Chapter 464 - Demon God Imperial Palace

Chapter 464 Demon God Imperial Palace.


Chapter 464 – Demon God Imperial Palace

Lin Ming sat in a corner and began to observe all of the martial artists that were present. The South Sea Demon Region, Black Flood Dragon Clan, and the Great Zen Temple all had middle Revolving Core masters protecting their juniors. As for those Life Destruction powerhouses, they had already long since rushed towards the Demon God Imperial Palace. The special rules that governed this world may not necessarily have been able to suppress those strange old fellows.

The other disciples were mostly at the Xiantian realm. There were some Revolving Core realm masters, and Houtian disciples were only a very small part.

“Big Brother Lin, is that you?”

At this moment, Lin Ming suddenly heard someone call out to him. He turned and was surprised to see that the one who called out was Zhang Zhen, the Divine Phoenix Island core disciple who had been the one to first welcome him to Divine Phoenix Island.

Originally, Zhang Zhen had been the one who brought Lin Ming to attend Revered Master Tianguang’s birthday banquet contest. He had also told Lin Ming many things about Divine Phoenix Island and the Five Element Region. The two of them were on very friendly terms with each other.

“Senior-apprentice Brother Zhang, you also came?”...

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