Chapter 469 - Arrogance

Chapter 469 Arrogance.


Chapter 469 – Arrogance

Lian Chengji’s eyes had already locked onto a Houtian realm martial artist from the Verdant Wood Sect. He didn’t believe that a mere Houtian realm martial artist had the ability to kill his grandson, but if he could find the Houtian martial artist that had been present at the time of the murder, then he would be able to find out just who the murderer was.

“You, come over here!”

Lian Chengji pointed at the Houtian martial artist and his entire body overflowed with killing intent. He was originally a martial artist from the South Sea Demon Region, and his path in life had involved the wholesale massacre of countless lives. His killing intent was able to nearly manifest into reality. If he sent it out like it was now, it wasn’t a force that a Houtian realm martial artist could resist.

Let alone the Houtian martial artist that was noticed by Lian Chengji, even some Xiantian martial artists were frightened. They cast their eyes down, not even daring to breathe in this suppressive atmosphere.

“Humph!” Seeing that the martial artist’s legs had already become weak, Lian Chengji coldly snorted and then stepped forwards. He reached out his hand and a massive suction force appeared out of nowhere, directly catching that Houtian martial artist in his hand.


The disciple cried out in panic, his expression turning white as snow!


With a light sound, Lian Chengji opened a scroll painting; the image on it was Lian Jie.

“Have you seen him?”

Lian Chengji’s voice was absolutely cold as he showed the scroll painting to the disciple.

The poor disciple was terrified. His entire body shook and his voice quivered as he said, “No… no I haven’t…”

“You haven’t? Hehe, then don’t blame me!”

Lian Chengji slapped his palm down on the disciple’s head and true essence suddenly surged downwards, directly shattering that disciple’s spiritual sea into pieces. This was the Soul Searching Technique.

The Soul Searching Technique was one of the cruelest and most malevolent demonic path secret skills. Once it was used, it would turn someone directly into a hapless idiot, or they might even die on the scene.

The disciple futily grabbed onto Lian Chengji’s hand. His body began to violently shake like an epileptic. His face turned white like paper, and two rivers of blood flowed from his nostrils.

As the other lower disciples saw this, they also paled in fright. But those from the Verdant Wood Sect actually didn’t dare to make a sound. Their Revolving Core Elder Ancestor had already perished within the bloody wilderness just a moment ago! In this broken world, true essence was thoroughly suppressed; they could only use a mere 20% of their original strength. If one couldn’t fly, then escape was difficult. Thus, many Revolving Core Elders had died because of this reason!

Let alone that their Elder had already died, but even if he was still living, he was in no way Lian Chengji’s match.

Now, within the entire group left over of the Verdant Wood Sect, the strongest one was an extreme Xiantian master. In front of Lian Chengji, they weren’t even worth a fart. No matter what Lian Chengji did, even if it was the Soul Searching Technique on one of their fellow disciples, they didn’t have the strength to resist. Many of them were even hoping that Lian Chengji would finish his Soul Searching Technique quicker and leave, so that a calamity wouldn’t befall them too.

“Humph, you really don’t know, what waste!” As Lian Chengji finished, he casually threw away the disciple like a dead dog. That disciple was bleeding from all over his head, his body was still quaking, and his eyes had turned completely white. He wasn’t likely to live much longer.

There weren’t masters present on the level of Lian Chengji. The Great Zen Temple’s long-bearded monk and Divine Phoenix Island’s Great Elder Mu Chihuo all remained silent, turning a blind eye to this tragedy.

“He is too arrogant!” As Lin Ming saw this, he grimaced.

“Lin Ming, don’t be impulsive.” Mu Qianyu couldn’t help but caution Lin Ming. Getting into a conflict with Lian Chengji at this time was not wise.

“Mm, I know.” Lin Ming’s voice was calm. But in his heart, he was already estimating Lian Chengji’s strength. Since he came to the exit of the bloody wilderness, he found that his true essence had been suppressed by another 5%, and now he had only 20% of his true essence strength left. As he evaluated himself, he also had a newly-minted Revolving Core level Blood Drinking Seal, and the Blood Drinking Seals had the ability to completely disregard the suppressive rules of this world!

With this advantage, would he be able to fight?

Lin Ming lacked full confidence in his mind. After all, Lian Chengji was a middle Revolving Core realm master, and he had an extremely profound heritage of abilities to draw from. As for what the limit of his strength was, it was hard to say!

“Rest assured, it’s impossible for Lian Chengji to look for us due to some unfounded speculation. Although Divine Phoenix Island is currently weaker than the South Sea Demon Region, if we really fought, then the South Sea Demon Region would also fear us. There is still the Great Zen Temple that is trying to snipe them from the side. If we fight, the ones to benefit won’t be them – there’s no way they would do that.” Mu Qianyu said. But, even she didn’t know that Lian Chengji was finding clues about the murderer based on cultivation. If she knew, there was no way she would be so relaxed.

This time, Lian Chengji turned to a Houtian realm martial artist from the Deep Earth Sect. The disciple was immediately frightened and he turned ashen. “Senior, mercy, mercy, please forgive me, this useless one doesn’t know anything, I have never seen that man before!”

Lian Chengji sneered, “Whether you have seen or not, I will still search your soul for proof!”


The disciple screamed in despair, then turned around and tried to escape. However, in front of a middle Revolving Core master, trying to escape was just fooling himself.

Liang Chengji reached out his hand and directly caught that Deep Earth Sect disciple; he used the Soul Searching Technique!

All of the other Deep Earth Sect martial artists didn’t dare to step forwards to protect their fellow disciple. Even those other fellow apprentices that had good relations were silent. A chill thrummed in the air, and their eyes turned to the side. They feared that if they got involved in this mess, then the one to die next would be them!

Seeing this, Lin Ming’s complexion sunk. Two continuous times, Lian Chengji had looked for a smaller sect’s Houtian martial artist. The smaller sect he could understand, as he didn’t yet dare to bully someone from a larger sect, but why would he only look for a Houtian martial artist?

Could it be…

Lin Ming gasped. Before, he had only considered the question of whether the spell would record appearances. But what if the spell could also record cultivation?

Lin Ming didn’t have the ability to hide his cultivation. Even in front of Lian Chengji, whose true essence was suppressed to 20%, his appearance changing technique was barely able to hold on.

As he turned to look at Mu Qianyu, she had also realized this. Her complexion was grim.

“Humph, also a waste!” Lian Chengji tossed aside that Deep Earth Sect disciple that had been turned into an idiot. Then his eyes turned to Divine Phoenix Island and the Great Zen Temple.

There were only three Houtian realm martial artists left, and all of them belonged to these two forces.

These two forces were particularly difficult to deal with, especially Great Zen Temple. Their overall strength wasn’t any worse than the South Sea Demon Region’s!

As for Divine Phoenix Island, their current strength was only around half of the South Sea Demon Region’s, so he could still bully them with his strength.

Not only had Lian Jie been Lian Chengji’s grandson, but he was also one of the greatest talents of the Lian bloodline. It was impossible for Lian Chengji to let him perish here in such an unjust manner, otherwise his thoughts would never be clear. There had only been five Houtian realm martial artists present, so how could he not try to find out just who had killed his grandson?

He first turned to Divine Phoenix Island’s side and his eyes locked onto Lin Ming. “You, have you seen the person on this scroll painting?”

Facing this suppressive aura, Lin Ming remained unmoved. With only 20% of his aura left over, even if it was released by a middle Revolving Core realm master, it was nothing to Lin Ming!

His expression was the same as he said, “I have not seen nor do I know!”

“Right…” Lian Chengji sneered, but he was secretly shocked. This boy wasn’t frightened at all by his aura?

The two martial artists before had been frightened to the point that they had also dropped to their knees from shaking. Lian Chengji’s path was a killing path, and his killing intent was thick and ominous; it wasn’t something that a Houtian martial artist could resist!

But Lin Ming remained calm throughout!

This boy!

Lian Chengji grit his teeth. He could faintly feel that there was something wrong with Lin Ming’s face, as if there was something there blocking his perception.

Mm? There was definitely something suspicious about this boy!

Lian Chengji had a premonition that this boy was absolutely related to his grandson’s death!

“Humph! Whether you know or not is unimportant. Come back with this old man, this old man naturally has the means to make you think about it!”

Facing Divine Phoenix Island, Lian Chengji didn’t dare to recklessly use the Soul Searching Technique. But, even taking a step back, he would still bring Lin Ming away.

The truth was that this was only to give Divine Phoenix Island’s Elders a way out. Once Lin Ming really did go back with him, he would certainly die.

Lian Chengji was taking advantage of his strength and position to bully Divine Phoenix Island, forcing them to hand over Lin Ming.

Facing this scene, Great Elder Mu Chihuo grabbed his own walking stick, lowering his head in thought. As for Third Elder Mu Yanzhuo, his eyes moved, but he didn’t seem to want to intervene.

As for Mu Qingshu, as he saw this scene, his heart went wild with joy!

He had never dreamt that something so fantastic and lucky would happen. This dark star Lian Chengji had actually decided to look for Lin Ming!

This was simply a wonderful dream!

‘Search his soul! Turn him into an idiot!

‘Search his soul! He definitely has to search his soul! Make him die! Give him a life worse than death!’

Mu Qingshu hated Lin Ming to the extreme. He cried out in his mind. He was even willing to exchange 50 years of his life to turn Lin Ming into an idiot!

“Grandfather, if a fight really breaks out, don’t help. Let him turn Lin Ming into an idiot!” Mu Qingshu’s face was hideous as he spoke with a true essence sound transmission. Because of the limitations of the bloodstain contract, he wasn’t able to directly deal with Lin Ming. But in a situation like this, not doing anything was the best course of action. After all, if he had to sacrifice Lin Ming to protect the sect, how could that be betraying the sect?

As he thought about Lin Ming’s future in which he couldn’t even eat food by himself, or pee or shit on his own, and constantly have that stupid dull-witted and blank appearance on his face, Mu Qingshu couldn’t restrain the overwhelming ecstasy in his heart from leaking out.

Mu Yanzhuo glanced at his grandson as if he wanted to say something, but eventually remained silent. Today, if he let Lian Chengji do whatever he wished to deal with Lin Ming, Divine Phoenix Island would have no face left. But, if he didn’t do anything, he could remove Lin Ming as an enemy, and his grandson might be able to obtain the bloodline within Mu Qianyu’s body. In this case, losing facing wasn’t anything great at all.

Not just that, sacrificing Lin Ming was also justified. In terms of power they would lose to the South Sea Demon Region. This could be considered giving up a rook to save the kind.

As for a future in which Lin Ming might become an Emperor level powerhouse and lead Divine Phoenix Island into becoming a Holy Land, Mu Yanzhuo didn’t care at all. Not to mention the chances of such a thing happening, but even if it did and Divine Phoenix Island became a Holy Land, it would be ruled by Lin Ming and Mu Yuhuang’s bloodlines. What else would he be able to obtain from that? Under Lin Ming’s shadow, his faction’s influence would only become increasingly weak, up to the day that they were completely ruined!

Mu Yanzhuo didn’t wish to see this.

At that moment, Mu Yanzhuo decided – he would not help.

“Lian Chengji, don’t go too far!”

As a deep voice sounded out, a surge of crimson aura appeared between Lin Ming and Lian Chengji, blocking Lian Chengji’s aura. However, this was just barely. Obviously, this person’s cultivation was much lower than Lian Chengji’s.


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