Chapter 466 - Complete Suppression

Chapter 466 Complete Suppression.


Chapter 466 – Complete Suppression

“It should be a martial artist from the South Sea Demon Region.” Lin Ming said with a true essence sound transmission. He had discovered the people hiding around the Blood Ghost Flowers at nearly the same time that Mu Qianyu had. They had been hiding using a kind of camouflaging secret skill.

These people had seen this bunch of Blood Ghost Flowers and yet they didn’t gather it. Instead, they had hidden around these flowers waiting for others to appearance; their goal was obvious.

They were waiting for others to be attracted by these Blood Ghost Flowers. In their joy at obtaining such rare treasures, they would relax their guard. Then, these hidden people could sneak attack and kill them.

These people should have already realized that most of the ancient battlefield’s treasures had decayed; looking for one in a usable condition would not be easy. If this true, then killing someone and taking all of their belongings would be a much faster way to gain wealth and treasure. After all, the weakest of those that entered this ancient battlefield were core disciples of large sects – there was no way that they would be poor.

“The heart of man is truly dangerous. Just a while ago, all of the martial artists were brought together by the dangers from all around and were able to temporarily unite against a common enemy. But now that treasures were found and everyone has spread out, as long as one cleanly kills someone else, it would be equal to a unknown disappearance.” Lin Ming’s fingers calmly traced his spatial ring.

Mu Qianyu’s footsteps hesitated for just a moment, and then she continued to pick the Blood Ghost Flowers as she pretended that she hadn’t noticed anyone.

Not too far away from the Blood Ghost Flowers, there were two blurry shapes of distorted light hiding in the shadows. Of these two, one was an old man at the very early Revolving Core realm. He walked towards Mu Qianyu a step at a time, his eyes deep. He had complete confidence in his camouflage technique. And even if he was noticed, the cultivation of his two prey was only at the Xiantian realm and Houtian realm.

Beside the old man was a young man with a surprisingly large head. He greedily looked at Mu Qianyu and licked his lips as he said, “Old Zhou, you are far too careful. You still think we need to sneak attack to deal with these two?”

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. I only broke through to the Revolving Core realm a mere 20 years ago. But, these people are all the top talents of their sects. They will invariably have various outstanding methods to save their lives. Once they escape it will be extremely troublesome! When we attack, I’ll deal with that woman and you deal with that little Houtian brat.”

“Hehe, that Houtian realm boy actually thought to come here to split the spoils, but he was only chasing death.” The youth named Lian Jie sneered and took out a shining black saber from his spatial ring.

“Don’t underestimate that boy. He likely has the combat strength of a Xiantian master. Those martial artists that came here are only nearly all geniuses. For him to come this far with his Houtian cultivation proves that he isn’t simple!” As the old man spoke, he revolved his true essence. His concealment technique was able to isolate his true essence fluctuations, thus he didn’t fear alerting Mu Qianyu with his murderous aura.

“Hehe, if he has a Xiantian master’s combat strength, then that’s the same as me!” Lian Jie spoke with great confidence. He was one of the direct disciples of the South Sea Demon Region. Although his cultivation was only at the early Xiantian realm, he was actually able to compare to an extreme Xiantian master. Generally speaking, if he ran into a martial artist with a cultivation similar to his own, he would be able to easily kill them.

Mu Qianyu calmly bent over to pluck the Blood Ghost Flowers, completely exposing her back to the enemy. At this time, the black-clothed man grinned demonically and said, “Go!”


A black sword light slashed through space like a serpent spitting out poison.

Mu Qianyu gently smiled and swished around. It was unknown when, but Mu Qianyu had extracted a four foot long crimson-colored sword and was firmly gripping it in her hand. Luminescent flames flashed out and a phoenix of blazing flames shot to the sky!

In this year and a half, although Mu Qianyu hadn’t been able to break through to the Revolving Core realm, her strength had been constantly rising. Especially in these last three months, Mu Qianyu had been able to meditate on the sixth layer of the ‘Vermillion Bird Forbidden Divine Chronicle’ cultivation method that Lin Ming had brought back. Although she had only managed to comprehend some of the basics within, it was enough to allow her strength to climb to yet another peak!


The black sword light was crushed. The flaming phoenix, without diminishing in the least, opened its beak wide to swallow the black-clothed old man!


The black-clothed old man’s complexion completely changed. His sneak attack was completely routed with a single move. A Xiantian realm girl was able to forcefully resist a Revolving Core master! Within the entire South Horizon Region, the number of top talents like this could be counted on a single hand! How could he have such horrible luck!?

As the black-clothed man attacked, the large-headed youth also moved. His four foot long saber cut through space. The blade edge shined, its target was naturally Lin Ming.

The big-headed youth had a strength comparable to a normal extreme Xiantian master’s combat strength. If he was at his full and complete strength then Lin Ming might have to waste effort. But now, almost 80% of the big-headed youth’s true essence was suppressed. In the face of Lin Ming’s power of Tempering Marrow, it was simply a joke and a half.

Lin Ming didn’t even use his spear, he only smashed down with his fist!


The power of Tempering Marrow that completely ignored the laws that suppressed true essence erupted. As the big-headed youth’s saber was pulverized into pieces, a look of fear entered into his eyes. Lin Ming’s fist punched into the big-headed youth’s top right chest.

With the sound of flesh and bone being crushed, the big-headed youth gave a miserable scream and spat out a mouthful of blood as he flew backwards. Because his right chest had been smashed apart by Lin Ming’s fist, his right hand was lying limp at an odd angle. It was obviously broken.

“Mm? He didn’t die?” Lin Ming was a bit surprised. The big-headed youth’s cultivation was only at the early Xiantian realm and his true essence was also mostly suppressed. He had thought that a random fist attack would be able to kill him, but he didn’t expect that this big-headed youth would live. This fellow was probably some well-known genius from the South Sea Demon Region.

As the black-clothed old man was flustered by Mu Qianyu’s counterstrike, he turned around to see that the big-headed youth was sent soaring backwards and immediately blanched.

“Lian Jie!” The black-clothed man panicked. He obviously cared about the life of this youth named Lian Jie. He wanted to turn around and rescue him, but at this moment, Mu Qianyu’s second sword attack was already cutting straight down at him!

Flaming true essence roiled and rolled. Where it went, stones and soil would burst apart.

“You idiot!”

The black-clothed man angrily cried, breathless. He lifted his sword to resist Mu Qianyu’s strike, but his body was sent flying away by the flame blast, his face paling.

However, he had borrowed the impact of this blow to fall beside the big-headed youth.

“Lian Jie!”

The black-clothed old man forcefully pressed down the tumbling messy true essence in his body. He held up the half-dead Lian Jie and force fed him a pill.

In a life or death battle, how could he give the enemy the chance to recover from their wounds? Lin Ming stepped forwards preparing to attack, but at this time, the black-clothed man suddenly said, “There is no need to fight. If we continue there is no advantage to any of us!”

As Lin Ming listened to this he almost laughed, but was also angry at the same time. This man thought it was fine to ambush them to kill them, but now that his attack had failed and he was discovered, he thought that he was alright to not finish this battle?

What a joke!

Lin Ming was disinclined to bother with the black-clothed old man’s nonsense. He took out the Great Desolate Blood Halberd from his spatial ring and stabbed towards the black-clothed old man, 13 Blood Drinking Seals flying in the air!

Blood Seal Twisting Murder!

Lin Ming had already been wanting to fight with a Revolving Core powerhouse. However, the gap between a Xiantian master and a Revolving Core master were simply too great. Normally, Lin Ming wouldn’t have anywhere near the ability to do so, but in this broken world, his opponent’s true essence was under an enormous suppression. Naturally Lin Ming would not miss this chance.

In an instant, Lin Ming had directly opened the Heretical God Force. The power of Tempering Marrow was also galvanized to the limit!

As the black-clothed old man saw Lin Ming’s halberd thrusting towards him, his heart burned with a raging anger. Although he realized he wasn’t a match for Mu Qianyu, that was his bad luck for meeting her here. But this mere late Houtian realm youth actually thought to come and attack him too, how could he not be angry!?

“Get out of this old man’s way!”

The black-clothed old man’s sword slashed down at Lin Ming, and a thick sword light shot towards Lin Ming’s chest. As Mu Qianyu saw this she felt her heart tighten and wanted to move. But at this time, she actually saw that the 13 Blood Drinking Seals on Lin Ming’s Great Desolate Blood Halberd were twisting into a swirling crimson vortex. The black-clothed old man’s sword bounced off of this vortex!


The black-clothed old man was rattled. He had never dreamed that his sword would actually be deflected by a mere late Houtian realm junior!

Just how was this possible!?

At this time, Lin Ming’s halberd had bounced off the black-clothed old man’s black sword and was piercing towards his chest!

At this critical juncture, the black-clothed old man bit down on his tongue and prepared to retreat. However, at this time, the spinning Blood Drinking Seals’ repulsive force had turned into an attractive force, pulling in the black-clothed old man’s body. The black-clothed old man was surprised to see that he actually was unable to retreat!

This world’s laws already disallowed him to fly. Coupled with the attractive power of this crimson vortex, the black-clothed old saw with his own eyes as he was being sucked in. In horror, he felt as if his own spirit was fleeing his body!

The Great Desolate Blood Halberd shined, directly thrusting towards the black-clothed old man’s throat!


The black-clothed old man howled and crazily chopped down on the Great Desolate Blood Halberd.

Bang –

A bloody light shot into the sky. Waves of true essence swept out, but under the suppressive laws of this world, these true essence waves only managed to spread out a few dozen feet before completely disappearing! The power of the laws that suppressed true essence in this world were made extremely clear.

The black-clothed old man grasped his long black sword. His right hand was stained red with blood. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with abject terror.

Was this really a late Houtian realm martial artist?

This was impossible!

“You… who are you?”

The black-clothed old man’s voice trembled. In the ancient legends and texts, there had been many stories recorded of Xiantian masters killing Revolving Core masters, Revolving Core masters killing Life Destruction masters, or Life Destruction masters killing Divine Sea masters. But, in all of these records, there had never been one where a Houtian realm boy had the strength to kill a Revolving Core master!

This was simply impossible!

The Sky Spill Continent had a legend. There was a man named Emperor Shakya who had seven different kinds of martial intents. He had meditated under a bodhi tree for seven days and seven nights, fusing these seven martial intents into one, gaining a golden immortal body and shattered the martial void. But even Emperor Shakya would not have been able to fight a Revolving Core master at the Houtian realm!

The black-clothed old man’s complexion was extremely ugly. He thought that Lin Ming might be some late Revolving Core master, or even one of those strange old Life Destruction realm fogies that was hiding himself to trick him. But, he instantly crossed out this insanely absurd idea. Why would one of those old monsters do something like that? They should have all gone to the Demon God Imperial Palace; why would they be interested in toying with him?

As Mu Qianyu arrived beside Lin Ming, she was also surprised. But, it was only a bit of surprise; it wasn’t to the degree that she couldn’t accept it. As she travelled with Lin Ming, she had been able to faintly guess that Lin Ming had some sort of strange ability to avoid the laws that ruled this world. Lin Ming already had the strength of a top Xiantian master. With the laws of the world aiding him, it wasn’t strange for him to force back an early Revolving Core master.


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