Chapter 469 - Arrogance

Chapter 469 Arrogance.


Chapter 469 – Arrogance

Lian Chengji’s eyes had already locked onto a Houtian realm martial artist from the Verdant Wood Sect. He didn’t believe that a mere Houtian realm martial artist had the ability to kill his grandson, but if he could find the Houtian martial artist that had been present at the time of the murder, then he would be able to find out just who the murderer was.

“You, come over here!”

Lian Chengji pointed at the Houtian martial artist and his entire body overflowed with killing intent. He was originally a martial artist from the South Sea Demon Region, and his path in life had involved the wholesale massacre of countless lives. His killing intent was able to nearly manifest into reality. If he sent it out like it was now, it wasn’t a force that a Houtian realm martial artist could resist.

Let alone the Houtian martial artist that was noticed by Lian Chengji, even some Xiantian martial artists were frightened. They cast their eyes down, not even daring to breathe in this suppressive atmosphere.

“Humph!” Seeing that the martial artist’s legs had already become weak, Lian Chengji coldly snorted and then stepped forwards. He reached out his hand and a massive suction force appeared out of nowhere, directly catching that Houtian martial...

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