Chapter 467 - Killing Strike

Chapter 467 Killing Strike.


Chapter 467 – Killing Strike

“Careful, this fellow wants to run away.” Mu Qianyu said with a true essence sound transmission.

“Mm…” Lin Ming quietly stepped to the side, faintly sealing away the direction that the black-clothed man could escape in.

If this was the outside world, in a battle between Revolving Core powerhouses whose strength were about the same, killing the other party would be very difficult. This was because when a Revolving Core powerhouse gave up everything to desperately escape, the speed at which they could fly away was amazing.

But in this world, not only was true essence suppressed, but most of all… they couldn’t fly away!

This greatly increased the difficulty of any escape.

The black-clothed old man also naturally realized this point, and his complexion became increasingly grim and cloudy. If his luck was bad today, there was a high chance he would perish here.

Lin Ming locked his perception onto the black-clothed man. As he kept himself on guard, he began to think of something.

A moment ago when he had used the Blood Drinking Seals, Lin Ming had discovered that the power of the Blood Drinking Seals was completely unfettered by the suppressive laws that governed this broken world.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s mind stirred.

Of course! This ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ was a cultivation method which was originally created by the Demon Emperor. The laws of this broken world naturally wouldn’t be able to suppress the Blood Drinking Seals if this world was ruled by the Demon Emperor. How could someone set down laws that caged their own cultivation method!

Thinking this, Lin Ming revolved true essence within his body according to the cultivation method of the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’. However, he discovered that his true essence was still suppressed by unfathomable laws.

In other words, this broken world was only able to suppress true essence. It was unable to suppress other forms of energy.

The reason that the Blood Drinking Seals had the unique ability to transcend the suppressive laws of this world was likely because they were a special form of energy. These Blood Drinking Seals were formed of blood essence and could be attributed as being life force.

Whether it was non-attribute true essence, or the five elements, or wind and thunder, or even heaven and earth origin energy, all of these were suppressed by the laws of this world.

But the power of the human body, the strength of Tempering Marrow, and the Blood Drinking Seals actually didn’t belong to the category of true essence, and thus existed outside of these laws of suppression.

Thinking this, Lin Ming understood. In this world, there were many people that practiced the form of energy known as ‘true essence’. But in other worlds and other lands, there were many other races and beings that practiced cultivation methods using different forms of energy. It wouldn’t be strange if they had a completely different sort of martial arts civilization.

As Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu approached, the pressure on the black-clothed man began to multiply. He gripped his sword, his true essence revolving to the limit in his body, and suddenly said, “There is no need to fight. If we continue there is no advantage to any of us!”

This was the second time that this black-clothed old man had said this.

Mu Qianyu’s curiosity was piqued, “What are you trying to say?”

The black-clothed man’s expression was sullen as he coldly said, “The youth that you just severely wounded is called Lian Jie. He is a genius of my South Sea Demon Region’s Lian bloodline. He is a talent of great worth within the Lian bloodline!”

“And so what?”

The black-clothed man coldly snorted. He said, “His grandfather Lian Chengji’s cultivation is at the middle Revolving Core realm, and he is also one of the Elders that entered into this broken world with the South Sea Demon Region! There is a special spell on Lian Jie’s body. If you severely wound him or kill him, all of this will be recorded within the spell and then sent to Lian Chengji. Although you are strong, you cannot defeat Lian Chengji, much less the combined strength of the South Sea Demon Region forces. It is simply not something that your Divine Phoenix Island can compete with!”

As Lin Ming listened to the black-clothed old man, he frowned. Before, he had heard of some people calling out for an Elder Lian of the South Sea Demon Region. And this big-headed youth’s surname was also Lian. Not just that, but this black-clothed man had appeared extremely nervous before. It was most likely that he wasn’t lying.

Even Mu Qianyu’s delicate eyebrows were pushed together. If they managed to make a mortal enemy of Lian Chengji, that would indeed be very troublesome.

The black-clothed old man saw Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu’s reactions and felt relieved. At the same time, he smiled with self-satisfaction and said, “Humph, what this old man said is all true, and I am willing to take an oath on my heart of martial arts that if you two stop and let us go, I will lead Lian Jie to leave this place. I do not think that you would be willing to see the Divine Phoenix Island and South Sea Demon Region forces fight each other just because of this little matter! This old man will speak frankly. If the two sides fight, then everyone from Divine Phoenix Island will die!”

The black-clothed old man’s voice became gradually louder and tougher. He was well aware that if he didn’t take a tough approach at this time and ‘overwhelm’ the other two, there was no way he would be making it out of here. There was no way that kind or sweet words would get him safely out of this predicament, thus the best method of survival was to make them be afraid for their own lives.

Lin Ming hesitated for a moment and then said, “You said a moment ago that if Lian Jie is severely wounded or dead, the spell within him will record it. So if that is true, our appearances are already known by Lian Chengji!”

The black-clothed old man assumed Lin Ming was afraid and was overjoyed. He said, “This is true, but as long as the injuries are healed, I can seek mercy for you two in front of the Elder. Perhaps he might not even bother with this matter!”

“Hehe, I really want to thank you. Ah, so this spell really does just record our appearances.” As Lin Ming spoke, his lips curved up in a dark smile and his murderous intent suddenly poured from all sides!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd in his hand stabbed out!

“You!!!” The black-clothed old man’s complexion immediately changed. At this time, all he could do was lift his sword to defend. “Do you want to die? Lian Chengji will…”

The black-clothed old man couldn’t even finish his words. At this time, Mu Qianyu’s attack also arrived. Flames twisted all around her body, and Mu Qianyu appeared like a crimson butterfly of fire, suddenly arriving beside the black-clothed old man. The Vermillion Bird Sword slashed out at a cunning angle, cutting towards the black-clothed old man’s left ribcage!


The black-clothed old man shouted and his body erupted with true essence. However, under the suppressive laws of this world, how much could erupting with true essence help him?


The black-clothed slapped away Lin Ming’s halberd and abandoned his left hand to slap away Mu Qianyu’s sword. It had to be said that the strength a man on the verge of death could find in his final moments was truly terrifying.

The black-clothed old man was able to shockingly deflect Lin Ming and Mu Qianyu’s attack, and then immediately turned to escape!

Lin Ming sneered. The halberd laws in his hand changed, “Primeval Halberd Strike!”

Thirteen Blood Drinking Seals formed into a crimson vortex that howled out. A powerful towing force spread out, covering the black-clothed old man’s body!

“It’s this move again!”

The black-clothed old man’s heart filled with a wave of despair. As he was on the ground, this force wasn’t enough to pull him back, only reduce his speed. But this was already a fatal period of time; Mu Qianyu’s sword of death had already arrived in front of the black-clothed old man.

A sword flashed; a thick sword light pierced towards the black-clothed old man’s chest.

After both of his arms were injured, the black-clothed old man was no longer able to resist this strike from Mu Qianyu again. He madly spat out a mouthful of blood, and his form was stained red as he was sent flying backwards.


The black-clothed old man felt a cold feeling at his back, and helplessly looked down to see a crimson halberd edge coming out of his chest, having pierced his heart and lungs!

Unwilling to accept this outcome, the black-clothed old man cried out a few times, and then perished on the spot

“He’s dead…” Lin Ming whispered, a bit staggered by his own abilities. Although he had borrowed the power of the suppressive laws that governed this world, this was still the first time that he had killed a Revolving Core master!

After Lin Ming took the black-clothed old man’s spatial ring, he glanced at the corpse. He hesitated for a moment. The first thought he had was to feed the black-clothed old man’s blood essence to the Magic Cube.

The last time he had used Ouyang Boyan’s blood essence. This time, he would probably need the blood essence of a Revolving Core master.

However, feeding the Magic Cube this blood essence and obtaining a new soul fragment wouldn’t be effective in any way for increasing his current combat strength. Not just that, but there was no safe place in this broken world to enter into the Magic Cube.

Thus, this time he might as well take the blood essence to practice his Blood Drinking Seals. In his current situation, he desperately needed any way to increase his strength.

And the Blood Drinking Seals were not suppressed by the world’s laws; they would be exceptionally potent in battle.

A Revolving Core master’s blood essence was several times superior to that of a Xiantian master, and the Blood Drinking Seal formed of the blood essence was also many times better. This Blood Drinking Seal, compared to the other 13 Blood Drinking Seals, could most likely increase the power of the ‘Great Desolate Blood Halberd’ by 50%.

Thinking this, Lin Ming grit his teeth. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder shot into the old man’s body, and with crackling sounds, the black-clothed old man’s body erupted into a fountain of blood fog. The Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder that had some blood essence stuck onto it flew back to Lin Ming’s hand, where it slowly turned into a new Blood Drinking Seal.

This was the 14th Blood Drinking Seal!

As for the Magic Cube, Lin Ming wasn’t worried. As long as he gained the power to kill a Revolving Core master outside, it was only a matter of time before he opened it again; there was no need to be anxious about it.

Mu Qianyu looked at Lin Ming with surprise. She hadn’t known that Lin Ming was practicing a cultivation method of the demonic path. “Lin Ming, you…”

“I found the cultivation method jade slip at some ancient ruins and decided to just study it since it was convenient.” Lin Ming casually made up an excuse.

Mu Qianyu looked a bit worried. “Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, if you practice too many cultivation methods rather than refine what you have, it can easily lead to impure true essence and other complications.”

Mu Qianyu didn’t care what sort of cultivation method Lin Ming practiced, even if it was one from the demonic path. She was only worried that Lin Ming was practicing too many things of too great a variety, and that this would cause his true essence to become impure.

Lin Ming had already thought about this. To him, the three cultivation methods he practiced, the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’, ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’, and ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ all had different and separate functions.

The ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ was an essence gathering system of the Xiantian, Revolving Core, and Divine Sea realms.

The ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ was used in Tempering Marrow, opening the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, and the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

As for the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’, the truth was that it couldn’t be considered a cultivation method, and thus there would be no situation that arose where Lin Ming’s true essence would become impure. The reason that Lin Ming had practiced the ‘Great Desolate Halberd Art’ was for spear skills and killing strength.

Otherwise, Lin Ming’s spear skills would be at too great a disadvantage.

As Lin Ming turned around to glance at the big-headed youth that had been lying on the ground after having been fed a pill by the black-clothed old man. The youth’s bleeding had already stopped, and his face lacked any color.

As this big-headed youth noticed Lin Ming’s eyes on him, he panicked in fear. He tried to sound fierce even had his heart shook, almost fainting, “If… if you kill me, then… you… you will die!”

Lin Ming didn’t even bother speaking. He waved his hand and a bloody light flashed. A wave of blood poured down the big-headed youth’s throat, and he died where he lay.

With a ‘peng’, all of the big-headed youth’s blood essence was absorbed by the Blood Extinguishing Demon Thunder!

After Lin Ming took the youth’s spatial ring, he flicked his fingers and two fireballs shot out. One landed on the big-headed youth and the other on the black-clothed old man, turning their bodies into ashes. The wind blew, and every last remnant of them scattered into the wind without a trace.


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