. And in this broken world, the power of the Blood Drinking Seals was completely unfettered by the suppressive laws that ruled this land!

The massive primal vortex brought along a swallowing force; it collided with the bloody storm!


There was a loud explosion as the land was torn apart, bloody sand blasting into the air like volcanos exploding, rising thousands of feet high! The bloody storm of sand that the South Sea Demon Region Elder had sent out was completely swallowed by Lin Ming’s terrifying vortex!


The South Sea Demon Region Elder had thought that his casual strike would be able to easily destroy Lin Ming. But he never thought that this stroke of his would be deflected like this instead! For a time, his mind went blank!


Lin Ming continued without pause. The Great Desolate Blood Halberd carried the 14 Blood Drinking Seals as the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder crawled over it. This attack cut across space!

In that moment, Lin Ming’s hair flew out recklessly. As black silk fluttered around him, he was like a world-destroying god of war!

“You bastard!” The South Sea Demon Region Elder recovered from his moment of surprise. In a panic, he slashed out with his sword!


The land collapsed and a storm of true essence shot up into the sky. Crimson thunder shot out in all directions.

Everyone present couldn’t believe their eyes. The South Sea Demon Region Elder’s protective true essence was shattered. He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body was sent soaring backwards…


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