Chapter 468 - Nameless Manual

Chapter 468 Nameless Manual.


Chapter 468 – Nameless Manual

“Let’s go. It’s not a good idea to stay here any longer.” Lin Ming said.

“Mm!” Mu Qianyu rolled her long sleeves up and directly took the Blood Ghost Flowers into her spatial ring. Like this, the two of them immediately left the scene.

After they fled dozens of miles away, Lin Ming slowed down and finally stopped. He turned to Mu Qianyu and said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Mu, let’s use our appearance changing technique again.”

Since the big-headed youth had a spell on him that was able to record the appearances of those that killed him, they would use Bi Luo’s appearance changing technique. With this technique, they could change appearance, sound, or even temperament.

The reason that Lin Ming had killed the black-clothed old man and the big-headed youth was that he didn’t want to cloud his thoughts by not doing so. Lin Ming didn’t want to swallow an insult and then forever watch out for a knife to his back. But after the killing, he had to completely clean up the aftermath of his actions.

Mu Qianyu also had this idea; she didn’t want to have any conflict with the South Sea Demon Region.

Since their appearances were recorded, not only did they have to change their looks, but also change their clothes. If they had changed their appearances and ended up getting caught and exposed because their clothes were the same, it would truly be stupid on their part.

Lin Ming quickly stripped down and took out a new set of clothes from his spatial ring to wear. He casually tossed his old clothes to the side and burnt them away.

As he turned around to glance at Mu Qianyu, he saw that she had formed a curtain of fire origin energy, completely covering her body from view and hiding everything behind.

A woman would naturally be slower at changing clothes. After Mu Qianyu came out, she had switched into a long blue dress and seemed filled with a spring freshness, with a bit of fragrant cloying flavor. The slim fit dress perfectly outlined Mu Qianyu’s elegant and sumptuous figure, causing Lin Ming’s eyes to brighten at the sight. Although Mu Qianyu was beautiful, the women of Sky Spill Continent usually preferred loose clothing that obscured their body; it wouldn’t be so stunning like it was now.

Mu Qianyu walked over to Lin Ming, leaving a sweet wind behind her. Between the two of them, although they didn’t have many feelings of exchange, the seeds of their sentiment had quickly begun to bud in their hearts.

The bloody wilderness didn’t have any true dangers. As they made their ways forwards, there was nothing that blocked their path. But, they didn’t encounter a lucky chance such as the Blood Ghost Flowers again.

Lin Ming used the free time to examine and organize all the items within the black-clothed old man and the big-headed youth’s spatial rings. The two of them were important individuals of their sect and were naturally wealthy.

There was a massive number of medium-grade true essence stones as well as many high quality treasures. Although they were not of much useful to Lin Ming, if they were exchanged for true essence stones, they would be worth a great deal.

Lin Ming placed these objects in another spatial ring. At this time, among all the other miscellaneous objects, Lin Ming found a manual that seemed to have been passed down for a number of years. The manual was black and had no title. Although some of the pages had been torn out, they had all been bound back again.

“Mm… this is…” Lin Ming flipped open the manual and found that the contents inside were records of all sorts of heavenly treasures and materials that had long since vanished from the Sky Spill Continent. If his guess wasn’t wrong, then this was an ancient text of the Demon Region. The history of Silent Demon Emperor City was much longer and more magnificent than Divine Phoenix Island; it wasn’t strange that they would have a great number of ancient texts.

As Lin Ming browsed through the pages, he found that a page in the middle had been intentionally folded. When he opened it, he found that the treasures drawn within were something similar to a common ginseng. It was only that the root hairs were much thicker and meandering like a dragon. Next to this image were small lines of dense characters. On top, the first three words were – Nirvana Dragon Root.

Lin Ming’s mind stirred and his breath quickened. As he read the note below the image, his fingers subconsciously clenched the pages.

“Nirvana Dragon Root is a miracle medicine from the memory of the Supreme Elders from the Realm of the Gods that is used in Tempering Marrow. Could something like the Nirvana Dragon Root really exist within the Sky Spill Continent?”

Lin Ming had believed with good cause that this and other wonderful medicines from the Realm of the Gods would be impossible for him to obtain, no matter what sort of good fortune he had. Thus, he could only look for substitutes to use for Tempering Marrow.

Even within the Realm of the Gods, the Nirvana Dragon Root had a sky-high price. The Nirvana Dragon Root had a very long lifespan. It could life for tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of years! But, for the Nirvana Dragon Root to be an effective medicine for Tempering Marrow, it had to be above ten thousand years old!

This also increased the threshold of Body Transformation. And relative to the law formulas of Body Transformation, it was much simpler than walking the essence gathering path of the Xiantian, Revolving Core, and Divine Sea realms.

“Is the treasure within the Demon God Imperial Palace the Nirvana Dragon Root?”

Lin Ming suddenly had this idea. Otherwise, there was no way that the black-clothed old man would have this ancient manual in his spatial ring and also have especially folded it at this page. He probably had the idea that he might be lucky and thus thoroughly studied this treasure in advance. If he could obtain some benefits from this, that would be best. But, if he couldn’t, that wouldn’t be a loss either.

Lin Ming turned to Mu Qianyu and asked, “Senior-apprentice Sister, when Master Ancestor went to the Demon God Imperial Palace, did she tell you what would be found inside?”

Mu Qianyu shook her head and said, “Master Ancestor wasn’t too clear on what would be found within the Demon God Imperial Palace. But she deduced that it was some sort of heavenly treasure or material that would be able to increase the chances of a Revolving Core master crossing the stages of Life Destruction. Otherwise, there was no way that so many great Life Destruction masters would gather together within the South Sea.”

The Nirvana Dragon Root had been recorded within the Demon Emperor’s personally written letter. Although Xuan Wuji and Xuan Yuqie had announced this matter already, they had only told it to the Elders of the South Sea Demon Region. They naturally wouldn’t spread this news to those outside. As for those like Nanyun Wang and Mu Fengxian, they had probably obtained some sort of news, but weren’t sure about the exact situation.

However, even if there was such a great treasure located within the Demon God Imperial Palace, it wasn’t something that the likes of Lin Ming could ever come into contact with no matter how far he stretched his toes. Thus, no matter whether the Demon God Imperial Palace had been opened or not, he wouldn’t miss anything at all.

Lin Ming stared at this nameless manual and quietly thought to himself, ‘This broken world has already had more than one connection to the Realm of the Gods. For instance, the transmission array as well as the vicious beasts in the ancient forest. It wouldn’t be strange if there were also heavenly materials from the Realm of the Gods here! This Nirvana Dragon Root can live for an extremely long time, and is nearly impossible to cultivate even in a great sect. But in this broken world, it might have existed for over tens of thousands of years. If this Nirvana Dragon Root really exists, it must have reached a horrifying degree.’ If he used it for Tempering Marrow, it might even be enough to help complete it!

Thinking this, Lin Ming was excited. Originally, he didn’t care much about the treasures of this broken world. That was because he didn’t lack any cultivation methods nor did he need weapons. But now, with the Nirvana Dragon Root that lived for tens of thousands of years in front of him, he couldn’t suppress the desire in his heart.

Reaching the end of Tempering Marrow was extremely difficult. In particular, the tempering of the spinal cord. The spinal cord and marrow were similar, but the truth was that they were two completely different bodily systems. The marrow created blood, and while the spinal cord didn’t create blood, it distributed signals from the nerve center.

The spinal cord was located at the spinal column. If he couldn’t complete the tempering of the spinal cord, Lin Ming’s spine would always remain his weakness. The last bone would be unable to resist such a powerful pressure. If a human’s spine was cut off, they would lose all ability to act and function.

Due to the limited amounts of precious medicines, even disciples from the Realm of the Gods failed to complete Tempering Marrow. This would cause their foundation to be unstable, and this legacy of physical weakness would continue through their lives.

Lin Ming’s Tempering Marrow was only 60% complete, and he was finding it difficult to continue any longer. If he ate another Shattered Demon Heart Crystal now, it might not even increase his Tempering Marrow by another percent. Not just that, but he had already eaten all of the Shattered Demon Heart Crystals.

So to Lin Ming, coming across a Nirvana Dragon Root that had lived for tens of thousands of years could only be considered serendipity!

However, as Lin Ming thought about all the Life Destruction powerhouses that had gathered together at the Demon God Imperial Place, his passionate thoughts began to cool down. These Life Destruction fellows – even if their true essence was suppressed to a mere 10% – would still have the ability to instantly kill him. How could he possible struggle with these people for treasures in the  Demon God Imperial Palace?

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing… just some unrealistic nonsense.” Lin Ming ruefully smiled, putting the ancient nameless manual away.

With such a great opportunity in front of him, he was a bit unwilling to not even try to fight for it. However, even if he wanted to fight, just how could he do that? If anything went wrong, he would simply lose his life!


At another end of the bloody wilderness, there were already over a hundred martial artists gathered. The bloody wilderness was shaped like a narrow funnel, with thick and thin ends, and the surrounding was also blocked off by arrays. Thus, all of the martial artists that had dispersed into the wilderness earlier had gathered back together as one.

Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu quietly joined the crowd. As they looked around, they were shocked to see that around 30 to 40% of the original number were missing!

There were even some Revolving Core Elders that had disappeared.

There were some sects, such as the Five Element Region’s Verdant Wood Sect or Deep Earth Sect, that had a few Revolving Core Elders leading their disciples. But now, many of them had perished!

This caused Lin Ming to gasp. In this bloody wilderness there were no obvious dangers, yet so many people had died. Just how did they die?

It went without saying!

Whether it was those from the righteous path killing those from the demonic path, or those from the demonic path killing those from the righteous path, none of this was strange. Righteous path, demonic path, in the end, these were nothing but labels. This bloody battlefield was already filled with a thick killing aura from those that had passed away here before. This broken world also contained all sorts of benefits. For the two sides to coexist in peace together was obviously impossible!

When all of the martial artists were gathered together, there were those that were apprehensive and did not dare to start a fight. But when they had dispersed into smaller groups, a slaughter was inevitable. Let alone the righteous path against the demonic path, even in one’s own camp there was a chance that they would be betrayed. Killing each other in this bloody wilderness was extremely likely.

Even in that primal forest where they had been attacked by vicious beasts and monstrous vines, they still hadn’t lost so many people.

Humans were truly the most fearful beings.

Those who had survived remained silent or expressionless. It was unknown what they had experienced in the bloody wilderness or even what they had obtained.

There were only a few juniors that couldn’t help but conceal a bit of a happy smile. Obviously, they had obtained a great harvest from the bloody wilderness.

However, in the crowd, there was one person whose expression was gloomy and terrifying.

He was the South Sea Demon Region Elder, Lian Chengji…

After two hours passed and he didn’t see any new martial artists arrive, Lian Chengji suddenly coldly said, “Who is the one that killed my grandson!?”

A surge of murderous intent flowed out, enveloping everyone. They were all stunned for a moment, but naturally no one spoke at this time.

“Hehe!” Lian Chengji cruelly smiled. After Lian Jie had died, the spell that was on him at the time had transmitted some vague information about who had done it. Besides appearance, he had also found out the culprit’s approximate cultivation – the Houtian realm.

Although he didn’t find anyone in the crowd who matched in appearance, the number of Houtian realm martial artists in the crowd couldn’t be counted with more than a single hand!


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