Chapter 465 - Bloody Wilderness

Chapter 465 Bloody Wilderness.

Chapter 465 – Bloody Wilderness

As Xuan Wuji was thinking, he saw a black light flash past him. The Black Flood Dragon Clan Patriarch suddenly sank and turned into a violent black typhoon that shot towards the Demon God Imperial Palace!

The Black Flood Dragon Patriarch’s cultivation was already at the second stage of Life Destruction. In his opinion, any defensive measures or array formations that were left behind at the Demon God Imperial Palace would have already failed after these tens of thousands of years.  Still, even so, as a precaution he galvanized his true essence to the max. Behind him, the faint phantom of a Black Flood Dragon appeared.

As Xuan Wuji saw this he was unmoved. He only sneered and thought to himself, ‘Idiot!’


As the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch was about to burst into the main entrance of the Demon God Imperial Palace, a red light flashed. At the entrance of the palace, a shining halo appeared out of thin air, rushing out like an overwhelming tide and smashing into the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch’s body.

With a dull thump, the Black Flood Dragon Patriarch was kicked backwards like a rubber ball. He was sent flying backwards, spitting blood!

As the other Life Destruction powerhouses saw this, their complexions changed. This palace that had been abandoned for tens of thousands of years...

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