Chapter 470 - Fight

Chapter 470 Fight.


Chapter 470 – Fight

A white-haired blue-clothed old woman walked forwards, standing in front of Lin Ming. She was the Fifth Elder of the Blue Luan Faction, Mu Qingyi. She was the Elder sent here to protect Mu Bingyun, and her cultivation was at the early Revolving Core realm.

Although Mu Qingyi didn’t have any friendship or much relation at all with Lin Ming, she wouldn’t allow someone to bully a disciple of Divine Phoenix Island publicly, much less the fact that Lin Ming was a talent that Divine Phoenix Island was specifically training.

Originally, Mu Qingyi shouldn’t have needed to step forwards; the leader of the Divine Phoenix Island forces was Mu Chihuo. However, she never imagined that from the beginning to now, he would turn a blind eye to everything, not having any intention to intervene.

‘That old fool!’

The blue-clothed old woman had already heard that Mu Chihuo and Lin Ming had some problems between each other, but she didn’t think their hostility extended to this degree.

At this time, Mu Bingyun also silently stood and walked over to the blue-clothed old woman’s side. Although her cultivation was only at the extreme Xiantian realm, she still had the ability to defend against an early Revolving Core master; she was no worse than Mu Qianyu...

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