Chapter 468 - Nameless Manual

Chapter 468 Nameless Manual.


Chapter 468 – Nameless Manual

“Let’s go. It’s not a good idea to stay here any longer.” Lin Ming said.

“Mm!” Mu Qianyu rolled her long sleeves up and directly took the Blood Ghost Flowers into her spatial ring. Like this, the two of them immediately left the scene.

After they fled dozens of miles away, Lin Ming slowed down and finally stopped. He turned to Mu Qianyu and said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, let’s use our appearance changing technique again.”

Since the big-headed youth had a spell on him that was able to record the appearances of those that killed him, they would use Bi Luo’s appearance changing technique. With this technique, they could change appearance, sound, or even temperament.

The reason that Lin Ming had killed the black-clothed old man and the big-headed youth was that he didn’t want to cloud his thoughts by not doing so. Lin Ming didn’t want to swallow an insult and then forever watch out for a knife to his back. But after the killing, he had to completely clean up the aftermath of his actions.

Mu Qianyu also had this idea; she didn’t want to have any conflict with the South Sea Demon Region.

Since their appearances were recorded, not only did they have to change their looks, but also change their clothes. If they had changed their appearances and ended up getting caught and exposed because their clothes were...

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